Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 20 - Conclusion

by Helene Malmsio

If its to be, its up to me!

If its to be, its up to me!

I personally believe that most successes in life come from simply showing up!!! Its true.

How many people hear about courses, get given free invitations, or receive the course as a gift... and never ever bother to attend or listen to it... learn nothing??? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

I have bought and given so many of these Personal Power II coaching sets for friends and business associates, you would not believe it!!!

I wanted to share these amazing life skills with the people I cared about, and that I wanted to also become abundant, successful, happy, whatever their goals were... but you know what? Turning this program on and doing the workshop for 30 days was just too hard for them... wth?

So just the fact that I have once again completed this course earns me a pat on the back! I showed up! I was able to Git Er Done, despite distractions and 'life happens' stuff!

Day 26 of the month long coaching is about continuing my training and maintaining the application and the USE of what I have learned.

It reinforces how much we need to keep learning. He also talks about his weekly interview series, which is a great one BTW.

He also inspires us to take one more action in the list of things we initially said we wanted to get done at the start of the course.

this is helpful to keep me focused and on track to the Why and How of what the heck I'm doing, especially at times like right now, when I just happen to need to find another $11,500 over the next 6 weeks of expenses.

And despite being a money magician who regularly lays golden eggs on demand... pulling $11+k out of my bum is not an easy trick for even me, and I'll need some fairy dust sprinkled on my magic tricks this month to pull off laying that golden egg - lol!

Like my mix of metaphors right there? You're welcome.


* review goals... pick 4 top goals I'm committed to getting done this year.

* write a paragraph for each one about why I'm totally committed to achieving these 4 goals.

* what will I miss out on if I don't achieve them.

* Create the action plan of what I need to DO within the next 4 days.... and also the daily.weekly.monthly actions to achieve them, starting right away.

* Find your compelling reasons for WHY you want these goals.

* Manage your states... this is a biggie, one that I still need to keep working on as I have to deal with a lot of ass-hattery every day, that really affects my attitude and moods.

* Keep asking myself the DAILY POSITIVE QUESTIONS I designed a few sessions ago, to get myself motivated, be grateful, and feel inspired.

Which reminds me that I am on track with my 4 goals created initially:

1. PLR store
is being set up and getting ready to launch (I'm a month behind in my schedule BUT ITS DONE - despite everything else, its DONE)

2. My weight and fitness is being worked on every day already (Accellarated by something/somebody out of the blue, it is no longer a case of "I WANT to..." it is now a case of "I'm DOING IT" every day, and have been for a couple of weeks full time - woo hoo)

3. Have FUN.... hmmm this is a bit tricky, but I am having fun getting fit with a friend... and fun getting the PLR store set up with help also from that friend... but I'm not yet doing anything special to increase the amount of fun activities in my life.

I had hoped to get something set up for my Dad's birthday, but that all turned pear shaped as well this week, so maybe do something special in the week to come.

4. Community Contribution. I have started slowly to contribute again like I used to be doing constantly, and am well on the way to delivering some free community training seminars, and have been donating a fortune's worth of quality gear to Salvos etc.

So, the main thing I need to work on a bit more (apart from all the gazillion things I still need to get done for my big plan picture and my famous 'wish list' aka... To Do list) is to have more FUN doing it all.

This session 20 covers and summarizes a huge spectrum of self help topics that have been covered in this course in detail, and he provides many more tips and strategies to remind us about how we need to apply this training in our lives to develop our life mastery.

Tony also discussed the Life Mastery live seminars, and I can tell you that they are wonderful to attend. I got EVERYTHING I needed just from the recorded program, but I know for a fact that so many, many people will only absorb and apply new lessons if they are in a live environment of other people and live trainers, and the exciting atmosphere, the energy, etc. that will make them learn and apply... so for some, live seminars are the only way to get the full impact of trainings like this.

There are a series of more recordings in the set, including samples of his interview series, and also a very important one, which is about The Six Human Needs that will really open your eyes about what motivates you in getting things done, and for how to take control to manage your focus and self motivation - you will LOVE IT!!

I won't cover them here, as it is a bonus that you will get top value from when you get the pack for yourself.

It is an invaluable investment in creating your own self help library, and one that you will visit again and again over the years, as your needs change and as you grow the size and type of goals that you strive for in your lifetime.

Are you doing the Tony Robbins Personal Power II along with me?

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Reclaiming My Personal Power in 2014 - Session 20 is the conclusion to the 30 days of coaching - but the training pack has more bonus tracks and sessions for you to enjoy!

Tell me what you are working on with your action plan for 2014, and what you know are the conditioning obstacles you need to overcome before you can move onward to your ultimate success...

Just click the blue "POST COMMENTS" link below, to add your thoughts and inspirations - THANK YOU friend, for reading and following along...

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