Which Model is Best? Home business MLM vs Online IM vs Traditonal offline business

by Helene Malmsio

If you are about to invest considerable time and money into setting up a work at home business, you are probably trying to work out which is the best way you should go about it, and which business model would be the most successful and the most profitable - but also be SUSTAINABLE for the years ahead.

So which of these is the best? Home business MLM v. Online IM v. Traditonal offline business

My mother was always in some MLM or other since the start of the 70's including Holiday Magic, Avon, Amway, Herbalife and many others, and she never managed to make much in any of them.

So I was pretty leery of the industry in general. But I finally broke down and had a really good go at Herbalife, since I love the products and found them life changing for my CFS.

But its just too hard to deal with recruiting distributors who won't get out of their own way, and even supporting customers who are all talk and no action... so I gave it a miss, even though I still take the products every day myself for the last nearly 20 years.

It is a strange business that is dependent on the efforts of others... You can be a hardworking, highly skilled person, but since you can't clone yourself, you are totally at the mercy of whether anyone else on your team wants to lift a finger, or if they are all just sitting around waiting for a passive cheque to come in the mail - lol!

As a business concept, I have put that one in the 'too hard' basket.

Traditional business has been kind to me, and I've been able to retire early and 'play' with starting an online business in Internet Marketing, building many many many websites, doing massive affiliate marketing, all sorts of stuff.

And once again, I find that we are vulnerable to the effects of others - namely to the whims of the hyperspace Gods!

Websites that were #1 on page #1 on SERPS suddenly sank like rocks in a pond... traffic dries up, and so does your commission income.

And web.2 platforms turn on a dime and change rules, ban niches, cancel your pages - even your account - on a whim or a random malicious 'flag' of a page .... you have no control at all, and your business can be shut down overnight.

I'm learning that the best of the best is to combine all three businesses, and that is my goal for 2013. (And if this doesn't work - I am outta here for good Darnit!)

I recommend that you have a traditional business by creating your own unique niche information products that you sell to customers, just like a shopfront store. Or that you sell your unique services like any traditional consultant would.

You use Internet Marketing as your 'storefront' or your 'office' to showcase your products and services, and to build your contact list so that you can advertise yourself in your newsletter, and send some occasional e-flyers out.

Your website also is your accounts processing, taking orders, processing payments, and delivering your goods to your customers.

Then you next need to use the MLM concept to attract your own Independent Distributors... aka Affiliates.

You set up your system with Amazon, or ClickBank, or PayDotCom, or any of the good Affiliate Systems, so that you can attract a huge team of people all promoting your unique products to their own customers and mailing lists, so that they earn a percentage of your sales profits.

So in my view, it is not one versus the other, it is actually necessary to combine all three to be successful in making money online!

Let's see how I go. I'll be posting some reviews as I go, about my Kindle books, and the affiliate recruiting to sell more books, as well as about my PLR store... so you can look over my shoulder and learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.

You can learn more here about me and my DIY history!

Do you have an online business? How do you mix the business models in your own operation?

I'd love to hear your story, and your tips for success!

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