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We will begin our top selling mp3 audio book download book reviews by introducing you to the value and fun of online audio books that are so simple to download and listen to at your leisure, allowing you to multi-task while you enjoy the latest top selling book!

So Have You Listened to Any Top Selling Audio books Lately?

Well-written and entertaining books have long been a way to relax and enjoy or to learn something new.

But the main problem with reading books the old-fashioned way is that you have to sit and concentrate with the bulk of the book spread out before you.

Audiobooks have revolutionized the way we read books and has also increased the number of books that we’re “reading.”

New and advanced technology has brought us into the age of being able to listen while we’re doing just about anything.

Tiny devices that we can fit into our purses or pockets carry huge volumes of information that we can listen to at any time.

We don’t have to limit our enjoyment of these devices to music any longer – audiobooks are being snatched off the shelves in record volume.

Publishers are enlisting celebrities to read their best sellers and that only increases their desirability.

Familiar faces are linked to familiar voices and sales of audiobooks are going through the roof.

One proponent of audiobooks timed listening to books as opposed to reading them.

She states that listening to 30 audiobooks took her approximately four hours per book.

If she had stopped to read the written versions of the books, it would have taken her 120 hours – or three weeks of eight-hour days.

Absorption of the books can be accomplished while exercising, driving or doing chores around the house.

Any time that you find yourself in an unproductive situation, an audiobook can help to augment the time that would ordinarily be wasted.

You can listen to a good book when your eyes are too tired to read one.

Just switch on the audiobook and let your mind soar.

It’s a great relaxation and stress relieving tool.

Audiobooks are also a good way to introduce your child to reading.

They will never take the place of sitting in a parent’s lap and listening to the words while looking at the pictures -- but listening to good children’s books that are interlaced with sound effects, accents and music can make reading fun and inspiring to a child.

Listening to good audiobooks can help us learn, entertain us and inspire us.

They appeal to every sense – except smell – and publishers may be working on that even as you’re reading this article.

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Why Celebrities Are Lending Their Voices to Audiobooks

Take a glance at the audiobooks jackets in the bookstore and you'll see some familiar names.

As audiobooks become ever more popular, celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to get their voices out there and authors love the added media exposure they get when someone famous agrees to be the voice of their work of art.

Many celebrities have written best selling books that proudly display their pictures on the cover, but audiobooks take them one step further by having the stars read the books they wrote.

Audiobooks allow the celebrity to inject his or her own emotions in the reading and also encourages their fans to purchase the book.

Authors who write fictional or non-fictional books can depend on a jump in sales if a well know personality endorses his book by giving it a "voice" in the audiobook market.

Many times, audiobooks are performed by several different voices - or characters - played by various actors and actresses and can also be enhanced by background music.

You can find entire volumes of audiobooks complete with sound effects and character contributions.

Bill and Hillary Clinton both loaned their voices to their best selling books.

Sales of their audiobooks went through the roof, demonstrating that people enjoy hearing memoirs from the authors, themselves.

Children's audiobooks have also been the recipients of our favorite celebrities lending their voices for readings.

Animal growls, songs and other sound effects can be interjected into the audiobook, making it realistic and much more interesting to a child.

Celebrities aren't necessarily attracted to lending their voices to audiobooks because of pay.

The normal pay rate to read a six-hour audiobook is only $4,000 to $6,000 - mere pocket change to the highly paid famous of today.

When an audiobook is read by a famous person, it's usually because the celebrity is a personal friend or a fan of the author.

Books are also read by celebrities in order to make a political statement.

Whatever the reason that celebrities lend their names to audiobooks, sales are increasing and it's becoming ever more chic for celebrities to use their highly recognizable voices to read them.

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Enid Blyton Online Audio Book Downloads

Enid Blytons adventure books like Secret Seven and Famous Five have leaped over generational barriers.

However many things have changed from the early forties to sixties since ink from Enid's pen started flowing.

I am not referring to the onset of the computer age.

Rather to the Knowledge, that while some children can learn better from written letters, there is a sizable segment of children who are oral learners.

Orality has been rediscovered as an important and serious facet of all learning whatever the ages might be.

Since this fact is fully accepted by academia it raises an issue that has to be settled.

Reading as a childhood habit has been encouraged, but should not listening as well.

If we inculcate the reading habit to children by introducing them to great authors like Enid Blyton should we not also introduce them to listen to Enid Blyton audio books.

Enid Blytons books have adventure and childhood drama as their core.

This core is very conducive to conversion to audio.

Think of the locations of her famous five stories.

They lend themselves to audio descriptions.

Picturesque islands, Old Cottages, countryside camping, unknown's secret passage and smugglers caves can all be vocally dramatized and enhanced through sound effects.

It is of little surprise that bastions that promote reading like The Telegraph have been advancing the Famous Five audio books.

Some areas of the writing have undergone change such as the ginger beer lashings and the ham sandwich piles.

The characters such Aunt Fanny and Dick have been retained to keep the content as close as it possibly can to the original books.

If you are new to the world of Audio books there might be a pleasant surprise waiting for you.

The books are enhanced by music as well as sound effects to bring out the setting of the story or the ambiance of a scene.

On a general basis Children's audio books are great facilitators to helping with attention spans and the development of a Childs imagination.

The love of words can be stimulated by listening just as reading does. While it is educational it certainly is entertaining as well.

Dramatizing the books for Audio using multiple actors is another adaption of an audio book.

The Famous five series was so adapted by Hodder Headline in the 1990 and were released on Tape as well as CD's.

From Noddy, The school girl series, and The Famous Five to large amount of her books have realized a new popularity by being converted into an audio book format.

The Amazon and Audible Web sites are an excellent source to purchase the full series of Enid Blyton audio books.

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The Castle of Adventure (Adventure Series)The Castle of Adventure (Adventure Series)

The Valley of Adventure (Adventure Series)The Valley of Adventure (Adventure Series)

The Wishing-Chair Collection: Three Stories in One! (The Wishing-Chair Series)The Wishing-Chair Collection: Three Stories in One! (The Wishing-Chair Series)

The Secret SevenThe Secret Seven

Hanni und Nanni und das Wasserballett (24)Hanni und Nanni und das Wasserballett (24)

Five Go Adventuring Again: AND Five Go to Demon's Rocks (Famous Five)Five Go Adventuring Again: AND Five Go to Demon's Rocks (Famous Five)

Naughtiest Girl in the SchoolNaughtiest Girl in the School

Five on a Secret Trail (Famous Five)Five on a Secret Trail (Famous Five)


If you haven't tried listening to audio books yet, you really should give it a go - You'll love it!

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