15 Unexpected Uses for A Junk Journal

Junk Journals aren't just used for journaling as a diary. There are many uses for these unique handmade books and notebooks.

I personally love using them like a junk drawer, collecting all my bits and bobs from an ordinary life, all the memories I want to keep mementos of.

1. I also make junk journals that are simple notebooks!
a simple cover with one signature of blank pages. I carry them in my bag so that I can scribble a note whenever I need to, and can just tear it out or whatever.

2. There are Traveler Notebooks to enjoy when on Holiday.
They are slightly smaller than usual junk journals and slightly longer in shape.
Created with the travel destination themes they make wonderful Bon Voyage gifts for friends going on holidays.

3. There are annual planners made to organize your year ahead.
Use stamps or print up some copy paper with the months of the year and make yourself as simple or as complicated an annual planner as you want!

4. There are planting and gardening trackers.
Create one with the Seasons to track what you plant, what worked, what didn't.
They are a beautiful way to keep mementos from your garden. Fill with your success story photos.
You can even store small seed packets that you make, in the pockets of the journal.

5. How about a Wine Tasting notebook?
Collect all the things you love about wines, and create blank pages laid out to record your tasting events. A great gift idea for wine buffs.

6. Pet care journals are important for your fur babies.
Keep their photos and all their medical records in it. Give as a gift when someone gets a puppy, or simply record all your own fur baby records and photos.

7. And what new mother would not love a handmade journal to record their baby as it grows?
Leave lots of blank spaces for photos, and lots of charts for measuring and weighing that you can find online.

8. If you have a friend who loves everything about a specific theme, like golf, hunting, fishing, planes, trains, cars, why not make them a lovely thoughtful junk journal to record all their bits and bobs in. I have a friend who is car crazy, who would love to have a place to store the pictures of cars he sees online, and keep photos of his cars over the years. They are like his kids.

9. Gratitude Journals are very popular tool for relaxation, appreciation, thankfulness and to be more aware of the abundance in your life. But staring at a blank page of empty lines can create writers block for many people.

A book filled with images and notes to prompt what you can be thankful for in your favourite colours and style will help to inspire your creative thinking every day when you sit down to journal. Every page will help to get the writing started.

10. Do you like famous quotes, but can never remember the one you want when you want to quote it? Here is one way to collect your absolute favourite quotes that you want to share to motivate and inspire yourself and others. You might be inspired to write down some of your own thoughts and create your own quotes to share with the world! You could also make a book collecting Jokes!

11. Crafts... every hobby crafter loves gifts that relate to their interest. Making them a book about their craft gives them a place to record their photos of their own art, and notes of who they gave what, who their favourite suppliers are etc.

12. To Do lists... a notebook that is pretty, colourful, fun to use, makes it a lot more fun to create your daily To Do lists. You can make your journals in any size and shape that you want, including flip page pads like spiral secretary pads. Your Notebooks don't have to be normal book style, be creative and make what suits your needs and your flair.

13. Seasonal journal/tracker/to do notebooks. Make a book for Christmas so that you can plan what you have to do, collect your recipes, make card sending lists, make gift giving lists, plan family activities, make notes of new decorations you want to try out.

All the stuff that you need to be organized about for the Holidays can be managed in one book... prettily decorated with the seasonal themes!

If you are a busy socializer that has family around for every possible seasonal event, you can make a journal for every annual event you need to be organised about like: Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day, maybe even make one for Birthdays so that you can keep track of what you gave people, what they gave you, and so on.

14. And you can create record books for school holidays, filled with activity ideas, that kids can glue in the stuff they collect when they to to events, or their artwork and so on. "What I did on my holidays" theme of content for the blank pages.

15. Recipe books! Somewhere pretty and fun to write down your favourite recipes would also make a lovely keepsake to hand down to your kids later on

I hope you have been inspired by this list of unexpected uses of junk journals to go and make some of these ideas for yourself, or for gifts to loved ones.

I bet you didn't even know that you could be this creative, even if you don't have a scrap of artistic talent!

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Cheers, Helene Malmsio

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