How to do Content Curation Marketing

Internet bloggers are all learning about how to do content curation as the latest Internet Marketing trend.

Content Curation is a powerful method of publishing pages of information that includes some of other peoples content as part of your website or blog posts.

It helps you to source informative and latest trending content for your site and your internet marketing efforts, by presenting snippets of information that has been already featured on other places on the internet.

This information can be quoted and referred to in your post, with links back to the original source website, and you just have to add your own personal comments & and your own views on the subject to personalise it for your site and to make the content a bit more unique for the spiders and search engines.

You therefore don't have to create 100% of the page content yourself; you 'only' have to act as the publisher, the re-publisher, the curator, and then add your own message.

You can build your own personal brand as an expert in your niche, and as the person who is in the know, since you have clearly researched the web, read the best information/facts, and are condensing the essence of those pages on your site for the convenience of your readers.

A bit of an online "Readers Digest" in a way ...  Find good information on a subject and then summarize, highlight, condense the information, while making sure to suitably acknowledge your sources.

This will lead to all sorts of opportunities

In this section you will learn how to do it for yourself to create curated content sites for your own online marketing profits.

What Is Content Curation?

What Is Content Curation?

Content Creation is the process of research, aggregation, analysis and organisation of web content and presenting it in a meaningful, coherent and organized way. 

It is usually done based around a particular topic, or niche. 

Content curation suggests that it is carried out by a real person, a human being, rather than by a piece of software or service.

That in turn suggests that the 'Human Being' is a Curator, usually an expert in the field being curated.

Due to the vast amounts of data available, and being constantly created every day in huge volume, the task can be time consuming and difficult.

Why Is It Useful?

Why acting as a Content Curator is good to do

Content is King. That’s why it’s useful.

Every business, entrepreneur and organisation needs to produce, or publish content.

Creating new content is difficult and time consuming.

So acting as a Content Curator is a viable alternative.

Instead of producing the content, curating it is an easier (possibly) option.

What does this mean in term of your reputation?

It presents you as the expert, the trusted source, the one that is ‘in the know’.

Gaining this reputation is very valuable as it adds to your brand and builds your social capital.

Why Is It Hot Right Now?

Why Is Content Curation Hot

There is a LOT of content on the web right now.

Filtering all that content and presenting 'the best of the web' has become big business.

It's a VERY fashionable thing to do, a very accepted way of building a website, blog, or social media profile. 

You can even go so far as build your own personal brand around being a top content curator.

There are a lot of BIG sites out there already using this model:

For example:

** The Huffington Post

** Gawker

** Tech Crunch

** Mediaite

** Pricey Pads

Step By Step Blueprint - How to do Content Curation

Step 1 :: Research

Topics and sources

Be very sure what your topic is; make it narrow, not wide.

Research sites and sources of content, in a variety of media categories; written, pictorial, audio, video, even games and apps.

Read a lot, a lot more than you ever share.

Don’t use it unless it’s very high quality: Quality not quantity.

Step 2 :: Analyse

Take note of the format of what you are sharing, and ensure you include a good mix of sources.

The information you are sharing as a content curator should be from more than one website or blog, and make sure you are giving your readers a variety of sources that they can go and investigate further after reading your posting about the subject.

Always be sure to add value in the form of adding content that is your own personal or professional opinion; additional resources, annotations, comparisons etc. 

Make sure you add your own voice and your own views about the subject.

You can even feature content about something that you don't agree with, and explain why you don't agree with what the other writer is saying, and begin a debate on your site about it.

Do not just copy and scrape an entire web page, that is simply stealing the writing content of another website.... only feature Quotes, or Excerpts... a small part of the writing on that page.

Always give proper attribution to the source.

What is attribution? Simply, you must mention who wrote it and include a live link back to the original website it came from.

Step 3 :: Publish and Share


Publish it (with attribution) on your own-domain blog.

Publish it (with attribution) on other blogging networks:

** Wordpress

** Blogger

** Tumblr

** Posterous

** LiveJournal

** Xanga

** Weebly

Social Media

Social Media Networks

Link to the content on Social Media Networks:

** Facebook

** Twitter

** LinkedIn

** Myspace

** Google Plus

** Pinterest

** Orkut

** Ning

** Badoo


Create a Video or a Vlog linking to the content, and share on the video networks:

** YouTube

** Vimeo

** Veoh

** Dailymotion

** Yahoo Video

** Metacafe

** Viddler

** Flickr

** Revver

** Videojug

** SmugMug

** Photobucket

** Hulu


Create an Audio (podcast or similar) and share on the podcast networks:

** iTunes

** Podomatic

** Podcastalley

** Odeo

** Yahoo

** iPodder

Expert Tips

how to do content curation

Use Google Alerts on keywords you are curating.

Use Google Reader to monitor relevant RSS feeds from blogs and news sites

Use iffft to alert you of news

Monitor Google Trends

Monitor Twitter for trending items

Follow other people in your niche on Twitter etc.

Do it differently; if curators in your niche just publish on blogs, create a video or audio daily review of news items.

Do it continuously; people expect it all the time, so either choose a topic you love, or work hard, or outsource it!

Use tools such as:

***                                           claims you can:

          “Start an online newspaper today”

          “for your community”

          “to monitor a topic”

          “to share your passion”

          “for the classroom”

          “about your town”

          “as a newsletter”

          “to cover an event”

          “to mobilize”

*** BagTheWeb

BagTheWeb says you can:

          “Find, Bag, Share”

          “Build Networked Curation”


***  Pearltrees

Pearltrees suggests you can use it to:

          “Cultivate your interests” and it is:

          “A place to collect, organize and share everything you like on the web”



The site enables you to:

          “Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines” ;

          “Leverage Curation to increase your visibility.” and

          “Give persistence to your social media presence.”


And once again, just in case anyone missed the important bit that makes content Curation different from content Theft  ... a Curator will always LINK BACK TO THE SITE YOU QUOTE FROM and acknowledge the writer who's work your are referring to or quoting from in your own content post on your blog or websites.

Below here I'm featuring more pages with helpful how-to-do-it  tips on how to do content curation

Feel free to submit your own story or article about using content curation, and I will create your own page here with your contribution for the community to read.

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