Reclaiming My Personal Power - Sessions 18

The Quality of Your Life Depend on Successful Relationships!

The Quality of Your Life Depend on Successful Relationships!

I was on the home stretch of the last few days in this 30 day Personal Power II coaching program by Tony Robbins, when things got the better of me, and I have taken nearly a month to get back to these last 3 sessions - wow!

But my reason is valid, simply because SO MUCH was happening as a result of my workshopping the sessions, that I have simply had too much to do on my plate every day.

I have ramped up all my activities, and am nearly at the launch of my PLR Store stage - woo hoo! And I have also started going to aqua aerobics every day for the past 2 weeks, so that was a massive lifestyle shift, and takes up time and energy as well, that has impacted on my usual workhours and energy used for work... now I sleep a lot more - lol!

The first 17 sessions have basically 'done the job' as I'm on track with new plans and objectives, have a relaxed but confident approach to completing the projects, even the trauma of moving away from my home of 20+ years!!!

So, today I intend to get back on track with the sessions that cover more of the personal development issues, and see if I can close this deal.

I have really been enjoying seeing the progress of Crystal Touchton on her site Being as she goes through this process for the first time, it is so interesting to see how people react when they are exposed to this training the first time around.

It certainly can be confronting. Even after doing it for over 10 years, I still bawl my eyes out at so many of the sessions because their job is to get you looking into yourself, your beliefs, values, as well as reviewing your old and new goals in life.

Today's session 18 is about successful relationships and how to create and maintain your own.

There is no doubt that no matter how successful you become, it just does not make you as happy as when you are sharing your success with others.

Successful marriage has eluded me so far, and it is my greatest regret that I could not somehow be the glue that could hold a relationship together and make it work on my own.

It does take two... but it certainly helps if you become more aware of your own needs in a relationship, and what you are prepared to contribute to your relationships.

I do wish I had known these tools and how to use them in my two marriages, but everything in its own time I guess.. so maybe my future holds a meeting with someone special, where these principles will apply and love can grow.

1. Learn each others Rules - and make new ones, since you are now grown-ups (this information is fascinating!)

2. Learn how to change your patterns of behaviour... create some pattern interrupts and stick to them.

3. Remember that no matter how many 'new' relationships you start, you still "bring you" and your old beliefs and behaviour baggage, to it... so learn how to be a better you - don't expect a new person to create the changes needed.

4. Learn the triggers that cause you (and your partner) to feel love - to really, truly feel loved.

Remember what you did when you first started dating your loved one..?

You touched and stroked each other gently, you whispered sweet nothings, gazed lovingly into each others eyes, held hands, gave gifts, shared food... THEN 'life happens' and you slowly stop doing all that and just DO the stuff that has to happen every day in every day life.

I believe that a key to success is remembering and maintaining the triggers that caused the thrill of love in the first place.



1. Identify exactly what you want in your dream relationship.

In.Detail. - Because you will attract what you want, so get yourself very clear about exactly what you want and don't want in a relationship.

2. What do you / don't you want your relationship to be about?

3. Write a list of unique things you can do to enhance your relationship.

I will need to do quite a lot of work to get this in my mind and to send it out there... lol?

I'm still not sure how I feel about the prospect of meeting a potential mate, and at this stage of my life, but it is always possible, and who knows - it could be just around the corner, so better to be prepared and clear in my mind (and heart) about what I am looking for in a life partner, and also to be very, very clear about the boundaries I set, and the things that I absolutely do NOT want to be part of my relationships or the character of my partner.

I do know that primarily I will be looking for Respect, Consideration, Kindness, and above average Intelligence.

Yes, the man having a good sense of humour and all that is very nice, but its like Jim Rohn says about motivation.... “Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot. ”

I need my man to have some brains, folks!!

So I'll do some more work on my ideal relationships - I wish you good fortune in creating (and finding) yours!

Are you doing the Tony Robbins Personal Power II along with me?

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