My HayFever allergy Hell has arrived darnit!

by Helene Malmsio
(12 November 2012)

I thought I had somehow managed to avoid the worst of hayfever allergy this year... until now!

This Spring was absolutely perfect... the days gently warmed up to my perfect 22C with a slight breeze and a still cool house.

There were days of gentle spring rain that filled my rainwater tanks and meant that I didn't yet have to water the garden every single day.

I was able to wander the garden every day to pull a few weeds out, pick some asparagus and rainbow chard, tend to my growing peaches and cherries, and generally bask in the perfect spring conditions - and all without the usual spring pollen attack of hayfever!

Usually this blemish on my perfect spring happens as early as August, when the beautiful yellow Wattle tree flowers burst out everywhere.

They are absolutely stunning to look at and have a delightful sweet waxy aroma that I used to enjoy - I even used to have some cut flowers from the tree in the house in vases!

But for the past 15 years the Wattles have signaled the start of hayfever season for me.

And the result has usually been a red eyed, sniveling, can't breathe - totally exhausted - hot mess called Helene in Hell!

This year I have enjoyed Aug to Oct Spring like a little lamb, and I'm grateful for that opportunity.

I think that the fact I have been drinking my NRG Tea (with guarana - from Herbalife) throughout the year, before spring began, has been the reason for this lovely bonus.

But now, there is little rain to wash the leaves and garden of the pollens and with less rain there is more dust from the dry ground, and we have had very windy weather the past few days, so it all compounds into my sore itchy watering eyes, red raw dripping sore nose, dry chapped and swollen lips, dry flaky skin, and a very irritable little old me.

So this afternoon I have shut up the house again, so no pollen laden 'fresh air' gets into the house for the rest of the day - otherwise I love using the screen doors keeping the house cool and fresh.

I'll get stuck into a big pot of NRG Tea as I know that will give me a heap of relief from even the worst attacks, and a hot steamy shower** will help to clear and clean my nasal passages and sinus as well.

Every little bit helps - but I am definitely having a pity party right now!

** I remember when I first started getting hay fever I lived on the Peninsula and we had a bush block and Tea Trees etc. and lived very near the beach.

I thought since I had a runny nose and felt exhausted, that it was some sort of spring Cold I kept getting.

So I would stick my head over a steaming bowl of hot water, because that helps to kill off the cold virus in your nasal passages where they breed, and helps to dry up a runny nose.

It worked so well for me, I was convinced I was dealing with a cold.

Must have been more than 15 years later, after my occasional mild hayfever became chronic and horrendous, that I worked out what it was.

Imagine having me as a sales rep show up for a meeting at your business, with tears rolling down my face and blowing my nose, all the while I was talking to you.

I was a truly pitiful puddle of woes, seemingly crying my eyes out!

You would buy what I was selling just out of pity for me wouldn't you???? Lol - I did seem to still be able to sell!

Allergies - and hay fever - they suck so bad!

I'm glad that NOWADAYS I at least have a few strategies and products that help me get through them!

Take care,

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Well This Year It's Bypassed ME - WTH?
by: Helene Malmsio

Well, I was a hot mess last year from November on, with allergies hitting me like usual, even though I had enjoyed a later start than usual.

But guess what? THIS YEAR - Spring and Summer of 2013 - I've hardly had a sniffle!

Don't know what's going on, other than not spending as much time in the garden as I used to in Spring.

This might seem obvious as a reason why, but it isn't, simply because I always have fresh air in the house all spring, with screen doors letting the (pollen filled) fresh air into the house all day and night anyway.

So its a mystery. I'm using all my usual stuff as a preventative, but they would sometimes still be overridden for a day or two now and then, especially on the very dry hot days with lots of wind blowing, but not this year.

So, I'm celebrating that with all the unwanted and unexpected horrors of this year, and all the changes we have had to deal with and adapt to, this is one nice thing to give my poor body less to stress about.

Woo hoo!!!

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