About Us - or, just who is Helene Malmsio?

Well, every site needs an About Us page, and this site is no exception. Especially since I am creating this site full of how to do it tips and training guides, it would be helpful for you to find out if I have any idea what the heck I'm talking about, right?

Well, for one thing, I'll tell you now that as a woman born in the late 1950's I clearly have a few miles on the odometer, and being a Baby Boomer, I am one of those people who will usually try doing stuff myself before I call on experts to do stuff for me.

And as it happens, I have had a very eventful and busy life, including being married for 9 years to the ultimate DIY husband... together we even built a two story timber house with our bare hands and just a few basic handyman tools!

So I am the Queen of Self Help and traditional house & garden DIY - and I learned 99% of every skill I have out of books - which is also why I love to write and publish self help books myself nowadays!

My prodigious reading and applying what I learned, has made my life successful, fun and abundant.

Its fun to be smarter than the average Yogi Bear!

It is wonderfully self empowering to know you are self reliant, not dependent on the expertise of people like Contractors and Salesman that you have never met before and don't yet know if you can trust.

By learning how to do it yourself you have the inside knowledge, and then even if you don't want to personally DIY, you will at the least be better informed to make decisions and choices without being hoodwinked by unscrupulous operators.

Now I don't claim to know everything about everything DIY, but what I don't personally know, I'm going to get expert tips from people who DO know - which is why I named this page About US, as I will also introduce the other experts as they come on line here.

By the way, for a bit of a chuckle see  ....

35 Things I Bet You Did Not Know about Helene Malmsio 

Well, to continue the traditional About Me page, below here are some of the things I have learned how to do really well, or simply learned how NOT to do it!

I'll just break them into blocks for the time being and add content pages (and their links here) for each one later on... so the text with links will lead to a page with an actual explanation and photos if I have them, the rest of the entries are me "thinking out loud" as I plan to write the content for this site, so bear with me!

Lets start with my Jobs, as most people judge you by whether you were good enough at something to actually get paid to do it - lol!

Retail Soft Furnishings and Interior Decorating

Modelling - photo & catwalk

Legal Secretary / Clerk

Operating serviced offices and consulting to deliver corporate support services to international clients

Community services project officer for Community SkillShare

Structured skills trainer & Workplace Assessor for long-term unemployed participants in the centre

This then led to me taking over the place and becoming the General Manager of Comm SkillShare

Field Officer for Group Training Australia - employment services for Apprenticeships

Public Speaker & Trainer in health and nutrition network marketing & also for GTA talks to employer & community groups

Recruitment services & Job Search Training for various employers and recruitment services.

And in between these jobs I usually operated my own Business as well.

Sometimes I converted the paid employment into a Consulting role so that my Company could take over the role.

this site and its publications are a product of strategic services!

Strategic Services has been used in most of my Trading names and Companies for:

Agency and local consultant for overseas companies establishing their business operations in Australia.

Made liquor licensing applications and managed the operation of a restaurant and part of a night club

Conducted Marketing audits and planning for manufacturing and retail clients

Structured Skills training and assessment for RTO's in Vict.

Marketing of the Nationwide Aust Traineeships and Apprenticeship programs to employers, including existing staff and recruiting and interviewing new staff .

Website building, SEO, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEM, and developing online business via web2 properties for clients and my own sites.

Built and sold over 1,000 'Squidoo" Product sales pages over the years. Also Hubs and Knols and other web.2 platforms.

Book publishing is now expanding beyond pdf ebooks to also include Kindle book publishing.

Learned a ton of IT and Internet skills along the way!

Work At Home Businesses include my MLM and Network Marketing experiences:



And my mother used to sell Avon and Holiday Magic as well, so I learned about MLM as a teen.

Selling handmade handicrafts at markets and in shops on consignment is another good way to make your hobbies self-funding. After all, once you have made enough for yourself and as gifts for friends, what are you going to do with them all?

My handicrafts are good enough to not only give, but also to sell.

DIY - Home renovations:

Decorated and fitted out 3 retail soft furnishing stores

Decorated my own homes

Built a 2 story timber home- septic tanks, cement mixing, brick cleaning, stump hole digging, weatherboards oiled, two years of w/ends on the job

Renovated 2 offices for law firm

Built 5 classrooms for SkillShare before I could start training jobseekers (not in the job description - lol!)

Painting & Wallpapering

Curtains & Upholstering

Interior decorating

Rebuilding & refurbishing

Gardening - another love of my life!

Apart from crafts and renovating, the garden would have to be the most rewarding project you can learn how to do it yourself! I'm a pro at all aspects just about:

Organic gardening

Fruit trees

Vegetable & Fruit crops

Fish ponds

Recycling - big time! Despite my neighbours constant complaining to me and making crank reports to the Council.

Container gardening

Bamboo - don't grow it!!

Striking plants from cuttings

Beauty therapies & recipes

Massage & Reflexology



Natural Lotions and Potions

Hand made soap etc

For over 30 years now I have compiled a gazillion herbal remedies and ancient 'cures' 

In the '80s I hand printed and published my book "Did You Know?" which was hand illustrated and bound as gifts for friends.

I still use these natural beauty and herbal remedy recipes and will share them on this site.

Weight loss & Nutrition

What can I say? Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt for every diet ever spoken or written about.

So believe me, when I publish anything about diets for weight loss, I do know what I'm talking about.

At the moment I'm still struggling with a bout of Thyroid issues, so stabilizing my weight is once again a problem for me, but the basic principles still apply.

Scarsdale Diet - Cabbage Soup -

Atkins - hCG - Think Thin -

Herbalife and now Vegetarian losing weight eating Raw Food diet. So I wrote a book about it,

Crafts - I love handicrafts!



Embroidery + Cross Stitch

Sewing, dressmaking, mending

Hooked rugs

Candles & soy candles

Herbs, Salts, Vinegars, Oils

Pot Pourri sachets & bowls

Dried flowers - wreaths etc

Pressed flowers

Greeting cards

Dolls & Teddies

Bread Baskets


Clay sculpting

Stained glass overlay

Sketch and Oil paint portraiture

Weaving and decorating baskets

Assembling Gift Baskets

Patchwork quilting


Decoupage wall screens

Dolls house with decoupage

Wardrobe with Decoupage

Paper making

Tie Dying

Wood carving

Book illustration & Binding

Cooking - my next best love!

Bottle preserving

Freezer preserving

Drying preserving

Baking cakes and biscuits

Jams and Sauces

Ice Cream, sorbet,frozen yogurt

Frugal cooking

Pet foods

Party planning & catering

Chocolates and sweets

Jar Recipes




Raw diet

Vegetarian meals


Dips & rolls

Pastry & Pies



Fondue - yum!

Weight loss meals

Raw Food - seasonal menus and FAST recipes.

I love that I don't have to cook for myself when I don't feel like it.

I just pick it and eat it! I'm publishing a book about it on Amazon soon!

Relationships / dating

Single, Married, divorced, single


Home maker

wife,  Step mother

Daughter,  step-daughter

Carer to aging parent

Loyal friend

Great Boss & co-worker

Pets - my furry kids!





Goat - lovely Sherry, the Angora cross.



...aaaaaaaawww.... My two feral Hooligans!

Going green - been doing it for years, glad it's now fashionable


Solar Power

Solar Heating

Garden recycling / organic

Water saving

Energy Saving

Sustainable living

Cleaning & Organizing Home - there is a definite art to this!


Non-toxic / natural Cleaning

Laundry without chemicals

Getting Organized

Planning / schedules

Hiring cleaners

Spring cleaning

Holidays & Celebrations

Most of my life I have been a fiend about celebrating and decorating the house at every opportunity, so I have a ton of experience with:

Easter - eggs, chocolates, decorating, crafts

Christmas - decorating, cooking, gifts, crafts, cards,

Birthdays - party planning, fun gifts, decorating

Costume parties - finding or creating the perfect costumes.

Corporate networking events

Travel - I had lived in 3 countries and spoken 3 different languages by the time I was 8 years old... and I have traveled around an adult, for business as well as for holidays, so there is quite a bit of experience there.




New Zealand


Hong Kong



Finance & Money Management


Frugal living



Work at Home


Mortgage / Renting

Car loans


Wills & Estate planning

Real estate - buy & sell

Charity & Donations

Business Planning & Management


Business plan

Set up


Marketing & audits

Staff recruitment & training & assessment

Processes & organization

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service


Public Relations & Promotions

Jim Rohn & Helene Malmsio

Self Help Mentors / Training:

Jim Rohn - a gentleman and a scholar!  (Pictured with me above)

Lou Tice - Pathways to Excellence

Earl Nightingale

Tony Robbins - I fire walked too!

Reclaiming my Personal Power

Exercise & Fitness

When I was dieting I would exercise up to 4 hours a day!

Home gym






Exercising from Videos / DVD's


Flying Gyros

People I admire include:

Margaret Thatcher

Mind Body Spirit


Tea Leaves



Chinese Zodiac

Law of Attraction / Secret




Pathways to Excellence

Member of Baha'i Faith



Stress Management


Animal Welfare


Book writing and publishing:

I have been publishing ebooks for about 8 years now and giving them away as free ebook downloads, or selling them as you can see here on this site.

I have also now got a few books for sale at Amazon.com - check them out here as the Author at Amazon and at Lulu Publishing and here as the Publisher (not all of these search results are my books, just look for the Strategic Logo) 

At the start of 2014 I once again began to workshop my Tony Robbins "Personal Power II" program for 30 days, and I invited you to join along with me if you have the coaching program.

"I'm Reclaiming my Personal Power Again for 2014 "

In the next 30 days I'll talk in detail about the goals and actions I'm taking, but in this introduction, lets just mention some of the things I'll be working on:

Week 1:

"Reclaiming My Personal Power - Sessions 1+2+3"

WARNING: positive / negative associations and conditioning ahead!

"Reclaiming My Personal Power - Session 4"

Onward and Upward - session #4 has Interrupted my patterns!

"Reclaiming My Personal Power - Session 5" 

Managing my State means less time and energy spent needlessly having my knickers in a knot!

Week 2:

Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 6

Using Empowering Q&A today! ... No more endless-loop limiting questions for this little black duck!

I've got to say, this is one of my favourite session days, because it is all about how to mentally change your state to improve the way you feel

Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 7 & 8

Discovering what is your own Hierarchy of Values helps you to work out what are the drivers in what you do in life. Most of life is spent trying to avoid

Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 9 + 10

ITS TIME! ...To get back on track, Helene!

Well, the summer heatwave and some of the usual ass-hattery going on delayed me a bit on the last two sessions for last week, but I'm back on track here.

Week 3:

Reclaiming My Personal Power RIGHT NOW - Session 11 + 12

Anchor Aweigh! Learning how to Anchor my Emotions to Positive States and an Attitude of Total Expectation! 

Reclaiming My Personal Power RIGHT NOW - Session 13

Financial Mastery? I don't think I'll learn it in this session. Good for people who don't even realize they have mental beliefs that are holding them back, but not what I need at this stage of my financial education... moving on to session 14 pretty quickly here.

Reclaiming My Personal Power RIGHT NOW - Session 14

Unlocking Your Financial Genius: Are you a "Rich Bastard"?

This is the next session about Financial Mastery, and it talks about stopping your financial self-sabotage, so that you can move on to become more successful

Reclaiming My Personal Power RIGHT NOW - Session 15

Only Scaredy Cats are Afraid of Success!!!

So today Tony starts off asking if I am afraid of success... well, no, of course not... I want all the success I can create!

But this is not as obvious as we might think. Fear and adrenalin are helpful and useful to help us, save us from danger, and also as a tool to motivate ourselves into positive action.

Week 4:  on the home stretch!

Reclaiming My Personal Power - Sessions 16 + 17

Self Sabotage - Unstoppable Confidence - Increasing Your Energy

Reclaiming My Personal Power - Sessions 18 
I was on the home stretch of the last few days in this 30 day Personal Power II coaching program by Tony Robbins, when things got the better of me

Reclaiming My Personal Power - Session 19 
Day 25 of the month long Personal Power II coaching is about to best deal with problems... because we will encounter problems that will require solving! 

Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 20 - Conclusion 
I personally believe that most successes in life come from simply showing up!!! Its true.  How many people hear about courses, get given free invitations, 

Needless to say, 2014 ended up being a totally amazing year, with so much achieved, and I even moved from my home of 21 years.

On the road to new adventures and actually having some fun and relaxation in my life again - wish me luck!

╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ★ ★ ★
║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ NEW YEAR ☆ 2015
╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥¥☆★☆★☆¥♥ ★☆

Well, now that we are approaching the last quarter of the year in 2015, I've decided its time for a COMEBACK!!

I'm coming out of retirement and launching myself back into the self help training and public speaking mode, along with publishing a whole new series of self help books for young adults.

Lets change this era from the 'information age' into the 'KNOWDLEDGE AGE' ... and begin with the kids!

They are our future, they need have the highest quality of self development training and  Life Skills to be able to craft their best possible life and enhance this world.

Let's do it - who wants to join me on this new journey??

Drop me a line here and let's see how we can pool our skills and experience to help make the world a better place together.

Well, that is a good start to my long list of experience gained over 40 years of my learning to do it myself!

Below are the pages linking to the text references here.  I'll be adding about 30 pages of more history about me and my experiences, to help show you why the heck I think I have anything to teach you - lol!

And if you know me well, and think that I have left out some useful skills here, or have a story to share about me -  tell me about it in the submission box below and you get your own whole page on the site - thanks!

Here are the project experiences mentioned here in this About Us page

Do you have a great story about experiences you know that Helene and the gang have had? Share it!

These are the latest updates About Us!

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Well, the summer heatwave and some of the usual ass-hattery going on delayed me a bit on the last two sessions for last week, but I'm back on track here. …

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Discovering what is your own Hierarchy of Values helps you to work out what are the drivers in what you do in life. Most of life is spent trying to …

Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 6 
I've got to say, this is one of my favourite session days, because it is all about how to mentally change your state to improve the way you feel and the …

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In future I will think about contributing articles as well. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! and God bless"

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