Reclaiming My Personal Power - Session 4

by Helene Malmsio

Onward and Upward - session #4 has Interrupted my patterns!

Onward and Upward - session #4 has Interrupted my patterns!

Are you ready for the next installment of the 30 day coaching workshops I'm doing while working on the 2014 Action Plan? Today I'm following the training in the Personal Power session 4 on the journey to reclaim my personal power for 2014

Tony covers in detail how to:

1. Get leverage on yourself to be able to make changes in your life for the better, by learning how to change your neuro-associations that hold you back.

It harks back to the constant struggle we have to choose between what actions give us pleasure versus pain.

2. Interrupt your old patterns, your old associations with thoughts and feelings.

3. Develop new and better thoughts, associations, patterns of behaviour that will become positive habits for the 'new you'

You need to shock yourself out of your old patterns, and scramble your habitual thinking and responding to life events.

Usually uses some new physical actions to snap you out of old emotional responses to negative triggers.

It can actually be fun to do, once you get over the surprise of learning what your triggers and associations are!!

Tony gives some great examples of this in action, that everyone will be able to understand and relate to - I promise you.

From fear of snakes, to how we look at relationships, to changing bad habits & addictions, he covers the steps that you can use immediately to take to deal with your biggest obstacles and fears.

It has all the steps you need to help you to get over your own drama, and stop what I call 'being a sh!t magnet'.

Its all about coming up with better solutions, and using leverage to make us want to take action.

There are lots of Therapies that help you to do this, but why spend that time and money (it can take YEARS of therapy!) when you have the power and skills in your own hands to change your life for the better?

Assignment Action:

In this session we continue to work further on the original 4 actions that were worked out yesterday.

1. Creating the most powerful leverage for me to improve my chances of success in making changes, by listing the reasons WHY I really MUST change my behaviour, and most importantly, why I know I will SUCCEED this time.

2. Design the actions/things I will do to interrupt my old patterns/habits/thinking that limit me - and then put them into practice immediately

3. Make these new actions a Habit for me by practicing doing them until they are my new auto-pilot responses to old conditioning or behaviour.

PLR store: listed 10 reasons, that give leverage, to get my butt in action. It is a must do project now. And I have the steps and coaching in place to ensure success.

Created a self 'congratulatory' slap on my shoulder and "YES!" shout out to interrupt and break any new patterns of overwhelm and self-defeat while working on this project, to anchor me to old success actions I remember fondly.

Also to just SMILE and take deep breaths to relax when I feel the tension or frustration biting my butt and tripping me up.

Weight/Health: Listed 10 reasons etc. and I'm trying to teach myself that I don't need weight as a protection anymore. It does not serve me any more. Reinforced why I know for a fact that I can achieve the goals... the illness that caused it has been treated, I've lost excess fat before, the raw diet works, herbalife supplements give me energy, I've got dozens of crates of clothes waiting to be worn again!

Created my interrupt action of drinking Aloe & water when I feel any boredom munchies between meals.

Also know I just need to 'distract' myself as when I forget that I'm hungry, it passes in a couple of minutes.

Interrupt any stress triggered cravings for comfort foods by brushing my teeth or using mouthwash as actions to 'get up and move' (to release any stress and anxiety building in my muscles) and also get to enjoy a nice flavour in my mouth, and feel refreshed and clean.

Clutter: listed 10 reasons why I must de-clutter my home and office and LIFE! I worked out that I will succeed simply because I have outgrown the need for so much 'stuff' and now look forward to getting away from the suffocation of all the clutter.

I know I can succeed simply because I'm well on the way to getting the job done already. But this last stage is dealing with the stuff that I still 'want' so is not so easy to give away or sell.

My pattern interrupt is to immediately throw away something as soon as I feel any overwhelm or fear of letting go of something I have already decided is not serving me any longer. Even if its just some scrap paper, I will throw away SOMETHING as soon as I feel myself being tempted to fall back.

Have some FUN: This is not something that really requires a pattern interrupt, other than my expectation that I will look for ways to have fun while working, and give myself some rewards for getting these new 2014 action plans in motion.

BUT having said that... I do need to stop working without breaks until I pass out from exhaustion (says she while typing away at 4am *sigh* my first fail I guess - lol), and I need to plan in the daily mini-breaks that I need to be able to manage my CFS - and to create opportunity for little fun activities that can be done in a mini-break.

I guess if I feel that I'm thinking of myself as being over-worked, that I need to immediately stand up and go to another room.

And not come back to work until I'm doing it from a base of love, and wanting to do it. While I'm feeling resentful, I need to stay away from that task.

hmmm... need to work on this one more.

But it is now something I'm aware of, so if/when I see a negative old pattern of behaviour or thinking happening, I'll be more sensitive to it and work out ways to break that conditioning and interrupt that pattern.

I know that I'll succeed simply because I need life to become more fun and relaxing, more spontaneous and less of a 24/7 stressful 'chore'... and I deserve that.

Good session, thanks Tony.

Tomorrow will be onward and upward to session #5!

Are you joining in with me for this 30 day program?

I hope you can, and it would be wonderful to read the strategies and suggestions of other people... and to console each other when there is a fail... like me right now still being online doing this at 4am... "oooops! I did it again..."

Oh well, time to hit the sack and grab a few hours sleep before the next day begins.

Have a good one!!!

*Note* To see where it all began...

I'm Reclaiming my Personal Power Again for 2014

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Makes Me Excited To Get Started
by: crystal touchton

I'm so excited about getting started tomorrow when the kiddos go back to school.

Seems like you're making a lot of progress. :)

Crystal Touchton


Hi Crystal,

Its so good that you are joining in - cant wait to see your progress too!

I'm getting more focused every day, and getting so much out of it

- Helene

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