How Low Calorie Substitutes Food Can Help You To Lose Weight

To lose weight one of the easiest ways is to use low calorie substitutes food in your daily meals and cooking recipes.

Whether you’re on a diet or just trying to shed a few pounds, it’s probably likely that you’ve tried just about every diet out there.

The media has made fad diets and crazy, complicated exercise equipment all the rage for people who are searching to find the magic key to losing weight.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone can lose weight in the same way.

But no matter what method you choose, there is one fact that cannot be denied: In order to shed pounds, you MUST take in fewer calories than you burn or use every day.

If you choose to use the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, or any of the other popular diets, you will still need to keep an eye on your calories, since this is how we gain weight.

Studies have shown that high protein and fiber rich diets are good for you, and they can definitely help you lose weight.

But foods like this often lead people to be tempted to use heavy creams, sauces, and butter which contain high amounts of calories.

In between meals, we often crave a snack to keep us going.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with snacking, we should try to make smarter choices so we don’t give in and eat a bag full of chips or a candy bar.

Using low calorie substitutes food, we can decide to eat much better, which reflects on other aspects of our lives as well.

It can be very difficult to lose weight when we live in a world full of fast food restaurants Starbucks, and pizza delivery.

Most Americans feel that they can eat whatever they like and as much as they like without suffering the consequences.

However, some people really do feel the impact of eating food that is chock full of fat and calories.

One of those consequences is gaining weight, but even more importantly is the decline in health that many will experience.

Bad food choices are a major source for diabetes and heart disease.

By being more conscious and by making smarter eating decisions, you can lose weight, feel better, and take care of your overall health.

Even if you think you’re doing well with watching what you eat, the truth of the matter is that you can most likely still make smarter choices.

There are some easy food substitutes you can use to get rid of the fatty, high calorie snacks, and replace them with healthier snacks that are much lower in calories.

Baking and even salads can be healthier and lower in calories with a few easy substitutions.

By combining a diet that is both low in fat and in calories, you can lose those pounds.

Remember, changing your eating habits is more than just a diet: it is a change in lifestyle.

You can easily make smart choices and stick with them for the rest of your life, so you will always eat healthier.

One of the biggest hurdles in dieting is resisting cravings.

calorie substitute diet

Some people know what they are NOT supposed to eat, but it can be even more difficult to know what to eat in its place.

By making smart choices and eating healthier foods in place of junk food or calorie crammed convenience foods, you will notice a boost in energy and weight loss.

Your skin will look better, and you will sleep better as well.

The human body notices when changes are taking place, and in the case of diet, it can have a huge impact.

Perhaps one of the best and most important things you can do to make better food choices is to keep a diary or log of what you eat each day.

This can be done online on a variety of different websites that let you enter in each thing you eat, and then it tallies your calories.

This is a great way to keep track of your daily caloric intake, and you will soon learn where most of the calories are coming from and where you can cut back.

If the online diary is too complicated or confusing, or if you prefer to record your calories another way, purchase an inexpensive journal and write down what you eat each day.

Either option will definitely be helpful when it comes to tracking your calories.

If you have the need to crunch on something salty and delicious or you have a sweet tooth, you can actually do something called calorie substituting using low calorie substitutes food.

Basically this just means you will get the satisfaction you’re looking for, but you will be substituting your normal bad for you treat with a healthy one.

It is actually quite easy, and something you can encourage the whole family to do with you, so everyone is eating healthier.

If you need a starting point or some suggestions, here are ten great examples of high calorie substitutes that will help you to feel full, happy, and give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Tip #1: Sugar Substitutes

Everyone loves a delicious candy bar, cake, cookie, or ice cream cone.

If you’re dieting, you already know that sugar is one of the worst possible things you can eat.

Fortunately, Splenda and other sugar substitutes are available for a no calorie substitute.

Splenda has absolutely NO calories, so it’s a wonderful sugar substitute and can be found in nearly everything from juices and sodas to candy bars and cookies.

It is also great to use in coffee in place of sugar or flavored coffee creamers.

There are also natural herbs that mimic the sensation of sweetness.

I will add a recipe here later for a way to use prunes to help create a very natural sweetener for cooking when you are using low calorie substitutes food.

Tip #2: Snacking Substitutes

popcorn low calorie substitutes

When you feel the need for potato chips or other crunchy snacks, you probably think that something like pretzels or whole grain Sun Chips are a wise choice.

And in a manner of speaking, they are much better for you than fat-laden potato chips or Doritos.

But air-popped popcorn can actually be better than all of these, and save you almost 100 calories.

Plus, it’s still crunchy and delicious.

Popcorn is healthy for you and will definitely satisfy the need to crunch and munch.

Apple slices and slivers of celery are also delicious and crunch when you need to chew on something.

Tip #3: Avoiding Fatty Foods

Fried foods always taste great, but they are full of empty calories, not to mention they are very high in fat and bad cholesterol.

Instead of frying chicken and seafood in oil, try baking or broiling it in the oven.

Add some spices or herbs to give it extra flavor.

You should still be able to get the crunch you like without all of the grease and fat, not to mention all of the excess calories.

Avoid cooking foods in any oils or Crisco, as these contain loads of fat, which can clog arteries and cause weight gain.

Buy a non-stick pan to fry your meals in, and get used to how your griller and BBQ can be used for low fat cooking of both meat and vegetables.

Tip #4: Substitute Your Summer Favorites with Healthier Alternatives

low calorie substitutes for ice cream

Strawberry ice cream is an excellent summer treat, but it is definitely high in calories, sugar, and fat.

You can substitute the ice cream with a yogurt from Yoplait called Yoplait Whips.

This smooth and creamy yogurt tastes delicious, and it can also be frozen to make a sweet yet healthy cold treat.

You will save yourself over 100 calories, which can make a huge difference in your daily caloric intake.

This brand of yogurt doesn’t just come in strawberry flavor, it also comes in many other delicious flavors so you have lots to choose from.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, which everyone needs for a healthy diet.

You can also simply freeze fresh fruits to blend and eat as a fruit soft serve.

A banana can also be frozen and eaten straight from the freezer like a Barney Banana ice cream pole!

Tip #5: Just Like Mom Said, Drink Lots of Water!

drink water to lose weight

Of course, one of the most obvious calorie substitutes is water.

You can switch out water for just about any other drink you normally consume and save hundreds of calories a day.

Drink a bottle of purified water instead of sodas, sugary juices, and tea.

Limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day if possible, and if you can, drink water in its place.

Your body will stay hydrated and water makes you feel full which can help stave off cravings.

It is also proven that water boosts metabolism by anywhere from three to five percent.

By drinking a lot of water, you also flush out fat, toxins, and impurities.

It can also help your digestive system to stay more regular.

Tip #6: Butter Substitutes

Butter is often used to cook things in the pan like eggs, meats, or other items.

You can easily substitute heavy butter for a light cooking spray, which can spare you a lot of calories.

Not to mention, cooking sprays are lower in fat and calories than butter and don’t contain all of the artery clogging fat that butter does.

Today there are many other alternatives like olive oil based cooking spray as well, which is heart healthy.

Olive oil is a very health alternative that gives food lots of flavor.

Tip #7: Watch What You Put On That Salad

use low calorie subtitute dressings on salad

Salad may seem healthy, but it’s the dressing that can often kill the calorie limit for many people.

If you go out to eat, order your dressing on the side, then dip a fork full in the dressing each time you take a bite.

This can actually save you tons of calories versus if you were to allow the restaurant to saturate your salad with their house dressing.

Also, swap out your ranch or Thousand Island dressing with oil and vinegar or Italian salad dressing.

It is much better for you and has fewer calories, and still adds tons of flavor.

Tip #8: Use Fresh Herbs and Spices

herbs and spices are low calorie substitutes

Another great low calorie substitutes food for high calorie butter, sauces, or dressings is to use fresh herbs and spices.

Not only are these much better for you in terms of your health, they are also much lower in fat and calories.

You can easily grow fresh herbs like rosemary, mint, and basil in pots in your kitchen window, so you’ll have fresh herbs to use in your food all year round.

Look for them at your local garden center or home improvement store.

The kids will really enjoy watching something grow in the kitchen that they can also eat!

Tip #9: Healthier Baking Alternatives

In baking you can also make smart choices when you are making sweet desserts. Instead of using brown sugar, choose applesauce.

Believe it or not, it makes baked goods taste sweet and eliminates the need for extra calories.

Applesauce can get rid of over 500 calories, depending on how much brown or white sugar the recipe calls for.

Plus, it makes cakes and cookies soft and fluffy.

The difference in calories between brown sugar and applesauce is huge, and you really aren’t sacrificing any taste so it is definitely a sensible low calorie substitute food.

Tip #10: When Grabbing A Snack, Go For Something Healthy To Munch On

low calorie substitutes food for snacks

Of course, if you really want to fix that snack craving, fresh fruits and veggies are the way to go.

If you get an urge for something sweet, grab a peach, apple, or banana instead.

Try a few strawberries in the middle of the day if your sweet tooth is acting up.

Buy lots of different fruits each week so you will have enough variety to choose from and keep things interesting.

You can always freeze some if you buy too much or don’t eat it all in one week.

If you get the munchies, go for some mini carrots or cucumbers.

All of these things make excellent choices and should help you satisfy the cravings you’re having.

Plus, you’ll be eating delicious and satisfying low calorie substitutes food that is good for you while still enjoying eating.

More Resources to help you lose weight with low calories substitutes food:

It’s very easy to fall victim to the temptation of high calorie snack foods.

We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle.

By thinking about what we normally eat, and then thinking about healthy alternatives, we can better ourselves, lose weight, and feel more energetic.

Over time, you can change your lifestyle to make better eating choices so you can maintain your new weight.

You will definitely feel a huge change in the way you feel.

These low calorie substitutes food make it easy to maintain a good diet with fewer calories

The more you research and learn about how to use low calorie substitutes food in your daily meals, the healthier you will become over the years.

Below here I will add more pages of tips for how to lose weight with calorie substitution, and also feature some more products and guides to help you succeed in your diet goals.

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There is nothing wrong with healthy and sensible snacking when you are on a diet to lose weight, and remember that your body can panic and go into “starvation mode” if you don’t eat regularly.

Any time you feel hungry you should go ahead and eat either a small meal or a snack with low calorie and fat content.

When you are hungry, your body is telling you something very important, so listen to what you need.

Just keep in mind that you can snack as much as you like, as long as you make smart choices and eat foods that are healthy and low calorie substitutes food that won't affect your diet results.

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