Royalty Free PLR Stock Images - HUGE Pack on Sale

You will be absolutely amazed by the quality and quantity of graphics in this Royalty Free PLR Stock Images pack.

I have compiled it from various graphic packs that I have bought over the years that have licenses allowing me to sell them on to you.

Originally the package contained 4,830 images, but the files were recently refreshed with even more pictures, so now there are around 9,000 images!

So now you will never ever again waste time (and money) scouring the net looking for just the right illustration for your blog post, your website sales pages, your book covers or creative products you want to make and sell on Etsy or eBay... they are all here and the licenses terms of use including your commercial use of the graphics are clear and cover your use.

The best bit of news is that this INCREDIBLE COLLECTION of graphics, clip art, icons and photographs is for sale today for only $5  - oh my!

On this page I will feature a tiny snapshot of the pictures in the packs, but to see them all you will need to download the preview booklet catalog.

To view all of the graphics included in this MASSIVE royalty free graphics pack, CLICK HERE to see it in the 150 page pdf catalog document, or download the zip file to your desktop to view it on your computer.

But if you are in a hurry and just want to grab the pack,  click the link below  to get your INSTANT DOWNLOAD - 24/7 automatic access!

Internet Marketers And Business Website

Owners Should Always Use Eye-Popping

Graphics On Their Sales Pages!

Do You Have Great Items for Sale

... But Your Sales Pages Are DULL & BORING?

Successful entrepreneurs know that success in selling has everything to do with product PRESENTATION.

If You Have A Great Big Webpage Full Of Text & No Graphics You Have A Bad Sales Page!

I mean, let's face it text is good, but when you can use graphics to help tell the story, you keep more attention to your page, hence you get more sales.

I'm not saying you can't get sales with little or no images on your sales pages, but you can increase your sales simply by adding a quality graphic or two.

Have you found a resale product that you think you could sell, but it does not come with it's own sales page, or the web page that comes with it is just plain dull?

Well if you can liven up the sales page with some quality graphics, you can probably skyrocket your sales.

Software and ebook designers, you can get more sales of your services and products by jazzing up those pages with these quality graphics.

This royalty free clip art collection is priced to sell, and there are around nine thousand images, so you simply cannot go wrong with an intelligent purchase like this to help grown your business.

And if you are a product re-seller you can also make money from selling these Royalty Free PLR Stock Images and graphics to other webmasters and creative crafters!

This People stock images mix is only a fraction of the total 'people' graphics in the pack:

Products - People - Places - Royalty free graphics:

The photos of PEOPLE above are lovely, but don't reflect the hundreds and hundreds of photos in this pack of people in every niche - couples, kids, parties, swimsuits, costume dress, school classroom, medical, trades, office and so on in .jpg and also .png transparencies.

Can't even begin to show all the massive amount of Royalty Free PLR Stock Images in the house hold items like furniture / decor / cleaning / utensils / crafting items,  every kind of food / meat / fish / nuts /  fruit / veg, holiday theme images like Christmas / Halloween / Easter / Birthday / Weddings / Parties and celebrations.

301 Food Stock Photos- Average Sizes for these photos is 169 X 500 to 400+ X 500

Industrial series of Images:

Picture Frame graphic pack

Vintage Dog images too!

300 Vintage Dog Stock Photos Average Sizes for these photos is 260 X 400 to 400+ X 500

345 Household Items Stock Photos

Average Sizes for these photos is 110 X 500 to 400+ X 500

35 Scenic Stock Photos

Average Size for these photos is 435 X 678

166 Education Stock Photos

Average Sizes for these photos is 169 X 500 to 400 X 500

113 Business Stock Photos

Average Sizes for these photos is 197 X 500 to 480 X 500

280 Health and Safety Stock Photos

Average Sizes for these photos is 169 X 500 to 400+ X 500

If you want to view all of the graphics included in this pack, CLICK HERE to see it in the 150 page pdf document, or download the zip file to your desktop to read it on your computer.

280 Health Care Stock Photos

Average Sizes for these photos is 80+ X 500 to 400+ X 500

456 Holiday and Occasion Stock Photos

Average Sizes for these photos is 118+ X 500 to 400+ X 500

You can also get another 1,500 Christmas Clip Art from here:

Christmas Clip Art

101 Royalty Free Stock Photo Transparencies

65 Aromatherapy Royalty Free Stock Photos

35 More Fruit And Vegetable Royalty Free Stock Photos

101 Scenery Royalty Free Stock Photos

These Photos Were Taken In Texas, Utah and Above The Clouds Over New Mexico and Texas.

17 Background Royalty Free Stock Photos

65 Finance Stock Photos

Sales Letter page graphics

331+ Web2 Icons & Templates More amazing Web2 graphics like you see all over the internet nowadays!

Hundreds of icons and blank templates that you can add your text to.

If you want to view all of the graphics included in this pack, CLICK HERE to see it in the 150 page pdf document, or download the zip file to your desktop to read it on your computer.

Opt-in box graphics for your website

Marketing Graphics pack

Iconic timeless website graphics!

Preview all images here..

Read what other people are saying about this pack:

Ruth Pound - netPLR
Crystal Touchton
customer review of royalty free plr stock images pack

Review from Scoopgal,


All of the royalty free graphic image packs were updated so that you now get nearly 10,000 images, there are even more products not even shown here like website templates for Holidays and Christmas, and the royalty free graphic packs each come with their own user rights Licenses from my sellers, and they are included inside the zip files for your reference.

Use them on your websites and web2 properties, create ebooks and covers with them, make etsy products, most of these pictures you can do almost anything you want with.

Most of these images also have reseller rights, so you can not only use them yourself, but sell them yourself from your site!


You Can Also See *ALL* the Graphics Before You Buy If You Want to ...

150 page Booklet download has samples of most of these graphics in full for you!

This page only shows a TINY amount of samples from this monster graphics pack!

So if you want to see some more examples before you decide you will buy you can check them out in my brochure!

Get the Adobe .pdf download here, that has 150 pages showing the samples of the nearly 10,000 graphic images you can buy in this pack!

CLICK HERE to view or download the catalogue.

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Take action NOW - either download the full images brochure to check it out before you buy, or just hit that paypal button and get ready to instantly download these images.

Upon payment you will be directed to a download page by paypal, with access 24/7 - no need to wait to process your order!

I guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with these graphics - or your money back, so you are taking absolutely no risk when you buy from me!

Helene Malmsio

Strategic Services

Est. 1987

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