How To Do hCG Diet Plan

In this section we will look at how to do hCG diet plan.

Unlike most diets, the HCG diet is all about being healthy and getting fast results.

Think about it for a minute, what would your life be like if you were at your goal weight?

What would it be like to wake up every morning with boundless energy?

How would it feel to never feel those cravings for coffee or comfort foods ever again? What if you found yourself wanting to grab an apple instead of a bag of fries?

That would be pretty amazing wouldn't it?

Not only would you look better than you ever thought you could but you would feel better too.

Your weight would come off, you would look years younger, and you would have an energy that just won't quit.

You would be the picture of health.

And you can go to bed every night knowing that your healthy way of life is protecting your body from disease, cancers, and other illnesses.

That's the power of the HCG diet.  Will you struggle? Will there be times when it is hard? Of course, that is only natural.

Think about it, you have spent your entire life living one way. Your body is used to that, your mind is used to that. They simply don't know anything else.

But once you have started on the HCG diet, you will be giving your body the healthy foods that it needs in order to thrive.

And in return your body will thank you by letting go of all of your excess weight and turning back the hands of time to help you look and feel younger.

And once you overcome those cravings, your mind will thank you too.

It will thank you by becoming more alert, more in tune to what your needs are, and more conscious of the world around you.

In just one short week your entire life could be changed. Can your current diet promise you that?

As well as the information for you on this page about it, you can learn absolutely everything in detail about it in my book  "Natural Weight Loss Guide for the hCG Diet Plan" book guide that walks you through exactly what the hormone is, along with how to use it safely so that you minimize your side effects.

All About HCG

how to do hCG diet plan

HCG stands for "Human Chrionic Gonadotrphin", this is a hormone that can only be found in the placenta.

But what you will be taking when you are on the HCG diet will not be the same HCG hormone that is found in the placenta.

What you will be taking though is a hormone that closely matches the hormone found in the placenta and causes similar dramatic affects in the body.

How Will You Get the HCG Hormone?

When you are doing the HCG diet, there are two ways that you can get the HCG hormone into your system.

The first way, the one that is most preferred, is by injections.

The thought of getting an injection almost every day for the next month might not sound appealing, but in reality these injections are extremely small and in most cases you will be able to take them at home.

You would go to a doctor and they will likely go over instructions about the injection with you.

After that, the doctor will likely either inject you himself or have you inject yourself under his guidance.

After that initial visit, your doctor will have a schedule for you of when you should be taking the injections.

In most cases, the doctor will allow you to take the injections at home as long as you follow his schedule.

How Does He Know What to Give You?

What makes the HCG diet so unique is that it was designed for you.

Unlike so many diets that put everyone in the same box and expect them to all have the same results, the HCG diet is tailored to the specific needs of your body.

Before you start the diet, your doctor will likely have you get some blood work done.

This will give them an idea of where your body currently is, and what levels of the HCG hormone will best help your body to get to where you want it to be.

From these results, your doctor will design a schedule of what days you should be taking the HCG hormone and what days, if any, you should not take your shots.

Remember, your body can become immune to these injections, so it is very important that you stick to the injection schedule put into place by your doctor.

You will also be going through four phases of this diet.

During each phase you will have a list of the foods that you can and cannot eat as well as a certain calorie limit that you must stick to.

Some people have issues the first few days meeting the calorie restrictions, but they often find their discomfort goes away within the first week.

It is also important to note that if your body is lacking in B12, your doctor might advise you to have these injections as well.

What About the Liquid HCG Diet Drops?

Another option that people seem to be going for is the liquid HCG diet.

This seems like the perfect solution for anyone who hates needles, or doesn't feel that they will have the time to take them.

Basically, you will get a liquid form of the HCG diet and you will take that every day for a month.

Usually this will go under your tongue a few times a day, but that is not always the case.

And you can find this liquid HCG at stores like Amazon or online health stores.

This makes it easily accessible to anyone interested in HCG.

However, there is no way to exactly replicate the HCG hormone into a liquid supplement.

Liquid HCG is good for you and it is going to produce similar effects as the HCG supplement, but it is still not the same as getting the HCG injections.

In other words, even if you do see positive results they still will not match the results that you would have gotten from the injections.

A Word of Caution

Anytime you take a shortcut, meaning anytime you don't go to a doctor for your diet related needs, you are taking a chance that what you are putting into your body is harmful.

It's like when you eat at a fast food restaurant, sure the food might be good, but you don't really know if it was prepared correctly until you get food poisoning later.

Another thing that you should remember about the liquid HCG diet is that it is not the exact same HCG that you would be taking in an injection.

So while you might get some of the benefits of the HCG diet if you are doing the HCG liquid diet, the benefits will not be as great as they would if you were taking the HCG injections.

Getting Ready for hCG

Are you feeling like you are ready for the HCG diet?

You might have a lot of emotions going through you right now.

Maybe you are nervous about the transition to a new way of eating.

Maybe you are afraid that you will never be able to adhere to the strict calorie guidelines.

Or maybe you are just excited to get the next month over with so that you will be able to see the new you.

Either way, starting the HCG diet comes with a lot of natural emotions.

What to Expect

Whether you are nervous or excited, one thing is for sure. It is important that you know what to expect.

After all, if you know what to expect then you can better prepare yourself for the areas where you feel that you may struggle.

For instance, let's say that you know that you will have a hard time counting calories.

Well, knowing your calorie intake is a crucial step to having success on the HCG diet.

So you will need to be prepared for the fact that counting calories will be a part of your everyday life for the next month.

What do you do?

Well, you know that the HCG diet is based around health and healthy foods. So a good thing to do is make a list.

Take a look at which healthy foods you like and don't like and then see what the calorie count in those foods are as well as the protein count.

Remember, protein is a good way to feel fuller for a longer period of time.

So your ideal food will be one that is low in calories but also offers you a good amount of protein.

Next, take a look at the list you have created and try to make up sample meals using only those items.

For instance, baked apples, banana sorbet, a large salad, etc.

Don't Forget the Negative Carlorie Foods!

On the other hand, there are negative calorie foods, such as Broccoli, Asparagus, Carrots, Spinach, and Zucchini.

You could eat these foods all day long and not add anything to your calorie points.

Negative calorie foods are foods that take more energy to eat than they are able to provide.

The only drawback about eating these foods is that they may not make you feel full.

So while they would be a great side to any meal of a great snack in between meals, eating only these foods will make you feel hungry.

But as long as you have a good menu plan in place, negative calorie foods can be an easy way to not only stick to the HCG diet's calorie guidelines but also to stay well under your daily calorie limits.

Support is Important!

Anytime you are going to do something like dieting, you need to have a good support system in place.

This is especially true with a diet like the HCG diet that promises to help you achieve dramatic results in a short period of time.

Remember, nothing comes without a price. Your time on the HCG diet will change your life, but there will be work required for that to happen.

So it is very important that you surround yourself with people that you can talk to, help you to get inspired, and give you support.

There are a few places that you can go to get this support.

Find HCG Dieters in Your Area

A great way to find some support is to look for other HCG dieters that live around you.

That way you guys can hold weekly meetings, start a Facebook group, or just check in each day to see how everyone is doing and support each other wherever you are struggling.

Thanks to the power of the internet, most counties have their own website and many of them have their own forums.

Simply google your town to find its website and place an ad looking for other HCG dieters in your area.

Join an HCG Diet Forum

Joining an HCG diet forum is another easy way to connect with other HCG dieters.

Not only will you be able to see success stories from others who have been on the HCG diet, but you will also be able to share recipes and get support.

Another big reason to join an HCG diet forum is that they are usually moderated by people who have already completed the HCG diet themselves.

So you will have someone who is knowledgeable of not only the HCG diet, but the things that you as a dieter might be struggling with.

Having someone to talk to who has already been there themselves will be a great way for you to find motivation and figure out what to expect at each new stage of the diet. 

You can also learn everything you need to know about how to succeed on the diet with my book: hCG Diet Plan Book Guide all about how to lose weight permanently using Nature to burn fat and reset your metabolism!

Your Life on the HCG Diet

What makes the HCG diet unique is that it offers you real and lasting changes in a short period of time.

In order to do this, you will not only need to get frequent injections of the HCG hormone, but you will also need to follow the four phases of the HCG diet and stick to the HCG calorie and food guidelines for each phase.

The Four Phases of HCG

Phase 1

The first phase of the HCG diet is not actually considered a part of the diet at all. Rather it is considered a time for your body to detox.

Many people do not look at this phase as an actual phase of the HCG diet, and they instead just focus on phases 2-4, (which they call phases 1-3).

Other times a doctor will call this the 'loading phase'.

Either way, phase 1 is important!

During this phase, you will be 'feasting', which generally means this is your time to eat everything that your body is craving.

This generally lasts two days.

It might seem like an odd way to start a diet, but your body needs that influx of calories during phase 1 because during phase 2 the amount of calories will be drastically reduced.

In other words, even if you gain a little bit of weight during phase 1 there is no need to worry because during phase 2 you will start to notice a dramatic difference.

Phase 2

When you start phase 2, things will become much more strict.

The main difference will be that you will go from eating whatever you wanted in phase 1 to eating a strict 500 calories a day.

You will be able to eat two meals every day, each one consisting of protein, fruit, and vegetables.

And unlike phase 1, which only lasts two days, you will usually be in phase 2 for days 3-23 of the HCG diet.

This might seem like a lot for you to take on, but it will get easier.

One easy tip is to make sure that you have meat as your protein source and feel free to eat that meat twice a day.

Some acceptable foods to eat during phase 2 include:

  • Spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Swiss Chard
  • Celery
  • Fennel
  • Onions
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli

And you have your choice of these meats as well, (provided they are the leanest cuts you can find and they have no excess fat)

  • Shrimp
  • Pork
  • Lobster
  • Grass fed beef

Phase 3

By the time you are in phase 3 you will already be noticing big changes.

Not only will your body be changed but you will also be able to handle the calorie limitations of the HCG diet with ease.

Another big bonus for reaching phase three is that you will be able to stop taking the injections.

Usually you will be in phase 3 from days 27-48.

Another big plus of getting to phase 3 is that you know you are halfway through the HCG diet and you will be able to relax on your food intake a little.

During phase 3 your two main goals are going to be to cut out all sugars and to eliminate all starches.

The goal here is that you will be able to maintain your dramatic weight loss and help your body to stay at its new weight.

For a complete foods list for phase 3, you should talk to your doctor.

During phase 3, the foods that you are allowed to eat will depend on what your weight is for that day.

For instance, your doctor may advise you to take a 'meat day' at certain times in order to help your body stay at its goal weight.

Phase 4 and Beyond

When you reach phase 4 it is time to give yourself a pat on the back.

Not only were you able to get through the HCG diet, but by now you should notice a real change in your health, appearance, and life.

Everything about you should seem better.

You should feel like you have an amazing amount of energy and all of those cravings and old food habits should be long gone.

You have a new body and a new self.

Now it is time to make sure that you keep the new you for a long time to come.

During phase 4, you are going to begin to shift your focus. Now your focus is going to be centered around slowly starting to add carbs back into your diet.

There are some strict guidelines here, and you will need to talk to your doctor to be sure of how you should go about this.

But the general rule of thumb is that you will closely watch your weight while you are adding the carbs back in.

If you gain, then it is time to shift your eating habits a little.

Over time, you will begin to understand what your new body can and cannot handle and what will cause you to gain weight.

Once you know this, you should easily be able to keep living a healthy lifestyle without any worry about regaining the weight you have worked so hard to lose.

What Happens After HCG?

Once you are done with the HCG diet and you know what works for you new body, you have two choices.

You can either keep living your new healthy life on your own terms and move forward with whatever eating path you choose.

Or you can do another round of the HCG diet in order to make sure that you get rid of any additional weight you may be thinking about losing.

The choice is really up to you and what your comfort level is.

Some people choose to do another round of HCG and others don't.

It's a personal choice and you have to do what is best for you.

If you do decide to go another round on the HCG diet, the only thing that you should be careful of is the HCG injections.

Over time, your body can actually become immune to the benefits of the HCG hormone injections.

This is why it is so important to follow the injection schedule that you are given by your doctor very closely.

hCG Diet Side Effects

One of the hardest things about starting a new diet is learning to deal with the potential side effects.

Side effects tend to make you feel sick, miserable, and wishing that you had never started a diet in the first place.

As you can imagine, the more side effects that a diet has, the more likely it is that someone will give up before finishing the diet plan.

Luckily the HCG diet side effects are relatively low in comparison to most diet plans.

When you are trying to weight out what side effects you might have on this diet, the first thing you should consider is your gender.

Men and women have a very different body chemistry and this can easily lead to very different side effects.

The next thing you should think about is how you will be taking your HCG.

There are two ways to get HCG into your system, shots and drops.

For most people, they take the shots as it is so effective and popular.

For other people, they will choose to take drops, these drops might not be as effective as shots but they tend to be much more convenient.

Obviously, just like with all diets, the HCG diet side effects will be different for each person.

Our bodies are each unique so it is very likely that we will each have different side effects.

For instance, let's say that both you and your friend are doing the HCG diet together, it is very possible that you will have different HCG diet side effects than your friend does.

It is also just as possible that you won't have any side effects even though your friend has many of them.

One thing you should consider before starting the HCG diet is the amount of calories you are expected to eat during phase 2.

This is the phase where you will literally go from gorging yourself with food to a simple diet of only 500 calories a day.

When you consider that the average adult requires about 2,000 calories a day, it is easy to see that HCG diet side effects are very likely.

But rather than the side effects being from the HCG itself, these effects could easily be from the lack of calories.

Things like nausea, hunger, or possibly even dizziness are all things that can happen when you skip meals or don't meet your daily calorie intake.

The good news is that whether these are HCG diet side effects or just side effects from eating less calories, they should pass quickly.

In fact, it is not uncommon for people on the HCG diet to find that after just three days on the injection they are feeling no side effects at all, although sometimes women claim to have irregular menstrual cycles.

If you are thinking about starting the HCG diet it is important to remember that the side effects tend to pass quickly and all things considered HCG diet side effects are much more mild than the side effects of most diets.

You should also remember that each person is unique and it is very possible that you won't have any side effects on this diet.


The HCG diet is not just a diet, it is a journey to true health and wellness.

If you are trying to lose weight, reverse the hands of time, and completely reset your eating habits, the HCG diet can help you.

Continue to Research

Whether you choose to do the HCG injections or the HCG drops, anytime you follow a strict calorie schedule, like the one on the HCG diet, you are going to experience some weight loss.

That's just the way that the body was designed.

But you should remember, it is the HCG hormone injections that are going to kick your weight loss into high gear and allow you to see changes faster than you ever thought possible.

The injections are also going to help you not to have any cravings for certain foods/drinks anymore.

Imagine how great it will be to wake up one morning and reach for an apple instead of a coffee.

Now imagine how great it would be if you actually wanted to eat the apple and you had absolutely no desire for the coffee.

That is what the HCG diet can do for you.

Just remember to get support, follow your schedule, and to be prepared for the phases of the diet and you can’t lose.

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