I'm Reclaiming my Personal Power Again for 2014

by Helene Malmsio
(Maryborough, Vic - for the time being)

I will create a vision board for 2014

I will create a vision board for 2014

Well, here we go again, New Year means planning for a New You!

Actually, my life is pretty comfortable and secure right now, because that is what I planned and worked for to achieve over the past 20 years.

Right now, Jan 1 2014, I live in a small rural community, after making a 'Tree Change' lifestyle choice in 1993 to leave Melbourne metropolis.

It suited my needs and goals at that time, and I thought that 'life in the country' was supposed to be lovely and friendly, but now I am dealing with some unexpected challenges of a family member - and he not only needs my help to sort this out, he probably also needs a new place to live, in a more cosmopolitan culture and not so backward and unfriendly.

So since he feels that we are joined at the hip, it means that I will be looking to sell up my properties, and move back to the city, and save toward being able to afford the much more expensive retirement accommodation that he will be needing soon - and that I might as well get into early so that I'm also set up to really relax and take advantage of a lifestyle with services available to me up the kazoo, whenever I want them.

I am a smart, strong, powerful woman, who gets shit DONE!

I know that what I set in motion with my planning this month, WILL eventuate, materialize, come into motion.

That is what life is about... think it, want it, prepare for it, believe it... and TAKE ACTION to bring it into reality.

How much action you put into it, and how passionate you are about it to stick to it and focus on it, is the key to how much success you experience.

In the next 30 days I'll talk in detail about the goals and actions I'm taking, but in this introduction, lets just mention some of the things I'll be working on:

I have been models slim most of my life (worked bloody hard for it too!) but nearly 15 years ago I was hit with a Thyroid problem and helplessly piled on a heap of fat before it was diagnosed and treated.

The past 10 years I have achieved 'just enough' of my weight management goals to be able to 'get by' with weight loss and to not put on more weight.

But this year, that is simply not enough any more! My Rheumatoid Arthritis and calcified tendon/s of 20+ years are now causing me constant, daily, never-relenting pain and grief.

So to reduce pain, I need to commit to reducing a massive amount of fat that these weary joints don't need to be hauling around. No excuses. It is now a MUST DO, not Want To, goal.

There are simple things I will do to help make this health goal happen, starting with:

Move More
Eat Smaller Portions
Choose More Raw Foods in Daily Meals
Drink More Water & Aloe Juice
Take My Herbalife Products Every Day
Reduce Tea/Caffeine and Milk/Dairy
Take Rest Breaks to reduce effects of CFS
BELIEVE that I will melt 1kilo/2pds of unhealthy fat every week for 35 weeks of the next 52 weeks of 2014.

With the new lifestyle changes, I will need to ramp up my consistent income. No one-hit-wonders here.

It needs to be a business model that is sustainable, and reasonably 'passive' in that once the project is done, it can run on its own legs most of the time - not requiring daily propping up or personal action.

A job is a great idea, except that my poor health makes me unemployable right now. I wouldn't give myself a job in a full-time role, that's for sure, so I don't expect anyone else to take that risk either.

This could well change by next year, when my health will be much improved from my actions this year, but for the time being, it means that I need to focus on online & WAH Entrepreneurship again to take my income to the next level.

Steps To Increase Income:

I already am a published author, with around 10 paperback and Kindle books on Amazon, and many more instructional how-to books published for sale on the site here.

In 2014 I intend to publish a heap of short KDP Kindle reports I have ready to format etc, plus another 3+ self help and management training paperback books, moving from the current list of health and wellbeing books.

They will also support my seminars on the subjects that I will be delivering free of charge to community organizations this year.

So I plan to not only publish more books for sale, but I also complete loading up my PLR articles stock to this site and getting my PLR content store fully stocked up and promoted.

I have some more digital product ideas that I want to work with as well, but once again that will depend on how many hours a day I can be productive!

As usual, I'll be working off my budgets and financial plans, and we should be able to stick to them and the only variable will be how well I can crank up the increased income.

I also want to Contribute to Community:

When Strategic Services was operating full blast I used to be able to donate $20,000 a year to local and international charitable organizations, but with my retirement this has obviously been cut back radically.

So my donations nowadays are much smaller and to fewer organization. It requires more creativity, and personal effort to contribute now.

This is more fun than just writing out cheques though!

Like last Christmas I made and donated a couple of gorgeous Teddy Bear Christmas Trees, and a dozen or so teddy bear gift box/baskets. They were given to local Community Center who gave them to people and raffled them off and whatever else they wanted to do with them.

It was fun to make them, and next year I think I'll do more gift baskets and crafts that I can donate again.

In 2014, apart from making donations, I will be delivering a series of seminars and structured skills training workshops, free of charge to various community organizations.

I have the training materials and workbooks ready, am publishing some books as back up reference guides, and have started talking to local groups about subjects and dates.

As always I will for ever be an Animal Rights Warrior:

I will continue to donate to WSPA and be an active campaigner for animal welfare and raising community awareness of issues they can act on to help improve animal conditions around the world.

And obviously, the welfare and care of my own furry babies will be foremost in my daily life and also for things like planning how the heck to include them all in our move to our new home in Melbourne when the time comes.

I really, really need to Eliminate Clutter:

One good thing about the upheaval this year, is that I have had to start dealing with 20+ years of accumulation.

I always felt that 'owning lots of stuff' was a sign of wealth and abundance, and that all that stuff made me feel secure and safe.

But after a while it can simply smother you, and all that stuff you needed years ago, that no longer serves your needs, just becomes dreaded clutter.

It becomes overwhelming. And this year I have removed truckloads and car loads of useful items from my home, either sold or donated.

It feels good, I am beginning to regain control of my home again. Lots more needs to go before my home is 'display ready' to put it on the market, but I'm looking forward to it.

And our new home/s will NOT be cluttered ever again.

And I especially want to build in some actions and activities to make sure that this year I HAVE MORE FUN IN 2014 and really start loving life again!

I'm absolutely exhausted from the misery and stress of the past couple of years, with all that ill health and misfortune in the family coming at us faster than we could duck!

So for 2014, I plan to be productive, profitable, healthy, and HAVE FUN AGAIN - how about you?

So to set these goals in ACTION, I'm doing my annual Tony Robbins Personal Power II coaching plan.

Next I will start to outline my daily actions and steps for the next 30 days.

Feel free to work along with me in getting your plan in place.

You don't need to have it, but the Personal Power II program really is the best coaching program I have ever worked with, and it changed my life for the better in 2000 and I go back to it every year!

If you don't already have his program (your really, really must invest in this!) you can check it out here:

Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II: The Driving Force! (25 CD Set)Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II: The Driving Force! (25 CD Set)$229.95

OK. Now to get on with the action plan!

If you have any contribution to make or comment about my schemes and plans, please do add it to this page... just click the Add Comment link below!

Comments for I'm Reclaiming my Personal Power Again for 2014

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2014 plans
by: Michelle

Thanks for sharing your goals for 2014. I know what its like to have 30 years of old stuff setting around and living in a Farm community that has its own unfriendly lot of people.

Lucky for us we now live deep in the National forest on a dead end road where no one can drive by on a daily basis to watch us.

I'm going to shed more of my stuff I don't need anymore.

At least now I can get into my craft room, now I just need to unload my tubs and tubs of fabric. Donations sound good.

Here's to New Beginnings in 2014!


Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by, I was just reading your latest post today, and pondering the changes in your life and lifestyle too.

I'm so impressed with your earnings on eBay eg: $6,000 last month - you sure earned it, but its a big chunk of money for anyone to earn on eBay.

Yes, a rural life is a double edged sword, for sure.

I think that everything happens for a good reason, so it is maybe just a sign that it's time for us to get back in the 'real world' again - lol!

And I do look forward to once again having the room (and desire) to get cracking on my crafting again!

Look forward to you dropping by again as the 30 days of planning develops!

- Helene

I can't remember if my set is cassettes or VHS tapes.
by: Janelle

What's worse, I don't know if they are in my storage unit or if I loaned them to hubby's son. Guess I won't know until I manage to declutter the storage unit.

I congratulate you on knowing what will work for you, and having the courage to not only do it, but leave a trail for others to follow.

Wishing you total success in 2014 and all the years to follow!

Janelle - http://www.crescentcitygal.com/


*UGH!* boy do I know what you mean Janelle - I'm still trying to work my way through to stuff I haven't been able to get to for years.

But this program is one that is never far from my reach or my eagle eye, its too valuable to me!

Wish you could join in this... but at least drop by and share some of your own plans for 2014 and any 'action plan' steps you are taking.

- Helene

Is Tony Robbins' PP II my answer?
by: Judy

Helene, I'm reading your daily TR work with great interest - kudos to you for your willingness to look honestly at yourself and share your journey with us! Love it.

You have me very intrigued with this program, though I have no business making that investment right now. But the flip side of that statement is that I do have a plan for what I want to accomplish this year (quite a leap for me) and don't know if I have the tenacity to slug my way through the learning curve to success, so maybe it's something I *should* consider. I've purchased sooooo many programs that I didn't complete!

Please continue to keep us posted. It's so encouraging to see you acknowledging your challenges and then overcoming them, one by one. You inspire me to believe that perhaps I can do this, too.

So glad I found your blog!



Hey there Judy!

Welcome, so glad to see you here!

The journey is so well worth it, I can't even begin to tell you the effects of spending 30-60 minutes a day for a month just working out what makes you tick, what you want out of life, and how to make it happen.

It changes your life for the better forever.

The really great news is that the full 30 day TR Personal Power II program has been selling for over 15 years, so there is a gazillion copies on sale second hand on eBay and on Amazon, so just do a search on the net and you can often find complete sets for $20 - $50 which is a great saving.

If you have a problem locating one to send where you live etc, send me a note and I'll help you find one.

I hope you do join us now or later!

- Helene

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