Reclaiming My Personal Power - Sessions 16 + 17

by Helene Malmsio

Starting week 4 now, on the home run of the Personal Power II coaching program. In this session 16 we look at self-sabotage and why we do it.

One of the things that confounds is why on earth we do this to ourselves, when we know/think that we want one particular thing, but then keep tripping ourselves up whenever we get close to achieving it.

Whatever we do in life we do with a positive intent... and that includes sabotaging our efforts.

And other times things go wrong, make sure it isn't just bad habits, poor patterns, or stupidity, before you go blaming "self sabotage".

If it is that problem, you need to identify your pattern, and erase it, and then get some leverage to instal a new pattern of behaviour that is more supportive of your goals.

Tony covers all the steps and processes, including erasure techniques that we have already covered here.

How to Create Unstoppable Confidence

This next part 2 of the session 16 helps you to create the process and anchors to be able to tap into self confidence whenever you need it.

Explains how to use:
1. Physiology to change / set your state
2. How to use passion and positive expectation in your mindset
3. Creating a positive Focus
4. Working on our Beliefs

Once again Tony covers the way our brains work, and how we can set our own states and use our physiology to become as confident as we want to feel.

Session 17 is about How to Increase your ENERGY!

Talks about how to take control of your physical energy, how to help your body keep up with your mental passion and energy and drive to improve and grow.

1. The power of Breath
How to fully oxygenate your body
Explains the lymphatic system
Breathing ratio techniques

2. Eating water rich foods.
Concentrate on eating foods with 70% water

Practical exercises and activities to show how this works.

Great information that we should all be incorporating into our lifestyles and our diets.

Are you doing the Tony Robbins Personal Power II along with me?

*Note* To see where it all began...

I'm Reclaiming my Personal Power Again for 2014

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On the home run now ---- Week 4:
Reclaiming My Personal Power - Session 16 + 17

Tell me what you are working on with your action plan for 2014, and what you know are the conditioning obstacles you need to overcome before you can move onward to your ultimate success...

Just click the blue "POST COMMENTS" link below, to add your thoughts and inspirations - THANK YOU friend, for reading and following along...

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