How to Balance Mind Body Spirit

This is the section where you can learn how to balance mind body spirit for your improved wellbeing, health and happiness.

True wellness comes from the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. When all three areas are balanced, you can have true peace and good health. But how do you work to get these different parts of you working in harmony?

There are several ways you can learn to connect the different parts of yourself so that you can have the balance you want in your life. Each part of you is like a spoke on a wheel and if any part is out of balance, you don’t move smoothly through life.

Calming the Mind with Meditation

Meditation can be very beneficial for balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

The purpose of meditation is to stop “thinking” and become more connected to your spirit and become more self-aware.

Many people feel intimidated by the idea of meditation.

While there are advanced practices in meditation that take time to learn, anyone can meditate without special training.

Let’s take a look at a few simple steps that can get you on the road to practicing meditation.

Anyone can do this without special training. However, once you begin meditating you may decide that you want to learn more about deeper techniques.

Step 1: Carve out time on your calendar for meditation.

This doesn’t have to be hours – it can even be one or two minutes.

The main thing to remember is that you have to make time for meditation. Don’t expect to “have” time to do it.

It’s easiest if you get into a routine such as meditating every morning before you leave the house or each night before you go to bed.

Make an appointment with yourself to meditate and treat it as important as any other item on your calendar.

Step 2: Make a space for meditation.

You need to have a quiet place to meditate. It can be hard if you have a family to find a place where you can be alone.

But any space will do – it could be in the corner of your bedroom, in a large closet, or even in the bathroom.

Most people meditate while sitting on the floor, but you can sit in a chair, lie on the floor, or place your body in any way that makes you feel comfortable.

You may want to place comfortable pillows in the area so you can easily get relaxed.

Step 3: Relax your body.

Your mind and body are connected intimately. If your body is tense, it’s hard for the mind to really be set free.

Think about each part of your body and visualize yourself getting relaxed from head to toe.

Step 4: Breathe deeply.

This is the true crux of meditation. You must breathe deeply using your diaphragm.

Some people breathe using the shoulders and this type of breath is quite shallow.

Instead, when you breathe in push your belly out. When you breathe out, let your belly fall.

This will force you to use your diaphragm and get the deep breaths you need.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Use long, slow breaths.

Step 5: Clear your mind.

As you breathe, focus on the sound of your breathing and the feeling of relaxation that comes.

If you find yourself starting to think about your grocery list or your things to do at work, replace those thoughts by visualizing a peaceful place.

Some people also use mantras, or repeated phrases, to help them clear their minds.

An easy way to do this is to count from one to five as you breathe in and repeat the count as you breathe out.

Meditation can be very simple and can give you enormous benefits.

Using these simple steps you’ll know how to get started with meditation.

The more you do it, the easier it will become.

And the faster you learn how to balance mind body spirit.

Balance through Movement

Move more for better body mind spirit balance

Many times when people think about balancing the body, mind, and spirit they really neglect the “body” part of the equation.

And many people look at exercise and movement as a way to punish the body for not being slim or strong.

But exercise is a critical part of having balance in your life and improving your health.

It’s not something that should be done in a way that makes you feel bad, it’s something that can improve your quality of life.

Getting started with moving the body is important for your balance and well-being.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can add exercise to your life without increasing your stress or feeling burned out.

Choose something you enjoy.

Many people think that if they’re not in the gym lifting weights, then they’re really not exercising.

But the truth is you can get exercise through many different activities such as walking, playing recreational games, and working in the garden.

Start slow.

When people decide they want to get in shape, they often start by spending hours on exercise right away.

What can happen is that you get sore, tired, and depleted of your energy. Instead of developing a lifelong pattern, you may get burned out quickly.

If you’re not getting much movement, start by adding just five or ten minutes each day for a week.

Then add a few more minutes to your sessions the following week.

There’s no need to feel like you have to go from sitting still to running a marathon overnight.

Focus on how you feel.

You might be tempted to judge success with fitness by how much weight you can lift, how far you can run, or how much weight you’ve lost.

However, you’re more likely to achieve balance by focusing on how you feel.

Do you have more energy? Is your mood better? Are you more relaxed? Is your sleep better?

All of these things are benefits of physical activity and are excellent measures of your wellness.

Try mind, body, and spirit exercises.

There are several programs that combine ways for you learn how to balance mind body spirit.

For example, yoga is a practice that will both strengthen you physically but will also help your mind to become more centered.

There’s also a trend in local gyms to have classes that combine traditional exercise with yoga.

For example, cy-yo is a marriage of cycling and yoga and pi-yo combines yoga with Pilates.

These are great activities to help you with balance.

With exercise, you need to remember balance.

You’ll have to schedule time in your day for physical activity, but it shouldn’t take over your life.

It’s a part of your life, but not the whole thing.

Focusing on Your Spirit

Spiritual wellness is very important and can be unique to each person.

What works for you spiritually may not work for someone else.

Your goal isn’t to do what others do, but to focus on your own spirit and live your life the way it is best for you.

This is the part of you that is the search and discovery of the purpose of your life, the values that you hold, and the principles by which you’ll live your life.

It also can include your connection to something greater than yourself.

If you don’t have much experience with connecting to your spiritual self, or you simply have no idea how to balance mind body spirit, there are a few ideas that can help you to understand what will work best for you.

Spiritual wellness doesn’t happen all at once and your practices can change throughout your life.

Determine what you value.

Everyone has a list of things they value – but not everyone really knows what’s on that list.

Take some time to truly determine what you value in life. Is it family?

Happiness? Serving others? Your list will be very individual.

A lot of people might say, “I value having money or wealth.”

But it’s not the actual money you value; it’s what the money can do for you.

It might be that it allows you to travel and see the world, that it allows you to have some of life’s luxuries. Get to the core of what you value.

Align your actions with your values.

Sometimes people have a set of values but they don’t live by them.

That can lead to spiritual balance and unhappiness.

Take some time to evaluate whether or not your actions represent your true beliefs.

If they do, you’re on the road to spiritual wellness.

If not, choose one or two things you can start doing differently today so that what you do really represents who you are.

This is a critical step toward balance.

Practice gratitude.

Gratitude is critical to spiritual wellness. There is always something in every day to be grateful for, but sometimes you really have to look for it.

Nothing can lift your spirit more than to see that there really is good in your life.

Each day, look for five things that you can be grateful for in your life.

It could be a phone call from a friend, a beautiful sunset, or the unconditional love you receive from your dog.

Even little things can make a big impact on how you feel and lift your spirit.

Accept others’ differences.

There are many different ways to look at spiritual growth.

Some people have strong religious beliefs that guide their values and actions.

Some people have a general sense of spirituality that isn’t part of any organized faith.

It’s important to understand your own beliefs and where you’re coming from spiritually.

It’s also important to accept that not everyone may believe the same things or practice their spirituality the same way.

When you can accept others’ differences, you’ll have more peace.

Uplift Your Mind and Spirit through Socializing

socialize more for healthy balance

Human beings weren’t made to live in isolation. In order to have true wellness, you need to be part of a social network.

That doesn’t mean the same things as an online “social network”.

It means spending time with real people.

In our world of technology we have more ways of reaching out to each other than ever.

Unfortunately that means that sometimes we spend more time on the computer than we do face to face with people or talking to each other.

It’s time to get back to the basics of spending time with others in order to improve your social health.

This aspect of health is a powerful tool toward balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

Make time to spend with family and friends.

Many people are very busy. But when you don’t set aside time to spend with family and friends you can feel empty and alone.

You may feel like you’re going through the motions, but you don’t have any true connections with people.

Schedule a weekly evening when you spend time with your family or spouse.

If you’re single, look to extended family and strong friendships to help meet your social needs.

Regularly scheduled activities with friends can help you to feel more connected and supported.

Join a Club or Group.

Joining a group that gets together regularly can help you to feel more socially fulfilled.

There are all kinds of groups such as book clubs, knitting groups, photography clubs, and recreational sports teams that can fit the bill.

Just choose something that interests you and find a group that meets to do it. If there’s not a group in your area, start one.

You’ll be amazed how getting together with people who have shared interests regularly can increase your happiness.

Give time to others.

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people and feel more connected to the people in your community.

You might try serving meals at a local shelter, visiting the elderly in a nursing home, or becoming a youth mentor.

There are many different ways to serve in your community and there’s no shortage of need.

Volunteering can give you a profound feeling of happiness that you can’t get any other way.

Ask for help when you need it.

Part of having friends and family support is that you can seek help when you need it.

People enjoy helping others and you can give someone else the opportunity to grow and feel good about themselves.

Many times people try to stick it out alone and try to be strong through a trial when simply reaching out for some help could lift their burden.

Don’t be too stubborn to ask for help if you need it. Sometimes even having a friendly ear to listen can help you to feel better about your situation.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having social connectedness.

If you feel like you’re isolated, start with one step to getting more social.

Reach out and call a friend, go visit a family member you haven’t seen for a while, or just play a board game with your kids.

Practice Healthy Habits

How to balance mind body spirit

A healthy body makes a good home for your mind and spirit.

When you improve your physical health, your emotional and spiritual health will also receive benefits.

Learning new healthy habits is one of the most fundamental ways for how to balance mind body spirit for your overall health and wellbeing.

While physical activity is critical for achieving balance, there are also many other healthy habits that can lead you to more balance.

Let’s take a look at some simple habits that can really help you to move further down the path toward balance of your mind, body, and spirit.

You may decide to choose just one to work on at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

Eat with joy and health in mind.

Food should bring enjoyment to your life and expose you to many different aromas, textures, and tastes.

Any diet program that tells you to eliminate something you love is probably not going to last very long.

Instead, allow yourself to enjoy the foods you eat. Make eating an experience for the body and mind.

Explore the wide varieties of healthy foods available and make it your mission to add good foods to your diet rather than to take things away.

Avoid dependence on substances.

There are many substances that can break down the body and mind and leave you feeling weak and unhealthy.

Some examples include tobacco use, alcohol abuse, use of illegal drugs, and unhealthy dependence on prescription medication.

Dependence on these substances can disconnect you from your own spirit, destroy your body physically, and isolate you from family and friends.

Avoid becoming dependent on these things and seek help if you feel you may have a problem.

Get sufficient sleep.

Many people are walking around in the world in a state of complete sleep deprivation.

Sleep is a natural process that allows your body and mind to rest and become refreshed. During sleep important healing takes place.

You need at least eight hours of sleep and many people need more than that to feel healthy.

It helps to make time for sleep and get on a sleep schedule of going to bed at the same time each night.

It also helps if you have a quiet and comfortable place to sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, you should talk with your doctor about what could be causing the problem.

Sometimes depression or anxiety make sleep difficult and in some cases people have sleep disorders that make sleep impossible without treatment.

Remember that the health of your body is connected to the health of your mind and spirit.

It’s the instrument that can help you to carry out your purpose.

Make sure to cherish it and work to keep it healthy and strong

I know that if you apply the tips in here you will very quickly learn how to balance mind body spirit - for a lifetime of health.

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