Reclaiming My Personal Power RIGHT NOW - Session 13

by Helene Malmsio
(Maryborough, Vic - for the time being)

Financial Mastery? I don't think I'll learn it in this session.

Financial Mastery? I don't think I'll learn it in this session.

Today in this Personal Power session I'll be workshopping the Financial Mastery module of the coaching.

I've been a good student so far in this subject, and have secured my future as I planned 20 years ago, but now my plans have changed and I suddenly find myself having to ramp up my income by about three times what I generate now.

Big change, big needs, means big action required.

And on top of having to simply increase my level of sustainable income, I need to learn how to make my money go and earn me more money. Done it with some success in the past, but not as a consistent planned strategy.

Luck does not play a part in any of this. The harder you work, the 'luckier' you get - lol!

Unfortunately, so far this module is the weakest one of all in the 30 day programme. In it Tony really just talks about modelling yourself on the success of others.

Nice thought, but I haven't found too many other financially successful people who are prepare to REALLY tell you what has worked for them.

Lots of seminars being sold, especially promoting real estate, and I have bought some share trading programs for a few thousand dollars too... OK but not the answer for me.

So, apart from promoting his own Financial University seminars, there are no tin-tack strategies here, other than to keep conditioning yourself mentally and emotionally so that you FOLLOW THROUGH on learning about wealth management.

Mentions 'compound interest' now... yeah, cool, but at 3% per annum, compound interest is not what it used to be - lol! I love how he talks about earning 17% interest --- ha ha ha --- tell me where you can get that (legally)

In 1977 my husband had a goal of putting $100,000 in the bank, because if we earned what was the standard interest then of 10% we could LIVE OFF THAT alone!!!

Yep, we only needed $10,000 a year to live like royalty back then.

We would be in deep poop if that plan had happened. Like every other retiree, I would have learned that interest does not keep up with the cost of living increases... never, ever.

And Superannuation (401k I think USA calls it) is pretty hopeless too. Its supposed to earn on investments and compound into a massive retirement fund.

But for half the 25 years my Super has been invested it has only earned what it cost in annual admin fees, or even lost a shitload of money.

After 25 years I have accumulated enough Super to live on for 18 months... whoopdee-freaking-dooo.

Assignment / Tasks:

1. Write down the beliefs that have kept me from financial wealth

2. Define what $ value it will take for me to be financially secure - and what do I have to do.

3. If I don't have the skills to do it, contact someone

4. Follow through using my personal power

5. What will I have to learn to be able to manage finances/investments better?

6. Write a sentence or two about WHY I will continue to follow through... become consistent.

7. Develop a belief within myself that who I AM is much more important than what is happening financially in my life, or in the economy.

So, anyway, for me to learn how to increase the money and to invest the money better, I need to go get some more courses, because this module just does not do it, other than to give examples of poor money management, and tell you to go get training.

In this session there's lots of information about creating the right mental state, healing your past money wounds. Useful for people who have never considered these issues before, not so much for people who are sort of half way there, but need practical financial guidance now.

Tomorrow in session 14 it looks more in depth at how the financial wounds were created, and how you can dismantle those beliefs so that you can move on and become better prepared mentally growing wealthy.

Oh well, its a good thing the rest of the course is brilliant.

Are you doing the Tony Robbins Personal Power II along with me?

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Any suggestions or comments about the information I'm sharing so far, about the coaching workshops as I go along doing them for myself?

I'm trying to not make it TMI or too personal, or too boring (only interesting to me) but most of all I'd like to know if you are finding anything remotely useful in these posts... is there anything you will USE that you gleaned from them... or do you feel that if you don't own the PP II program, you can't follow along..?

ALSO --- Tell me what you are working on with your action plan for 2014, and what you know are the conditioning obstacles you need to overcome before you can move onward to your ultimate success...

Just click the blue "POST COMMENTS" link below, to add your thoughts and inspirations - THANK YOU friend, for reading and following along...

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