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The instructional tips here will help you to become more motivated in your daily tasks and toward achieving your goals.

Do You Need Daily Motivation to Be Successful?

With good motivational skills & inspirational quotes you can find happiness, love and anything else you dream of.

Many people find it difficult not only to become motivated but to stay motivated.

Then some people say that they are fine without any motivation, so do you really need motivation to be successful in your career and personal goals.

But what actually is motivation?

Well the dictionary defines it a something that causes a person to act or a method to provide a motive.

Other words that you may associate with motivation are drive, incentive, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Some people appear to be born with these while others struggle to find them.

Some people will wake up in the morning full of energy and motivation. They might jump out of bed and go for a run before breakfast.

They seem to go the whole day full of energy and are successful at everything they do.

Then there are other people who look at those people and feel a little nauseous. They sit and sip their coffee in the morning contemplating the tasks they need to do during the day and just don’t want to get up and start.

They struggle to get moving and never seem to have much energy and often don’t get much accomplished during the day.

It doesn’t have to be that way, if you could just find the motivation to get started and keep going, if you could just find the energy to accomplish your goals.

If you lack motivation and energy you can often fall into depression as you watch others succeed while you sit back and fail.

People that are highly motivated usually don’t suffer from depression as their life is generally successful and happy.

Then there are those people in the middle that have burst of motivation, particularly when starting a new project, and then not long into the project lose that motivation.

This is a common scenario for many people in both personal and business.

Personal life and business life will often be similar as far as motivation goes.

Daily motivation and inspirational quotes

Those who are very motivated in their personal life usually find that they can easily maintain motivation in their professional life.

It is those people who are highly motivated and passionate about what they do that are usually very successful in what they do – both business and personally.

Success itself is a bit motivator and if you have experienced success then this can keep you motivated for further success.

If you continually fail due to lack of motivation then you will find it difficult to find motivation to try again.

So it can be difficult for someone who is not motivated and hasn’t been for a long time, to find that motivation that they need to become successful.

Do you need motivation to be successful? Well it certainly helps and although some people are naturally motivated it doesn’t mean that you can’t be.

Daily motivation is a skill that you can learn and if you do then there is no reason why you can’t be a success.

Try These Motivation Techniques

self motivation techniques

If you could get the answer to any question in life, what would you ask?

Would you ask for the secret to a long and healthy life?

Would you ask for the secret to wealth and prosperity?

Would you ask how to find true happiness?

Would you ask how you could keep motivated in life to achieve these things on your own?

If you have good motivation skills you can accomplish great success in life without needing some miracle to make you rich or be successful.

With good motivation skills you can find happiness, love and anything else you dream of.

Motivation doesn’t always come easy though and even when you have it, you can easily lose it.

To maintain motivation requires learning and dedication.

We are often motivated without even realizing it but if we lose motivation we know it immediately.

Then there is the problem of trying to motivate other, as if motivating yourself isn’t hard enough but there comes many occasions when you also need to motivate others.

Simple routines like getting the kids ready for school requires you to be motivated but also requires you to motivate the kids to get ready.

Motivating others is a fine balance of communication and persuasion.

Offer rewards

One great motivational tool is to offer rewards. It is always an incentive to complete a task if you know there is going to be a reward at the end of it.

Going back to our example of getting the kids ready for school, what if you made a deal with them that if they got ready for school without any problems that they could have a friend over after school?

For the child, this is a great reward that would motivate them to get ready on time for school.

Set deadlines

By setting a deadline of when a task needs to be completed then a person might be more motivated to complete the task.

If they have an open ended time to work on the task with no set deadline, then they may procrastinate as long as they can and never get the job done.

Set goals

If you have a goal then you know what you’re aiming for.

If you have no goal then you are just cruising along with no real direction.

It is difficult to get motivated if you don’t know what direction you are heading in.

Setting goals gives you a target to work toward and helps you to get motivated to reach that goal.

Expect the best

Aim high and you will succeed. Aim low and you will either fail or settle for mediocre.

Be proud in everything you do and let that be a motivator to succeed.

Enjoy what you do

It is really difficult staying motivated if you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

If you don’t like what you are doing then try to do something different.

There is no point spending your life doing something you hate.

Move on to something better and something more enjoyable and the motivation will come easily.

Importance of Positive Thinking to Stay Motivated

positive thinking and motivation

Out of all the habits we may want to have, positive thinking is one of the most difficult to attain. Why?

Right from being very young, we are exposed to all kinds of negative influences, either intentional or unintentional.

Think of all the times when you were a child that you were told not to do this or that, or else some dire consequence may result.

We receive many damaging blows to our self esteem throughout our lives, and are constantly bombarded by bad news in the media.

No wonder people are conditioned to expect events to turn out badly- I had a colleague who used to say that she always expected the worst to happen, as then she was not disappointed!

What a limiting way to live your life.

We attract into our lives what we think about. I’m sure you know someone who always expects things to turn out badly and always moaning about how many problems they have to deal with.

I’ll bet that they appear to have more than their share of bad luck; this is because they are attracting it into their lives by thinking about it and dwelling on it.

Similarly, people who expect the best and anticipate that things will turn out well attract a positive outcome.

By adopting the attitude of positive thinkers, and expecting the best possible outcome at all times, you will attract this positive outcome to you.

We build our self image from feedback received from parents, friends, society, media and our own thoughts.

We are constantly engaging in inner dialogue with ourselves, and this can be less than positive; how often have you heard that internal voice use words such as ‘You’re useless’ and ‘You’re bound to fail’?

Each time we say this to ourselves, our subconscious hears this message and so we fail.

This ensures that we are less and less likely to think positively in the future.

The first and most important step to positive thinking is to change this inner dialogue.

Over the next 24 hours make an effort to listen to your self talk, and notice when you think something negative about yourself.

Think what thought you could replace this with instead, for example if the thought ‘I’m useless with money’ pops into your head, say to yourself  ‘I have made mistakes in the past but am now becoming better and better with money every day’.

If you find yourself thinking ‘I’ll never lose weight’, think ‘I am making new lifestyle choices and am becoming fitter, slimmer and healthier’.

Make a habit of stopping those negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones straight away- this will filter down to your subconscious and you will automatically become what you are thinking.

Another way to build positive thinking is to keep a notebook or journal handy, and every night write down everything positive which happened to you that day.

Write a list of all your blessings; you may not feel as though you have many, but once you start writing you will see that you actually do have a lot to be thankful for.

If you make a mistake or experience a setback, instead of dwelling on it, think what lessons you have learned from it and how you can approach the same situation next time to achieve a positive outcome. Be thankful for the opportunity to learn.

Take responsibility for your life and actions. Remember that we can’t always choose the things that happen to us, but we can choose how we react to them.

If one door closes, look for the door which opens in its place- it may lead to an even better destination.

Remember, positive thinking gives you the power to change your life so it is a habit well worth striving for.

Define Your Life Purpose to Motivate You

how to get motivated

Would you like to discover your life purpose?

Learn what it really is that you were put on this earth to do?

Would you like to discover the real reason for your existence?

It is believed that everyone has a purpose.

Many of us do not realize this and some people can live their whole lives and never find their purpose.

However, once you have found your life purpose, you will know.

You will feel it on a deeper level, and you won’t be able to imagine ever doing anything else.

Think about the job you do, and the activities you undertake on a regular basis.

Do they fire you with energy and boundless enthusiasm, or do you feel as though something’s missing?

If your life does not make you feel fulfilled then you have yet to discover your life purpose.

So how do you discover this life purpose?

The first step is to set aside some time to do a little exercise.

Don’t worry, this will be quite easy.

Choose a time when you won’t feel rushed, or distracted by outside influences.

Try to relax, and empty your mind of everyday thoughts; it may help to listen to some calming music.

Take a few blank sheets of paper, and on the first sheet write ‘Who Am I?’

On this sheet you will write whatever comes into your head; your skills, strengths, anything special you have done so far.

Many people find it difficult to recognize what they do well; write down everything you can think of, no matter how small it may seem.

On a second sheet of paper, write ‘What Am I Passionate About?’

On this sheet, write down all your hobbies and interests, things you love about your current job, anything which makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Don’t be tempted to censor your list if you think a passion is impractical or inappropriate- write down everything as it comes to you.

On a third sheet of paper, write ‘What Is My Life Purpose?

Write down anything and everything that comes into your mind; again don’t be tempted to try to censor your thoughts.

Just keep writing until you have an answer that feels ‘right’ and creates some emotion within you.

You probably won’t get an answer straight away, and you may even receive your answer in stages.

If anything you write starts to generate some feeling or emotion within you, you are on the right track and may have received part of your answer.

The key is to get writing- even if you think that this is a waste of time or won’t work, write down your thoughts on this and take it from there.

Let your thoughts dictate what you write, no matter what track they take; just relax and go with them.

It may take you twenty minutes or you may still be writing over an hour later, but eventually you will have discovered what your life purpose is.

When you have managed to clear your mind sufficiently, the right answer will come, and you will know it from the emotion it evokes within you.

Once you know what your life purpose is, you can then start to plan how you are going to live it.

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Some Secrets to Success and Self Motivation

success motivaton

What are the secrets of success?

What makes somebody more successful than you?

How come others appear to work much less for greater results? What do they know that you don’t?

You will be pleased to know that the secrets of success are not as secret as you may think- they can be learnt and applied by anybody who is willing to change their mindset and put in a little effort.

Here are six secrets of success you can act on today;

Your attitude is everything- to become successful you must first change your mindset.

Most people have a ‘failure’ mindset- they use language such as ‘I can’t’, and believe that they will never be successful.

And guess what- they won’t! Eradicate ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary and believe in your ability to succeed.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is you.

Try a simple affirmation technique- say ‘I am successful’ out loud several times each day.

You may feel silly but your subconscious mind will pick up on the message and work towards making it a reality.

Stay away from negative people.

Look at those you spend time with- do they spend their time moaning and complaining about how life treats them and how unfair everything is?

If so, limit the time you spend in their company as you will be affected by their attitude.

Look to spend time with people who are positive, encouraging and full of plans for their future.

You will find yourself being influenced by them and your own behaviour should change as a result.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

We find it very easy to stay in the same patterns of behavior, the same job and the same habits, and risk getting stuck in a rut.

It’s a well known fact that if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got- to achieve anything different you need to push yourself and make changes in your life.

Try doing this one step at a time; try new things on a smaller scale, for example trying new foods, buying a new outfit you wouldn’t normally go for or a hobby that challenges you.

Once you start making small changes you will find it easier to take on bigger challenges.

Write down your goals and formulate a step by step plan to achieve them.

Goals are just dreams unless they are written down, and if you don’t know what it is you want then you are not likely to achieve it.

It is a bit like trying to drive somewhere without knowing your destination and without a road map.

Working towards your goals one step at a time will focus your mind and allow you to measure your progress.

It is a fact that most successful people regularly write and plan goals.

Take action- you won’t become successful just thinking about it, and written plans are nothing without action.

Resolve that you will do one thing each day, no matter how small, to move you towards your goals.

Set yourself daily or weekly tasks and tick them off once you have completed these.

Be persistent- never give up.

There will be times when you will feel as though you are getting nowhere and times when you will face seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

You will also fail sometimes, but accept that this is a natural process you will have to go through to achieve success.

Learn from obstacles and failures, and decide how you will do things differently next time.

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Loss of motivation is what causes a lot of people to give up on things.

They can lose confidence and lost the belief in themselves and start to think that they will never achieve their goal. With that mindset they probably won’t!

It is vital that you turn all of these negative emotions around and try to get your confidence and motivation back.

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True success in life can only come by not settling for mediocrity, we should always strive to achieve and get the most out of life that we possibly can, it is only when we push ourselves and give it all we've got can we then give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.

Success in life depends on self-discipline and not giving in at the first hurdle you come across or going into a project only half heartedly, by pushing  yourself that little bit further you will be surprised at what you are capable of achieving, this is what separates the winners from the losers or the successful from the unsuccessful.

All people say that they want to succeed in life at whatever they do but very few are willing to actually push themselves them little bit further in order to achieve their goals, and this is why some of us succeed in life and others fail.

How well you succeed is all about how bad you want the success, what it  means to you, are you willing to succeed a little or are you willing to go the whole way and beyond to achieve a higher  status and be outstanding?

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