What is Energy Healing?

What is energy healing? Well, for  a start, you create energy and you are constantly burning that energy, even if you are just sitting still.

If you have ever been near a large energy generator or battery, you may have noticed a vibration.

The air seems to be a little different when you are near one of these huge energy sources. Your body is the same way, to a lesser extent.

If any of the complicated parts and pieces of a power generator fails, that can temporarily or totally disrupt energy production.

Power plants have issues like this all the time, and sometimes this is why you will lose power to your home, even though there is no electrical storm, tornado or other weather event negatively impacting your power supply.

Energy healing is a centuries-old practice that works to restore your personal power and life force energy flow when it is disrupted.

Just as your electric company will send out trucks loaded with repair people to get your lights back on when your home loses power, energy healing uses vibrational influences through sound healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, color therapy, thought field therapy (TFT) and acupuncture.

Your energy system affects both your physical and metaphysical bodies, which in turn power up your natural healing properties.

Energy healing can positively impact mental fatigue and poor memory, your cardiovascular and neurological systems, emotional distress and anxiety, and even your spirituality and your sense of where you belong in the universe.

When your proper energy flow is restored, you develop a feeling of overall wellness.

Unlike modern medicine, which works to slap a bandage on a particular condition, energy healing works to balance the entire body and mind.

You don’t simply treat the symptom, but rather the underlying energy system problem which has created the symptom.

Energy healing can be traced back thousands of years to a time when there were none of the technological marvels and scientific discoveries of modern medicine.

Enlightened healers understood that human beings were energetic entities and maintaining a healthy energy flow was vital for spiritual and physical well-being. They knew they had the power to heal themselves.

As man's knowledge has increased exponentially over generations and generations of evolution, most modern civilizations have moved away from alternative types of healing practices, such as energy healing.

Nations like the United States are so far removed physically and chronologically from where their citizens' ancestors hailed from, that it is no wonder that a belief in crystals, sounds or vibrations offering healing properties is laughed upon by many.

You will see in this special report that these practices are receiving more backing from the traditional medical community in recent years.

They indeed may very well become the accepted first line of defense in the future for preventing illness, as well as the go-to method of healing at home, before heading to the doctor.

You will also discover the many benefits of the different types of energy healing, how you can practice energy balancing yourself, and how you can use energetic healing can positively impact the health of your loved ones.

Benefits of Energy Healing

If you want to cut a few inches from your waistline, you may start exercising and eating right.

Your singular goal is to become slimmer and trimmer.

However, your body is an integrated being of multiple networks.

When you positively impact your health in one way (cutting down on the size of your waistline), you experience multiple benefits.

Dropping a few pounds may get you to the waist size goal you are looking for, and it additionally and simultaneously improves your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Your self-esteem skyrockets along with your self-confidence, and you may even find yourself in a better emotional place.

This is an example of how energy healing works. You may only want to improve one area of your life.

But because energy healing positively returns your entire electromagnetic system to its proper state of functioning, your whole existence, both physically and metaphysically, benefits in numerous ways.

The following are just a few of the limitless benefits energy healing offers.

·       More self-love, self-awareness and self-esteem

·       Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

·       Healthier hair and skin

·       Better vision, hearing and overall sensory performance

·       A longer and healthier life span

·       A lower risk of developing chronic diseases and health issues such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer

·       A better realization of yourself as a connected part of the universe

·       Healthier spiritual and emotional awareness and control

·       Physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, healthier relationships, and an overall sense of wellness you may never have experienced

You can list just about any physical or mental, emotional or spiritual issue you want to improve, and energy healing can help you get the results you're looking for.

There are many ways to learn about and use energy healing:

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Addressing Illness and Pain with Energy Healing

Your body is made up of molecules, cells and other microscopic entities.

Even though you consider yourself a solid being, you are composed of trillions of miniature things which are in a constant state of vibration.

When some outside source causes your natural vibrational patterns to become disrupted, illness and disease can be the result.

By readjusting your vibrational energy you can return to a properly flowing state of life force energy, and your illness, infection, disease or pain goes away.

Energy healing has been used in the form of acupuncture in Japan for several centuries.

Acupuncture employs the insertion of small needles into your body. This may sound like a painful process.

However, the opposite of pain is what is achieved.

Your energy flows through certain corridors, just as your blood flows in your veins and arteries.

These energy pathways meet at certain intersections known as meridians.

An acupuncturist will first speak to you about the health problems you are experiencing.

You may find this energy healer asking you questions about how you feel emotionally and spiritually, even if you are complaining of a physical ailment.

This is because he or she knows your metaphysical, physical and mental beings are all interrelated.

You cannot hurt or heal one part of your existence without positively or negatively affecting the others.

Acupuncturists are well-versed in what energy channels in your body lead to health or sickness that presents itself in certain symptoms.

This energy healer may treat a location in your body that you feel is far removed from the problem you are having, but this ancient healing practice has worked for generation after generation to positively treat anxiety, cancer, arthritis, mental fatigue, obesity and a nearly endless list of mental and physical issues.

This is just one example of how energy healing can be used to alleviate pain and illness by clearing blocked meridians.

Whether natural healers use sound, thought field therapy, or manipulation of your aura to balance your energy flow, they are all doing the same thing.

If you have chronic pain in your lower back, these practices will restore the proper flow of your life force energy that affects that particular region of your body. Simultaneously your entire body benefits.


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How is Energy Healing Practiced?

If you were to go to 2 different practitioners of Western medicine, you may receive 2 entirely different prescriptions or treatments.

This is because there is often more than a single way to effectively heal the human body.

Some people treat headaches by taking an over-the-counter medicine like aspirin, others swear by aromatherapy for giving them relief, and still others can effectively meditate their headaches into oblivion.

Energy healing is another health restoration process which can be achieved through several different practices.



Chakra Balancing and Chakra Work

This healing practice dates back to ancient India.

The belief still exists in India and in some other parts of the world that your energy comes from 7 different whirling wheels or main energy centers in your body.

These natural energy channels are located along your spine, and move from your tailbone to the crown of your head.

Depending on the location of the chakra, certain emotional and physical health properties are correlated.

For energy to flow properly throughout your body, there can be no disruptions.

In other words, if one chakra is out of balance and the energy flowing through it is disrupted, this backs up the flow further down the line.

As you can see, this agrees with other types of energy healing that you can't treat an individual symptom or body part without affecting the entire person.

Chakra work may involve meditation can take the form of meditation or affirmations.

When affirmations are used, specific words and phrases are chosen to balance corresponding chakras.

Chakra work on your heart chakra may have you speaking the following affirmation.

"Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love unconditionally."

Massage is often used for chakra balancing, as is color balancing.

Each chakra is represented by a specific color.

You can therefore expose yourself to specific colors that accordingly help balance your energy field, leading to improved mental and physical states of being.

Stones, crystal, essential oils, yoga and music may also be used in a chakra balancing practice.

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Thought Field Therapy (TFT) 

TFT recognizes that your energy flow can positively or negatively affect your state of mind.

The manipulation of energy fields works to calm psychological distress which in turn causes physical or emotional health issues.

It is a form of psychological therapy that recognizes your psychological state of being may be the root cause of brain and body-based health problems you would never relate to psychology.

It in involves several practices, one of the most common of which is tapping.

You tap repeatedly on certain parts of your body, lightly with your fingertip or fingertips.

Speaking certain phrases while tapping, you re-program your mind and mental state.

This returns your body to its maximum energetic level, and when your life force energy is once again flowing properly, you enjoy total wellness.

Learn more about this form of energy healing here  in our ETF guide.

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Acupuncture and Acupressure

These are two closely related fields of healing.

They both originated in Japan and boast thousands of years of proven healing benefits.

Acupuncture involves the placement of small needles in the body, where acupressure uses physical manipulation of your muscles and tendons to achieve the same result – balanced energy flow.

These processes break up blockages in your bioelectrical pathways which are the root cause of multiple emotional and physical health problems.


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This is a form of energy healing which is sometimes referred to as "the healing hands".

Science has proven that coming into physical, skin to skin contact with another human being releases chemicals such as oxytocin that lower stress and heighten feelings of pleasure and joy.

Reiki takes advantage of this, by having a healer either lightly touch the skin of the patient, or simply hover their hands just above the patient's skin.

A trained Reiki healer passes her energy through her hands into the patient.

Sometimes after just a single session relief from physical or emotional issues can be achieved.

The energy is channeled into the patient's bioelectric circuitry, and this pushes out whatever blocks or negative energies are disrupting normal energy flow.

When plumbers encounter a clogged drain, one of their first efforts to fix the problem will be to send a powerful burst of water through the pipe that is blocked. This often works to correct the issue.

This same idea is used in Reiki, with cleansing energy from a healthy healer's electromagnetic field pushing through blockages in a patient's energy pathway.

This ancient Japanese form of energy healing is made up of two Japanese words:

·       Rei - translated as the higher power, or God's wisdom

·       Ki (qi) - life force energy

In this way, you can see that ancient Japanese healers believed this practice to be a spiritually guided energy healing practice to improve life force energy.

Patients say they feel a radiance enveloping them during and immediately after a Reiki session.

As with all other energy healing practices, your entire electromagnetic system is balanced, so you enjoy overall well-being rather than just the alleviation of a particular pain or health issue.


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Restorative Touch

Restorative touch is a type of energy healing that is very revealing in its name.

Proper energy flow is restored to your body through the sense of touch.

Chakra work may accompany a restorative touch practice, and the goal is always to help stimulate the patient's energy system so that "the individual's own highest potential" is reached.

Treatment is unique and personalized, and before a practitioner becomes licensed, a full 4 years or more of training must take place.

Like Reiki, the caregiver’s energy is used to jumpstart the patient's natural healing ability.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

This healing practice is one of the oldest in the world.

It uses several different treatment methods to balance energy flow and restore overall health and well-being.

This is a holistic approach that works not to heal a specific condition, but rather to return a patient's body to a state that benefits from free-flowing life force energy.

When this state is reached, the patient's own immunity and disease fighting, health promoting processes take over.

TCM practitioners work from 4 key principles or beliefs.

1.   Each human being was born with a naturally powerful ability to heal itself.

2.   Preventing illness and disease is the best approach, much better than waiting for a problem to develop and then treating it.

3.   Each human body is a single being that is incorporated by multiple parts and processes, and each and every part of the human body is essential for maximum wellness.

4.   Human beings are totally connected to nature.

TCM preaches that every cell in your body is important.

The smallest of microorganisms is just as important as your heart or your brain for influencing your overall existence.

TCM healers treat the entire human being and this means both physical and nonphysical health profiles.

Your spirituality, emotional and mental, physical and metaphysical "bodies" are healed through an application of diet, lifestyle changes and traditional Chinese medicines.

Since you are a part of nature and intimately connected to it, TCM treatments will take into account the time of day and geographical location of the treatment.

Your age, genetic background, physical condition and even the season will be factored into your treatment.

All of these things need to be addressed to properly understand your individual life force energy profile at any given time.

As with the other forms of natural healing on this list, total health and vitality is the goal.

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Energy Healing Practitioners

To locate energy healers in your area may be a little difficult, depending on where you live.

There are a multitude of different energy healing schools and training institutes.

Some are recognized by modern medicine as effective for healing a number of health problems.

Most, however, do not enjoy any type of official backing from the modern medical community.

The best way to see if there are any alternative, energy healing practices in your area is to use the power of Google.

Search for "energy healing" + "your city or location".

If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming trained as an energy healer, search Google or your preferred search engine for "energy healing schools" or "energy healing programs" in your area.

You may alternately speak with your traditional caregiver about energy healing.

You might be surprised to find your traditionally trained doctor has some knowledge in that area.

He or she may be able to recommend a practitioner of energy healing.


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Using Energy for Self-Healing

The best way to learn how to heal your own energy flow problems is to turn to a licensed, veteran practitioner in the beginning.

They can teach you specific techniques and processes which will help you balance your energy flow and attain spiritual and physical wellness.

Some simple ways to get started healing yourself include meditation, yoga and massage.

There are plenty of resources online which show you how to use those three proven energy healing practices to invigorate the flow of blood and energy throughout your body.

A regular meditation practice has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and that means less inflammation and chronic disease, and a more balanced energy flow.

You can apply sound therapy to reach a positively energetic state as a form of self-healing.

A quick search on YouTube for "sound healing" reveals that music which vibrates at a certain frequency automatically and naturally supports a healthy force of life force energy through your body.

Chakra work and Reiki are practices you can perform on yourself, and once you become comfortable and experience the healing benefits of these natural wellness practices, you can use your newfound skills for the benefits of your loved ones.

The first step to healing yourself by influencing your electromagnetic fields is to seek the advice and teachings of an established and recognized energy healer.


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How Western Medicine Is Embracing Energy Medicine

Modern medicine does not argue with energy healing that there are electromagnetic fields in the human body.

This is scientifically documented. Through technological breakthroughs and powerful medical equipment, your energy fields can be used by medical doctors to diagnose conditions, and also to treat them.

In other words, there is a common basis or belief in both modern medical and energy healing circles that accepts your personal energy can be used to heal you.

This happens a number of ways. You undergo an “energy checkup”, to see what's going wrong.

This happens with energy healers and medical doctors, though traditional doctors will try to identify what is causing your problems through other methods which don't require monitoring your body's energy fields first.

After talking to you and giving you a physical, if your doctor believes there is some issue with your brain, your heart or your neurological makeup you may be introduced to an electrocardiogram, electromyogram or an electroencephalogram.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), photodynamic therapy and radiation therapy can also be used to diagnose and treat energy flow problems.

Once a problem with your energetic makeup is discovered, this is where traditional medicine and alternative healers go about fixing the problem in different ways.

Practitioners of Western medicine may use vibrational sound energy or lasers to correct the energy flow problem. Light treatment therapy may also be prescribed.

An energy healer will use forms of therapy like the Reiki, thought field therapy or acupuncture mentioned earlier to break up blocked energy channels.

Both of these methods identify a disruption in the flow of your life force energy as the cause of multiple health problems.

While Western medicine and science have proven humans have energy fields which affect their mental, emotional and physical health, they don't agree with practitioners of alternative energy healing modalities as to how treatment should proceed.

That having been said, it is important to applaud Western medicine for adopting healing practices which were once considered as fringe science at best.

Some traditional doctors even go as far as to support the use of acupuncture, which is a form of energy healing that is at least 5,000 years old.

Doctors are more likely now than ever before to suggest meditation for calming and healing the mind, which simultaneously helps push out negative, blocking energy and causes your healthy energy to flow freely.

This is because 21st century Western medicine understands neural images which show that acupuncture "calms areas of the brain that register physical discomfort".

Ultrasound images have been captured that clearly show acupuncture improving healthy oxygenated blood flow in the areas where treatment is applied.

Additionally, thermal imaging shows unequivocally how this ancient energy healing practice fights inflammation, often a root cause of many illnesses and ailments.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is an organization that works to identify proven energy healing techniques.

If verifiable energy healing takes place that is measurable and scientifically proven, this organization gives that energy healing practice its blessing, or seal of approval.

Once more influential researchers like NCCAM can show doctors and other modern healthcare providers that specific energy healing types have been proven using accepted technology and science, more caregivers practicing Western medicine will get on board with these ancient and incredibly effective methods of restoring health.

By using modern science to prove the efficacy of energy healing, Western medicine practitioners are becoming more enlightened.

This means it may not be too much of a stretch in the future for your doctor to send you to an acupuncture or sound therapy treatment room in your hospital, as a replacement or complement to traditional treatment.

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While progress is with Western medicine practitioners accepting energy healing is being made, we need to constantly remind our caregivers that inexpensive, holistic and empowering healing practices that have been around for thousands of years should at least be researched because of their proven effectiveness.


Continue to Research

Western medicine has a large influence over other modern nations as far as treatment of injuries and disease is concerned.

Because of this, many modern healing facilities don't know much about alternative and complementary energy healing practices which provide incredible health benefits with little or no downside.

As you know, many of the most popularly prescribed medications have dangerous and scary side-effects.

This is almost never the case with energy healing, since medicine is not prescribed.

If your TCM healer tells you to eat a certain herb or plant, the result may be indigestion or regurgitation if that natural product does not agree with you.

However, with Reiki, thought field therapy, sound healing and other energy balancing practices, there is nothing to cause side-effects.

You won't be given a medicine and then told that while this medicine may be effective for curing what ails you, it may also cause other problems.

Energy healing is free of such problematic side-effects because it triggers the healing processes you have inside of you.

Abstract chemicals and man-made medicines are not forced into your system.

The reason many modern medicines cause dramatic and, in some cases, life-threatening side effects is because you are a product of the natural world, and they are not.

This idea that you are connected with nature and all things is at the core of energy healing.

In most cases, you don't have to ingest or consume anything to rebalance your life force energy.

You just need to return your bio magnetic and electromagnetic fields to their naturally vibrating states, and your inherent preventive and healing powers will take over.

The result is emotional and spiritual balance, as well as physical and mental well-being.

More Resources

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·       http://www.healingenergy.com.au/what-is-energetic-healing/

·       https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-23890/what-everyone-should-know-about-energy-healing.html

Here are some interesting energy healing resources to check out ... and since you can buy online and get it delivered, that takes even more stress off you.

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