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Power Tips - Natural Relief Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Report
May 04, 2020
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Editor’s Note by Helene Malmsio

So, how are you coping with the trials and tribulations of the current corona plague?

It probably feels like you have been isolated and locked in for six months by now, even if it has only been a few weeks.

And if you are an essential worker you are probably beyond all points of normal exhaustion. Thank you for the work you do!

In times like this more people experience weariness and depression... sometimes expanding into full-blown chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you are finding that your sleep patterns are shredded and you are sleep deprived, stressed, moody, frustrated and feeling like you have no purpose, then you are probably well on the way to a case of CFS.

This report should help you to get some simple tips for things to do to nip it in the bud, along with a guide for how to deal with fatigue if your CFS is a longer term proposition for you.

These times will definitely make you and your loved ones very weary and strained, so any steps you can apply will be of some help to make the recovery from this crisis as smooth as possible... be strong, you can do it!

O.K. Lets begin with this edition's Power Tips self help report for you... ENJOY!

"Natural Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

If you've suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, you know that it can be debilitating and exhausting. And there are many people who think that you don't look sick and don't have empathy for you.

The medical community has very little help for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS - but there are many things you can do to get some natural relief.

There are some helpful ways you can treat chronic fatigue syndrome naturally and get some energy back. If you've been struggling and you haven't found that medicine is offering a solution, these tips can give you hope. But first, let's look at understanding what CFS is.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition marked by a set of possible symptoms. Unlike other illnesses, you won't be able to take a specific medical test in order to verify it. Instead, your healthcare provider will look at your symptoms and rule out other illnesses.

This disorder can cause you to feel exhausted, even after you've had plenty of sleep. People with this syndrome also can have problems with muscle pain, joint pain, and headaches.

You may look like there's nothing wrong, but you can find it difficult to get up each morning and go about your business. People with CFS often experience depression as well.

No one knows the exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, but it's thought to be related to inflammation in the body. Researchers think that it might be related to infection by a virus or it could be related to physical trauma.

CFS can affect every area of your life. It can make it difficult to complete your daily tasks, strain relationships, and impact your self-worth. And it can be really frustrating to find that there's no medical cure.

But when you work on natural remedies that can help reduce your symptoms, you can find relief and you can have hope.

You don't have to accept that you'll never feel good again. But you may have to accept that life will be different from now on.

Eat Your Way to Better Health

What you eat is critical to your good health. Chronic fatigue syndrome is an inflammatory condition that can be exacerbated by poor nutrition. It's especially problematic when you eat foods that cause inflammation such as:

* Refined sugar
* White flour
* Artificial flavoring
* Artificial colors
* Preservatives
* Saturated fats

Eliminating these foods and eating whole foods will help reduce inflammation in your body and can do wonders to bring relief to your chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

Eating whole foods means eating foods in their most natural state. A diet high in whole foods will include:

* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Whole grains
* Lean protein
* Healthy fat from oils and nuts

You'll also want to eat as many organic foods as possible. Foods that aren't produced organically often contain toxins from pesticides, herbicides, and preservatives. These toxins cause inflammation in your body, which exacerbates your CFS symptoms.

Shopping around the perimeter of the supermarket and sticking to fresh foods goes a long way toward making your diet healthier. It's best to avoid foods that are prepackaged or filled with preservatives.

In just a few weeks of eliminating inflammatory foods, you'll begin to see some relief from your symptoms. You're likely to have fewer aches and pains, fewer problems with sleep, and an increase in energy.

Fatigue Fighting Supplements

Supplements can also help you have relief from your CFS maladies. It's important to make sure that any supplement is appropriate for you by checking with your healthcare provider.

But most of these supplements are free from side effects and will help your body naturally heal itself.

L-carnitine - L-carnitine is known for helping the body to increase energy. Studies have shown it to be effective for people with CFS and has reduced problems with muscle weakness.

Coenzyme Q-10 - Coenzyme Q-10 has been proven effective at helping people fight fatigue. This supplement is an antioxidant that has helped people to reverse the signs of aging and reduces inflammation in the body.

Ginseng - If you're looking for a supplement that can increase your energy and boost your immune system, ginseng is a natural choice. Studies have shown it can reduce fatigue and help your body to fight off illness.

Fish Oil - Fish oil is a supplement that contains essential fatty acids. These can help reduce inflammation throughout your body. And fish oil has been shown in research to help fight depression - which is common for people with chronic illness.

Magnesium - Magnesium is a critical mineral that your body needs to help maintain healthy tissues. It's been shown to be valuable for treating problems with the nervous system and many people with CFS have experienced relief.

Move Your Body Carefully

When you have chronic fatigue syndrome, the idea of exercising can be almost incomprehensible. You're already exhausted. How can you even consider getting exercise into your routine? The good news is that it doesn't take much to begin seeing improvement.

With chronic fatigue syndrome, it's important to exercise - but it's also important to pace yourself. Start very slow. Even taking a five minute walk is enough to give you benefits and it may be all you can do.

After taking a five minute walk every day for a week or two, you can try adding more time to your walk. Even moving up to seven minutes can help you build more strength and stamina.

You'll also want to incorporate strength training and flexibility exercises to tone up your body and reduce inflammation and aches. Lifting five pound weights is sufficient to help you get started.

You might also want to try stretching and yoga to help ease your symptoms. Yoga, in particular, has been proven to help reduce fatigue and improve energy levels. If you're suffering from aches and joint pain, yoga can provide relief.

Report continued below...

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In 2012 I began co-writing a book about the CFS therapies that had worked for me and my clients.

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"Natural Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" Report continued...

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

When you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you may struggle with sleep. Even though you're exhausted, you may have a really hard time getting appropriate sleep. It could be that you want to sleep at inappropriate times or that you have insomnia.

There are things you can do to improve the quality of sleep that you get and help you to maintain a better sleep routine. Sleep can help reduce inflammation in your body and can help you reverse the symptoms of CFS.

First, it's important to get on a routine. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. It can be hard to make yourself do this, but eventually, establishing this routine will help you get the sleep you need.

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, you might get relief from the supplement melatonin. Melatonin is the body's natural sleep hormone - and when you take it daily, it can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

It's also important to create a comfortable environment for sleep. That includes a supportive mattress, pillows, and bedding that are comfortable for you. The temperature in your room should also be on the cool side.

If you're bothered by noises in the night, using a white noise machine can help drown out sounds that might wake you up. You can also use a fan that makes noise for this purpose.

Some people also find a digital clock display to be very distracting. You probably need an alarm clock, but you should try to turn it around so that you can't see the display every time you open your eyes.

You should also keep other distractions in the bedroom to a minimum. It's not a good idea to have a television or other electronic devices in your bedroom. These can keep you from falling asleep at night.

Your bedtime routine actually begins hours before you go to bed. You need to do things that will help you wind down and relax so that sleep comes more easily. Some examples of ways to wind down include:

* Lowering the lights during the evening hours
* Taking a warm bath
* Reading
* Listening to relaxing music

You should also avoid drinking caffeine at least three hours before going to bed. Watching television or keeping lights bright can also stimulate your brain and make it more difficult to fall asleep.

If you're still struggling to sleep, you may consider requesting a sleep study. This can help you figure out if you have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, that can be treated so that you can get better rest.

Relief Through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine practice that has been shown to improve chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. This is an ancient practice that uses thin needles to help energy flow throughout the body.

Most people find acupuncture to be painless and very relaxing. It can help you:

* Have more energy
* Experience fewer aches and pains
* Sleep better
* Improve your mood
* Boost immunity

You need to make sure that you go to a licensed acupuncturist who is able to treat you professionally and competently. You may also want to work with someone who practices Chinese medicine and can also prescribe Chinese herbs and other treatments.

With acupuncture, you'll notice that the treatment is based on the whole body rather than trying to treat specific symptoms. You'll find that your overall health improves.

Research has shown acupuncture to be very effective for relieving chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms and improving energy levels. Acupuncture is often covered by health insurance plans.

If your insurance doesn't cover it, you can sometimes purchase package deals that make it more affordable.

Reducing Stress

Stress can be a major trigger for CFS. It's important to accept that you may not be able to do everything you'd like to do or did before you developed these symptoms. Managing your time and saying "no" to extra responsibilities can help.

It may be important to educate others about chronic fatigue syndrome and ask for help when you need it. The more you can accept that you need to take the time to care for yourself, the better off you'll be.

It's impossible to eliminate all stress. But you can learn to reduce the stress in your life and manage what's left. Deep breathing and meditation can help you let go of physical stress.

Taking care of yourself with diet, exercise, sleep, and additional supplements or alternative medicine practices will also lower your stress levels and help you fight the effects of stress.

While there's no cure for CFS, you can feel relief by taking good care of yourself. You'll also find that for many people, the symptoms eventually run their course and you can get back to normal.

This period of home isolation or lockdown is perfect to start learning more of the powerful health and self care life skills that can see you through this crisis and be able to better manage disasters in the future.

One essential life skill to ensure you more happiness in your life is learning better stress management when it really counts. It’s an important factor in your own life and in providing leadership to others.

It’s also a known fact that those who know how to manage stress are happier and more successful in life in general.

We wish you well in your endeavours during these incredibly difficult times... stay safe, be strong.


I hope you enjoyed this self help report and will put the information to good use!

You can learn more here about how to cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and improve your life overall. There is a ton of useful resources and training guides online at my website so please visit and have a jolly good look around at all the content subjects. You will learn a lot at my self help supermart - and its all free.

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Healthy Power Tip:

How to Spot a Fad Diet vs. a Good Diet :

Every time you turn on the television or look online, you can find a brand new diet trend. Some diet tips are good for you while others are unhealthy – even if they do help you lose weight.

How can you tell the difference? Here are a few things to look for that can help you spot a bad fad:

· It asks you to eliminate an entire food group or eat only one food group.
· It requires you to eat less than 1,200 calories per day.
· It requires a medical or surgical procedure.
· It eliminates all fats.
· It sounds too good to be true.
· It promises weight loss with no effort.
· It offers to help you lose more than 2 pounds in a week.
· It asks you to eat something that isn’t normally eaten.
· It isn’t backed by scientific research.

All of these factors should clue you in that the diet you’re examining is a fad. This type of diet should be avoided.

Losing weight at the risk of your own personal health isn’t worth it. Instead, follow a diet that allows you to eat a variety of foods and encourages slow weight loss.

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"Structuring a Stretching Routine for Seniors "

The importance of having a proper stretching routine cannot be overstated. Stretching effectively is not about doing a few leg swings and torso twists and calling it a day.

Some seniors like to swing their arms purposefully and exaggeratedly back and forth during their brisk walks thinking that this improves their flexibility when in reality, it really doesn’t do that much for them other than making them look crazy.

Becoming more flexible and limber requires a more methodical approach. In this article, we’ll look at how to structure a stretching routine that most seniors will be able to follow.

* Warming up
Before doing any stretch, it’s important to warm up the body with some cardiovascular activity. This is especially true when you’re stretching after waking up.

A brief 5-minute walk on the treadmill should suffice to get the blood flowing and the muscles warmed up.

If the senior doesn’t have a treadmill, just standing and marching on the spot will do fine. Once that is done, then they can proceed with the stretches. So, do ensure that a 5-minute warm up is right at the top of your stretching routine.

* Sequence of stretches
There needs to be a sequence in your stretches. Some people start with head rotations and work down to the legs… while others start with ankle rotations and work up to the head.

Either way is fine, but what matters is that you follow a sequence. Randomly doing knee circles, followed by back bends and then back to ankle rotations will mean that you may forget to stretch some muscles and joints because you’re all over the place.

By following an order, your stretching sessions will be more effective.

* Types of stretches
You need to know exactly what and how many types of stretches you’re doing. It all depends on how much time the senior has. If they wish to stretch for 30 minutes, you can include more stretches. If they can only spare 15 minutes, then you’ll need to trim it down and only include the most important stretches.

You’ll need to have stretches for the neck, shoulders, back, torso, hips, wrists and legs.

* Any equipment required?
If you’re using resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga mats, Swiss balls, etc. its best to have all the equipment ready before you start. Having an equipment checklist prior to working out will help you get it all in order before you start stretching.

* Mobility issues
For some seniors, standing may be an issue. In cases like these, the stretches can be modified so that they can be performed while seated. You can still do trunk twists, neck rolls, wrist rolls, hamstring stretches, etc. even if you’re seated.

By taking all these factors into account beforehand, you’ll be able to tailor a stretching routine that is just right for you. Do speak to your doctor about the stretches that you plan on doing and he or she will be able to advise you on what you should and should not do.

Once you have a stretching routine in place, you can use it for 8 weeks. After that, you may wish to create a new routine with new moves to add some variety and challenge in your stretching sessions. Just remember to plan well before you get started… and once you have the plan, do work it.

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Very traumatic for everyone, but interestingly, after decades of refusing any help, and swearing he would never consider going into an aged care home, he has suddenly decided this would be a good move.

So, whether the stresses of the virus caused it, or if he just suddenly decided to change his mind out of the blue, I now have the comfort of knowing he will from next week be secure and safe in a home with all the 24/7 care he could ever need.

Incredible how things can change in a heartbeat, and how people can snap from black to white so fast that it makes your head spin. I swear, I have whiplash from the last 2 weeks!

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~ If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.

~ God must love stupid people; He made so many.

~ If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

~ I'm not a complete idiot -- Some parts are missing.

~ I live in my own little world. But it's OK. They know me there.

~ I am a nobody, and nobody is perfect.
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