67 Steps 28 Lao-Tzu's and John Wooden's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

by Helene Malmsio
(Victoria, Australia)

.. and the preparation that precedes "good luck"

How to get your shit together, do the needful, be prepared for all outcomes, and get luckier in dealing with it all - lol

We've all had them... and sometimes not planned for how to overcome them. In this session Tai covers the need to do the hard things when its easy, as that conditions you to be tough enough to do them when its NOT easy.

Some things are out of our control. Learn how to be OK with that. But don't let go of everything or waiting too long - especially what you can control or change.

Procrastination can be very painful if Mother Nature is your teacher, and she is. She's a bully and takes no prisoners, so you need to be prepared, to be able to be adaptable and flexible... and to get the job done.

We all drop the ball sometimes. I'm sooooo far out of whack when it comes to my enterprise goals right now its ridiculous.

Its only because I have all I need and more. Life is good. Its done. I've been playing games and having fun for over a decade.

I've been doing only the things that I want to do... no 'have to' in my life pretty much since 2003.

Retired, had fun, spent too much money, started a new career as an online entrepreneur... rode the cycles and here I am now.

I want to dedicate myself to fundraising for animal welfare activists and agencies that are fighting at the coalface like I talk about here: Dog and Cat Meat Trade and it will take a lot of money.

I was guilty of assuming that my desire to help change the world to become a kinder place would somehow automatically motivate me to begin focusing my energy toward income generating activities aka. Enterprise.

But, just like the desire to 'make money' for the sake of it does not motivate me, I'm learning that my crappy, lazy, uninspired and unfocused last decade has taken its toll on me.

Without a sense of Purpose... and the Joy of Accomplishment I thrive on, I simply freeze to the spot. Very Annoying.

So, this is TMI really, but I'm calling myself out here... Less talk and planning and more ACTION Helene.

So, this session has put a bit of a rocket up my bum... wish me luck... or join me on the journey if you also have some issues you want to be more proactive on!

Jump right in, the water is fine! Tai Lopez - selfgrowth - 67 Steps

Here are the answers to the assignment:

Q : What is a resolution that you can make to change just one thing?

A :
To stick to one of the brilliant schedules and plans I'm forever creating... stop tweaking them and just bloody DO IT and stick to it for the full 90 days of the season!! Less planning - more DOING!!

Q : What is a bad habit that you have?

A :
I've been enjoying my retirement the past decade, playing and having fun, only doing what I want when I want... Stopped doing anything that felt like a grind. Now that I want to grow into my next re-invention and it will take some FOCUSED effort (not really hard work - lol) I realize I've developed the bad habit of becoming totally undisciplined, and now have the attention span of a flea as a result.

Q : What is something difficult that you put off and it came back to bite you?

A :
Arrghhh... it is a BEAST getting back into the work and business growth mindset again. Getting my books formatted and uploaded and promoted on my own site, not just Amazon and co is taking forever. Completing the uploading, packaging, promoting of my PLR store stock ... only halfway through the stock on my dashboard. Leaving so much money on the table its criminal. Need to find my motivation again as I now want to fundraise for animal welfare organizations.

Jump right in, the water is just fine! Tai Lopez - selfgrowth - 67 Steps

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Cheers, Helene Malmsio

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