67 - Step 1 Billionaire Brain & JLo Voice

by Helene Malmsio

Starting at the first video in the daily series for 67 days.
My comments in response to the questions Tai asks at the completion of each video session.

First video session in the series of 67 daily steps.

Each video asks you some questions about your take on the content and how you intend to USE this new information after you view each one.

I DON’T cover the content of Tai’s teaching as you need to get into the program yourself to learn more… but I will share my comments and my process of ‘thinking out loud’ as I work out what I need to do and learn and refine to achieve my goal. (see first installment to learn more about my goal and purpose)

Worksheet: 1. What is your plan to start deserving what you want from life?

I work hard to “be worth a damn” in my personal developmental growth and my business development.

There is no sense of entitlement, as I know that I need to BE the change I want to see, before the world will reward me. There is no reward for just wishing and wanting, but not DOING what it takes to change and improve your worth.

You don’t get paid for just ‘showing up’ to work… you need to know what your ‘marketplace value’ is in that organization or society.

If I want more, I need to increase my value to the marketplace.

I’m studying everything I can get my hands on, watching these training videos, and becoming laser focused in my thinking and creative problem solving to increase the fundraising skills and learning better communication skills so that I can become a better influencer in the world to make it a kinder, better place for animals and humane people.

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Make sure you have applied yourself to learn, develop and refine your skills in your chosen path toward your goals.

“Are you worth a damn?” or are you just WANTING something for nothing?

You don’t have to be a Pavarotti to have a huge singing career… do the hard work and develop your skills and you can still go a long way… like JLo.

Maybe not the best voice in the world, but she learned a range of skills – sets of traits - as singer, dancer, actor, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and worked hard to increase her value to the marketplace.

Add it all together and you get a ‘balance’ where she deserves a LOT OF SUCCESS!

And the mark of a true professional is that they make it look easy. We just have to take one step at a time and GET STARTED on the journey.

Online Q & A

Q : What is your plan to start deserving what you want from life?

A: I already do deserve it, I've more than completed my apprenticeship over the past 40years of self growth.

1. I am worth a damn and I know it. Rated: 8/10 I think

2. But to achieve my goals for changing the world to a better, more compassionate place, while fundraising in an enjoyable livelihood, I need to hone my skills even more to become a better communicator and influencer.

3. Yes, I would bet on myself… I always have and I will once again now.

4. What do I need to do:
Some practical things / skills I can add to my toolbox… I’m considering attending a hypnosis course run by the person who created the hypno CD that helped me stop smoking.

Need to become more aware of what I do and how I do it.
Studying books on influence... will make myself learn more about effective use of social networking.

I have one morning a week I set aside a couple of hours exclusively just to contemplate and ponder creative fundraising ideas I can experiment with, and also telephoning Embassies and consulates, and will conduct letter writing campaigns target corporations of the countries affected to remind them they need to become good corporate citizens in support of the welfare of their country, its citizens and its animals.

Also every day spending an hour a day on social media participating and responding to the posts of the groups that are raising awareness along with sharing SN information and protest updates for animal welfare.

Stay pissed off enough to not lose momentum in this path of self growth… Yeah, I’m worth a damn, and I’m increasing my value to the marketplace every day.

Read “On The Meaning of Life” by Will Durant.

People who deserve more, get more. Become the kind of person who can attract and deserve the things in life you want.

THIS is the most incredible time in history to be alive – we have more opportunity than ever before in civilization.

Life is much fairer than the media and conspiracy theorists would have us believe.

I need to adopt the billionaire’s brain, even if I don’t want to become a billionaire myself, but want the power to influence the world .. to develop further those intangible skills that help me to live a bigger and more fulfilling life with a purpose bigger than myself.

Re: Health I must become stronger and more mobile. (1) to be able to fully enjoy my abundant life, and (2) to be physically stronger for campaigning, travel and delivering public seminars etc

So, I will apply myself every Mon/Wed/Friday to greater physical activity by working out while watching the Tai 67 videos for the health improvements section.

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