Junk Journal - Sales Directory of Handmade Books Created By Helene Malmsio

Have you heard about the Junk Journal hobby papercraft trend?

Its amazing... more fun than you ever thought possible for a papercraft using recycled and repurposed materials to hand make journals.

I've been making paper based products for decades now, especially decoupage items, which I love decorating with vintage style images.

But Junk Journals are a whole new take - you can use almost anything in these books, so all my old business stationary, calendars, notebooks, ledgers, wrapping paper, magazines, are all fair game.

And since I've had to downsize my living space I've also chopped up my huge collection of art books, crafting books, posters and such, to help make the books pop with gorgeous illustrated pages.

On top of all this you can recycle your junk mail, especially the envelopes, even better if window envelopes. 

Your cardboard cereal boxes, almost any pantry item boxes, get chopped up and used for book covers or journal cards or tags. 

Old books you no longer want to keep, or that the local Library are throwing out to the tip, can be salvaged and repurposed for book pages and making ephemera like pockets and journal cards.

Everything is decorated with cut out pictures, bits of lace, buttons, ribbon bows, cheesecloth, beads and glitzy things that sparkle, tickets, photos, bits of sheet music - almost everything can be used to decorate the ephemera you make and to create beautiful pages.

Fabric bits are used for making book covers and for fabric flips inside them. You can also make snippets and clusters that combine bits of fabric scraps with other materials that are topped with buttons and beads, to decorate pages.

Copy paper is hand dyed in coffee or tea, or using natural products like avocado pits, onion skins, beetroot juice, or simply using food dyes to create fascinating designs on pages.

And once the Junk Journal has been created, its time to fill it up with your writing and token/snippets that represent your life and special events you want to put down memories about.

Such FUN!

Junk Journals - Made By Me  

I create Junk Journals in a vintage style, with distressed inks to age new papers and images, and also use old book pages some of which are 100 years old.

The old book pages can be in many languages, from encyclopedias or dictionaries, or illustrated manuals, many different types of books and novels. 

The ephemera I make for the decorative elements and pockets, tags, journal cards and so on come from more recent material sources, although some of the music sheets can be 60+ years old as well.

There are usually 3-4-5 signatures, or groups of pages, handsewn into the book cover spine with pamphlet stitch.

I also usually make book jewelry for the spine and dangles to hang from the laced edged pages. Lots of eclectic bling and glitz throughout the book. 

Below is an example of a fully decorated, or 'completed' junk journal ready to use or to give as a gift.

This is a generic example of random repurposing papers that are usually coordinated with the colouring of the book cover, but further down the page I'll show you some examples of themes used for book design, like Goth, or Steampunk, or Unicorns, or generic Romantic Grunge.

Pretty amazing, right?

Who wouldn't love to have a journal like this?

Lots of eye candy to inspire your thinking and writing.  No more ugly blank pages that create writer's block, when you're supposed to be relaxing by journaling!

The feel and sound of these books are something else as well, they are very tactile, and its fun just rustling the pages and fiddling with the ephemera and dangles of the book.

You even get the scent from the coffee dyed pages, and sometimes I put a lavender sachet in a pocket as well!

These are incredibly satisfying to make, but for the beginner it may be a bit intimidating at the start. 

It took me a few months of tying  signatures into the covers with ribbon before I finally became brave enough to start sewing them in - LOL

So for those of you just starting out, I suggest you grab one of the 'blank' journals that I make and list on eBay. 

They are very, very, affordable so you'll have plenty left for more embellishment materials and ephemera!

Simple Junk Journal 'Blank' books - ready for you to decorate

The fastest way for a new junk journaler to get started, especially if they are nervous about how to sew in the signature pages without making a mess, is to buy one of my 'blank' books.

They are all pre-assembled and sewn together, in a lovely decorated cover that can be further embellished with a cover plate image, and they are just waiting for you to decorate them and make them complete.

A great way to get a quick start on this hobby papercraft with the least amount of stress and the most fun possible from the very first step!

Below are some examples of what my Blank junk journals usually look like, then I'll list what journals I have available for sale at the moment on eBay.

They sell fast, so act quickly when you see one that you like!

So, you get the idea, right?

Although the pages are technically 'blank' or free of embellishments and pockets etc. they are still very vibrant and attractive to the eye.

Lots of hand dyed papers to make interesting journal writing pages, lots of colourful illustrated pages, including street directories, atlas maps, and pretty things like paper doily inserts.

I also usually include at least one colouring in page at the center of a signature, so if nothing else inspires you there is always some relaxing coloring in to do while you ponder what you will be writing about or decorating!

Now, let's see below what Junk Journals I actually have available for sale right now. 

These are listed on eBay, so I have no control of how many are available still, but if you like the look of them just click the link to pop over to eBay and check it out.

Don't delay if you want one of these below, because even when I list a batch of 20 or more blank journals they are usually all gone within a few days!

FOR SALE: Sold- Christmas Notebook Handmade Junk Journal - Stamperia Cat - Free Post Australia

christmas cat junk journal
christmas cat junk journal 1
christmas cat junk journal 2

Gorgeous Stamperia Design Themed Christmas Journal Handmade Complete with Ephemera already loaded - 90 pages!

Classic Sweet shabby chic toned envelope cover with Card Stock topper decorated with lovely selection of trims - with Hand sewn Pamphlet stitch signature 

The pages in the journal signatures feature a random selection of vintage old book pages (some around 100 years old) in a variety of sizes and languages, hand dyed paper, scrapbook sheet paper, paper from hobby crafting magazines, dictionaries, illustrated encyclopedias, paper doily, and some gorgeous illustrated book pages

The journal is filled with handmade ephemera including Stamperia Christmas images, such as Journal Cards, Tags, Notebooks, Scrap Folio, fabric flip, and filled with laces and other lovely embellishments.

There is plenty of room for your Christmas festivities journaling and photos, and you can still add tons of your own embellishments and ephemera.

A cute spare small blank pages Journal has also been included for your notes and ToDo lists for planning your Christmas.

Journal Size: 16cm wide x 23cm high x 3cm thick/spine

Extra Journal: 11cm x 16cm - with envelope cover unsealed so that you can tuck notes   and receipts etc into it as you plan your Christmas.

Signatures:  Signatures is sewn in with pamphlet stitch - its already a chunky monkey!

Pages: 90 pages

Cover style: Envelope hand dyed with Stamperia image topper, trimmed with decorations, the envelope has been kept unsealed so that you can store ephemera inside. 

*** Check it out Here at >> My eBay Shop and see more the photos of the internal pages

FOR SALE: Sold - Junk Journal Notebook Handmade Book Pages Sewn Ready To Decorate- Boho Lady

junk journal boho lady
junk journal doily

Huge 3 signature Junk Journal ready for you to decorate - 280+ pages!

Classic Lace Mounted Image Over Card Stock Paper Cover - with 3 Handsewn Pamphlet stitch signatures - Handmade - Brand new - Filled with Old Book pages decorated with vintage style ephemera! 

Notebook - Journal - Diary - Scrapbook - Glue book - Junk Journal - Hobby Craft book binding.

Size: 17cm wide x 27cm high x 3cm spine  

Signatures:  Three signatures sewn in with pamphlet stitch - its already a chunky monkey!

Pages: 280+ pages = 70+ double folded sheets divided into 3 signatures @ 24 sheets each on average 

As is tradition with handmade and hand sewn Junk Journals this unique notebook is made with mostly recycled products, including my old stationery supplies, and I have hand dyed new papers with tea, coffee, and food dyes to create truly spectacular effects on the blank journaling pages.

Each signature also features a selection of gorgeous cardstock paper illustrated with vintage and floral designs that you will love.


*** Check it out Here at >> My eBay Shop and see more the photos of the internal pages

 FAST local postage in Australia.

You can grab one of these right now on eBay by clicking the link below, or of course you can just Contact Me here and tell me what you would like.

I do take custom orders.

And I can arrange delivery outside of Australia if you contact me first to make arrangements.

Happy to COMBINE POSTAGE when you buy more than one item from me - just contact me!

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There are many more handmade junk journals available from my store at eBay, so if you would like to see more just check out my profile here for the latest listings.

Check it out Here at >> My eBay Profile with all listings

I am creating more ready-made Journals to be available for sale. 

Just check out my eBay profile for other journals listed there, and I'll update this page with new ones as they are created as well.

And drop me a line if you are interested in me creating a custom made journal based on your theme and colour ideas.

There are more SUPPLIES below available to help you in making your own journals, so please check them out.

Junk Journals Are Thoughtful Gifts For Creative People

Some people can be really hard to buy gifts for if you want something they will love and actually use.

A handmade journal is a super eclectic gift that everyone with a creative soul will love.

Even the fact they are made from recycled/repurposed materials will warm the heart of anyone who cares about the environment.

And that they are an artisan product, a truly unique one-of-a-kind creation that only they own in the whole world, will make anyone feel special and valued.

People can illustrate them, write journal notes in them, use them as scrapbook/glue books, and even leave them out as a coffee table book to show off their eccentric beauty and design.

I can even make custom orders for you, of blanks you or they finish decorating yourself, or get a completed one that is a chunky monkey filled with ephemera and frilly lace!

Below is an example of one custom made order for two Goth style journals as gifts to two daughters, one in red theme and one in purple colourways:

Pretty In Pink - custom order Junk Journal

And here is another example of a custom order from a client who wanted a pretty pink journal for their 10 year old granddaughter.

It gives you some idea of how a finished Junk Journal looks when it is all trimmed with laces and bling to complete it.

If you have a favourite colour, why not get a journal overflowing with ephemera and pages in that theme?

Journal Themes to have fun with 

When you make or buy a junk journal you can really let your imagination fly.  

For people who love Unicorns, or Steampunk, or Goth, or any interesting hobby they have, creating a handmade book for the theme is an incredibly thoughtful gift idea.

And for people like myself who like Gardening, what could be better than creating a Perpetual Gardening Planner. 

Have pages for each season, and room to write what you are planting, how well it went, what you would change, and so on. And then keep updating every year as you go.

Same for people who love Wine Tasting, or Cooking, who can keep records or recipes.

What about girls and boys of all ages who love ballet, or pony stories, or fairies, or mermaids or dragons?  

What about cat and dog (or snake and lizard) lovers?

A journal filled with lovely images and quotes about the animals they love... and plenty of room to paste in their pet photos and write medical records and stuff ...  what could thrill them more?

How about creating a Travel Notebook journal for people who have been planning a long awaited trip away overseas?

You get the idea, right?  This is just so fun!

Here are some STEAMPUNK examples:

Magical Unicorn Theme Journal

More Goth Theme examples 

romantic grunge journal themes

Seriously, what is there not to love about the Romantic Grunge themed junk journals?

I adore the distressed pages all grunged up, and the beautiful romantic ladies featured on the pages... love, love, love, it.

Can't you just imagine how these blanks will look after their new owners add lace edging to some pages, and a lovely coverplate image surrounded with lace and bling embellishments?

Fill them with your favourite romantic poems or quotes, write down fond memories of Valentine's Days you loved, fill with photos of your loved one.

I had one custom order for a wedding journal blank that I made so that she could fill it up with photos and letters from the couple that she had collected as their courtship grew.  What an amazing wedding present that would be!

See for yourself some examples of how I've decorated some romantic grunge blank books, and they sold quickly, so if you see me posting more for sale at the top of the page, grab them quickly before they go.


No matter who you’re buying a gift junk journal for – or for what event, you can always find a myriad of options online that can be delivered to your doorstep, or directly to the recipient of your gift.

And you can always spoil yourself with one to save all the work of making it yourself.


Junk Journal Making Supplies

You can pretty much find most of what you need already just lying around the house, believe it or not!

But there are some tools, and some glues, and some embellishments that really do make it a lot easier when handmaking books, and you do eventually need to buy tools like the awl and wax threads for sewing the signatures into the cover.

I have shared some of my treasures to help people get started with the more unusual supplies by sharing some of my surplus stocks below.

Edith Holden Vintage Book Pages - Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Edith-Holden-Country-Diary paper pack
Edith-Holden-Country-Diary paper pack

Pages from her book are treasured by junk journal makers as they are unique and gorgeous, but these vintage books are becoming more and more expensive, sometimes up to $100 per book.

Here are 12 fantastic packs, each contains 18 pages (9 double sided sheets), from the book of  "Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady", by Edith Holden.

These have been made into Jan - Dec Monthly packs, so you can get the entirepages on a Month theme. For a couple of the months I had to add pages from another to make up 9 sheets/18 pages.

*** Check it out Here at >> My eBay Shop and see more the photos of the internal pages

And remember you can always Contact Me direct on the site here to get prices for bulk orders or special requests.

70 Vintage Book Pages For Junk Journal & Scrap Ephemera

old book page packs

70 items - Random Selection of Vintage Old Book Pages - Some 90+ years old - for use in Hand made Notebook - Journal - Diary - Scrapbook - Glue book - Junk Journal, or making papercraft ephemera and embellishments.

As is tradition with classic handmade Junk Journals, these unique books are made with mostly recycled products, including junk mail, old business stationery supplies, hand dyed new papers with tea, coffee, and food dyes to create truly spectacular effects on the blank journaling pages.

But the most important feature in every handmade Junk Journal are the beautiful and unique aged book pages, with their lovely patina and texture.

I will include some street directory/maps/atlas page, some pages with colour pictures of nature/trees/animals, some vintage dictionary and illustrated encyclopedia pages in a few languages.

All of it in great condition for vintage paper 30 to 90+ years old!

You will adore the texture and patina of the really vintage book pages in many languages!

Above is a photo example of the kind of content you'll get.

*** Check it out Here at >> My eBay Shop and see more of the photos

Farm Rural Chicken Fabric Squares - Quilting Craft Junk Journal Sewing


Three Fabric Squares with Rural Farm Chicken & Rooster Images

Here are some gorgeous designs to use in your patchwork quilting, junk journal flips or cover topper, or any fabric sewing project.

I have been using these in making my Home Farm themed junk journals, and I have some to spare, so I'm sharing them with you so that you don't have to buy a meter of fabric at a time just to get three cute images!

Sizes are as can be seen in the images above.

FREE FAST local postage within Australia! 

*** Check it out Here at >> My eBay Shop and see more of the photos

Vintage Book Pages Folio Assortment of Papers

JJ folio Bird
JJ Folio Purple Flower
JJ Folio pages
JJ Folio Bonus

Vintage papers for #papercraft and #JunkJournal ephemera making - 15+ pages!

Folio cover is hand collaged from sheet music paper, napkin, labels, pearl bling and tied with ribbon.

Be inspired by it, filled with Old Book pages / papers suited for making ephemera.

So pretty to hold and use! 

As is tradition with handmade and hand sewn Junk Journals this unique Folio is hand made with mostly recycled items and materials, and every scrap including the cover can be used in your papercraft, not a single shred of it will be wasted!

The pages in the Folio feature a random selection of vintage old book pages in a variety of sizes and languages, hand dyed paper, dictionaries in foreign languages, illustrated encyclopedias, atlas maps, some lace net fabric, a section of Edith Holden text book page, Danish vintage book pages, sheet music, Index lists, and some gorgeous illustrated book pages.

Size: A4+ Folio cover ... the pages come in A4 and smaller assorted sizes.

Pages:  15+ sheets of assorted papers, on average 

Folio Cover: Sheet Music page collaged with delicate napkin designs, labels, and numbers.

Closure/Binding: Ribbon that can be removed for full access to the papers with some pearl bling you can reuse.

BONUS: There is also a bonus mini sachet of extra embellishments including:

  • Paper doily scrap
  • Tea bag
  • yellow ribbon
  • 10-15 whale tail tabs
  • 10 paper punch outs various sizes & designs
  • Random assortment of stamped words & numbers & images

These are a lovely bonus assortment of embellishments

for you to use in your paper crafting!

*** Check them out Here:
Pink Bird Cover Folio: >> My eBay Shop
Purple Flower Cover Folio: >> My eBay Shop and see more of the photos

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