Learn How to Build Self Confidence Fast With These Simple Steps

If you have not yet been able to learn how to build self confidence in yourself, you will not be enjoying the benefits of having high self esteem, and it will show!

It’s easy to spot a confident person. They seem to walk with their shoulders back, head a little higher and have an air about them that says they’re sure of themselves in any situation.

A person with low self-confidence is also easy to spot. They might walk with hunched shoulders, lowered head to produce a look that makes it difficult for others to approach them.

Low self-confidence prevents us from living life to the fullest and taking advantage of all the opportunities that come our way.

Learn how to build confidence!

There are many methods to build self-confidence and also many ideas that you can use that come in the form of books, self-hypnosis and videos.

Now, it’s easy to find ways to help yourself overcome the handicap of low self-confidence and get on the path of personal growth and development.

Some methods to boost self-confidence are listed below. Choose one that’s right for you and try it out.


What self-esteem we have was formed for most of us in the early years of development.

Our habits and belief system that we learned when we were young may have us in a rut that’s difficult to overcome.

One way to be victorious over these obstacles is to use self-hypnosis, or using your subconscious mind to bring about changes in your habits and your life.

A professionally designed self-hypnosis program can do wonders with simple steps for “guided visualization” to help you replace your old self-effacing thoughts about yourself with confident ones.

Nowadays you can download a great range of self hypnosis recordings for every need.

I am a devotee of using self hypnosis for fixing whatever I want, and it is how I stopped smoking 60 cigarettes a day!

I have a great self hypnosis mp3 download for you that I will load here soon!

Keep your eye out here...

Think positive

You may not always feel positive, but if you constantly put yourself down or think negatively about yourself then you invite others to do so as well.

Stop putting yourself down by saying things such as ‘I am useless at that’, ‘You know what I’m like’ or ‘I’m so fat’.

Every time you catch yourself saying anything negative, stop immediately. Make a habit of identifying and then stopping negative talk during your conversations and it will soon become second nature.

Talk positively about the things you do well, and if somebody gives you a compliment, accept it gracefully rather than trying to play it down.

In time you will start to feel much more positive about yourself and you should find people treat you accordingly.

Don’t think about it – just do it!

One of the best self-confidence boosters is to overcome your fears by simply doing what it is you’re afraid of.

If you’re afraid of interacting with people, throw yourself into situations that make you deal with that problem.

Force yourself to attend a party, speak in front of an audience, put on a swimsuit or any other fears that may have kept you from enjoying life for years.

A little self-talk and help from the many self-help books, videos and online help sites available on the Internet will soon get you out of your shell.

Celebrate your achievements

There will be areas in your life in which you excel, and there will be other things that you do a lot better than most people.

Learn to identify what you are good at and mentally give yourself credit -

Are you good at math?

Does your cooking keep guests coming back for more?

Are you the one people turn to when they need a problem solving?

If you are struggling to think of anything, write down all the things you would love to try, and make a commitment to yourself to go ahead and do them!

Get creative - paint a picture, write a poem or bake a cake.

You could find a new passion and talent in your life. Get a notebook and write down all that you have achieved so far in your life- you will be surprised!

Don’t just write down major successes- note all the little things you have done which have made a difference, such as raising two healthy, loving children, giving a dog a good, safe home or being a great friend.

Set goals and have a plan

When you have a plan for your life – or even for the next week, your self-confidence will increase as you check off the goals you meet and come closer to your ultimate plan.

Whether it’s achieving a degree, becoming an online entrepreneur or spending more time with family, you can accomplish all of your goals if you have a concrete plan to learn How to Build Self Confidence – and follow it.

"Every Day, in Every Way...."

Resolve to do something every day to improve your self confidence, no matter how small.

It’s not so daunting taken one step at a time! Identify areas where your confidence is low and aim to do one small thing to improve it each day.

For example, if you find it difficult to interact with people, resolve to smile at a stranger every day.

If you don’t feel confident about your appearance, aim to take some exercise or have a facial.

If you lack confidence in your written skills, find a book on writing and grammar, and practice a little each day.

By taking small steps and pushing yourself just a little more on a daily basis, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as you would trying to tackle a major area all at once.

As you celebrate each small step achieved your self confidence will grow a little more each day.

How to Build Self Confidence Resources:

Some of us can overcome issues of how to build self-confidence easier than others, but we can all become more confident by following a plan and focusing on the task at hand.

Online help is available. Start now to find a method to boost your self-confidence that’s right for you.

I have written and published the books below, created specifically to help you develop self confidence and hone your self assertiveness skills and communication.

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How to be Confident When Meeting New People

build confidence meeting strangers

The fact is that most of us have to "fake it til you make it" when it comes to meeting new people at business or social events!

When it is really important that you make a good impression on people your are meeting for the first time, there are some steps that make it much easier, I promise you!

No one can be expected to feel supremely confident and relaxed when about to meet strangers for the first time, so make the most of these Tips For Making A Good First Impression:

Meeting new people is something we all have to do on a regular basis – even those who shy away from social situations. Whether you’re meeting someone for business, or purely in a casual setting, a good first impression can make a big difference to your continued relationship with the other person. So here are a few top tips to help you get off on the right foot.

1) Make Eye Contact:

The first thing you should make sure you are doing is making eye contact. This helps create the impression of honesty in others, and also shows that you are paying them attention.

2) Smile With Feeling:

Smiling at the other person helps create an atmosphere of warmth and disarms the tension that can exist when first meeting a stranger. It’ll help you both relax.

But make sure that your smile is given with genuine good feeling – half-hearted smiles are easy to spot and tend to put others off.

3) Offer A Firm Handshake:

When shaking the hand of a stranger, ensure that you grasp firmly. A limp hand can give the impression that you aren’t all that interested in the other person.

However, you don’t want to go overboard and deliver a crushing handshake that leaves the other in pain – that seems inconsiderate and over the top.

4) Ask Questions About The Other Person:

When you’re talking to someone for the first time, be sure to ask them questions about themselves. Find out about their hobbies, their business interests, their family and so on.

Everybody likes to be asked questions and given a chance to speak about themselves. Giving someone else this opportunity will leave the other person feeling good about the conversation they had with you.

5) Don’t Go On And On About Yourself:

Some people love to talk about themselves, but this really isn’t a good way to strike up a new relationship.

It’s okay to talk about yourself, but wait until you’re asked, or until there’s an appropriate reason – for example, you find out that you share a common interest with the other person.

If all you do is talk about yourself when you first meet, the other person may get the impression you’re self-obsessed, and aren’t interested in anything else.

6) Use The Other Person’s Name: It’s a good idea to use the other person’s name shortly into the conversation. Not only does it show that you remembered it, but it also helps generate a friendly tone that makes conversation easier.

7) Listen Closely:

To really get off on the right foot, it’s important to listen closely to what the other person is saying and respond.

Nothing is more of a turn off than feeling like you’re being ignored in a conversation, and by being attentive to what the other person is saying you show that you’re interested and that you care – two key foundations for any relationship.

Understanding the Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

People often confuse these two terms. Many assume they’re simply just two different words for the same thing, but this isn’t true.

You can have a lot of self-esteem and minimal self-confidence. The opposite is also true.

Having both is important. You’ll be more successful, happier in general, and happier with yourself if you can cultivate both qualities.

See how self-confidence and self-esteem are two different things:

    1. Self-confidence is situation specific.

You can have a lot of self-confidence regarding your ability to do math, host a great party, or to play basketball.

You can simultaneously have zero self-confidence in your ability to cook or sing.

 Self-confidence is the amount of trust you have in yourself to do a particular task well.

    2. Self-esteem is general impression you have of yourself.

Self-esteem is a form of self-love. It’s how pleased you are with yourself in general.

You can have a lot of self-confidence and very little self-esteem. The opposite can also be true

    3. Self-confidence is easier to build.

Self-confidence is the result of preparation and success. For example, if you prepare well for an exam, you’ll have confidence in your ability to do well on that exam.

When you have a history of doing well at something, you’ll develop self-confidence in that area.

    4. Self-esteem can’t be built with achievements, but self-confidence can.

A wall full of trophies and awards can really boost your self-confidence.

However, it may do little for your self-esteem. You can be great at something without valuing yourself.

Building self-confidence is work, but the work that needs to be done is quite clear. If you want to be confident at shooting free-throws, shoot 100 of them each day until you’re consistently successful.

Practice giving speeches until you’re good at giving them and you’ll develop self-confidence in that area of your life.

Learning to love yourself more will help you build self-esteem.

Practice these techniques to build your self-esteem:

    1. Identify your values and use them to guide your decisions.

List your values and refer back to your list often. Think about changes you can make to your life to live according to your values.

Failing to adhere to your values is a leading cause of low self-esteem.

    2. Reject perfection.

If you’re trying to be perfect, you’re going to fail. If you consistently fail at living up to a standard, your self-esteem will suffer.

Lower the bar to something achievable and give yourself the chance to be pleased with yourself.

    3. Volunteer.

Spend some of your time each week helping others that are less fortunate.

This is a great way to show yourself that you’re a kind and giving person. Find an organization that serves a cause that you feel empathy for.

    4. Manage your self-talk.

If you spend all day insulting yourself, it’s tough to feel good about yourself. There’s no way to permanently shut down your inner vocalizations, but you can manage them.

Stop yourself when you notice negative self-talk and turn it to something positive.

You can have one without the other. But it’s much more powerful to have both than to only have one.

You can be wildly successful with just self-confidence, but your successes will never make you happy or satisfied.

Both work together synergistically to create a life experience that can’t be duplicated any other way.

Build self-confidence in the areas that serve you. Build your self-esteem so you can love yourself.

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