The hCG Diet Plan Book Guide

Would you like to jump off the diet hamster wheel and finally be able to just follow one simple and easy diet that will work for you?

I hope so, because I’m sick of seeing people looking for a magic weight loss pill or embracing diet plans that have them putting their health at risk – there’s no reason for it!

You can now lose weight permanently using Nature to burn fat and reset your metabolism!

For a while now I have been researching this plan and I have published a comprehensive hCG diet plan book guide for you that details all the steps of the phases, the diet menus, and how to use the drops to lose weight permanently.

Let me tell you a little bit about it and why it will help you...

Why Is the hCG Diet Plan Any Different?

As I go over what sets it apart, let’s also look at some of the similarities – because there are a few elements to many diets that are good.

With the hCG diet, you can achieve fast weight loss.

There are lots of plans like that, but most have you starving your body or exercising in such extremes that it puts more pressure on you physically, and you eventually just gain it all back when you return to a normal routine.

With the hCG diet, you’re going to train your body to get rid of the right fat.

You don’t want your body feeding off of your muscle. You want it feeding off of the stored fat that has plagued you for months – or maybe even years.

This diet helps your body naturally burn off the fat stores, without making your health suffer in the process.

Did You Know That Diet Companies Have NO Intention of Helping You Lose Weight Permanently?

Sadly, it’s simply a bad business move for a diet company to help you really lose weight – and keep it off for good!

What happens when you do that?

Those billions of dollars made each year from yo-yo dieters stop coming in.  Executives go broke.

Sales of diet shakes and powders and monthly plans dry up. They don’t want that!

They want you to have temporary success – just long enough so they can snap your picture for an advertisement or have you touting the benefits of their products.

HCG is a Natural Hormone –

Not Some Chemical Cocktail Concocted By Lab Scientists and “Get Rich Quick” Diet Manufacturers!

While drops and injections have been created to help introduce the hormone into your body, this isn’t something man initially invented – it was created naturally in the bodies of pregnant women.

But hCG is perfectly safe for men, as well as women who have never been pregnant!

And while many diets have doctors raising their eyebrows or shaking their heads at the fad factors involved, the hCG diet was designed by a famous Doctor and has been widely accepted by the medical community – and many doctors are prescribing the drops for their own patients!

The hCG Diet Won’t Allow You to Hit a Plateau

Diet plateaus are a big hurdle and obstacle for those trying to lose weight.

Things often start out wonderfully – no matter which diet you’re on – and then you suddenly hit a wall.

One day you’re stepping on the scale, amazed that you’ve dropped a pound a day or more – and the next you’re the same as you were yesterday … and the day before that … and the day before that.

The hCG diet has phases.

These phases keep your body shaken up in a good way!

It keeps you on your toes and it doesn’t allow your metabolism to settle down and get lax in its weight loss efforts.

Are You Ready to Get Off the Diet Hamster Wheel Once and for All?

I want to help as many people as possible stop the pain of yo-yo dieting and begin to see a big difference in the way they lose weight – from the very first steps to the time when, years later, the weight stays off effortlessly.

If you’re ready to embrace a new way of thinking about weight loss, then you’re going to love what I have to show you!

In this hCG weight loss program diet guide, you’ll…

• Learn the real facts behind what’s being touted as the “latest diet craze” – the true science behind what makes the hCG diet out-perform the others!

• Discover how you can apply this diet to lose 1-2 pounds per DAY (not per week as most diets provide) – safely!

• Get educated on how to cycle on and off the plan for 21-42 days until you reach your desired weight – and then maintain that weight loss for good!

• Be surprised to learn how to adapt this diet to any special needs, such as vegetarianism!

• Put your guard down after reading about how to handle diet cheats (if this problem has plagued you in the past, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it anymore)!

• Discover how to keep costs down by following the hCG diet plan, so that you don’t spend your monthly budget on expensive foods, monthly price plans, and more!

• Know what to expect as you embark on the hCG diet plan – so you can avoid side effects and make this a pleasant experience!

• Be shocked to find out that exercise can actually HINDER your progress on the hCG diet – isn’t that a relief to hear when so many diets have you working out like crazy on a scarce calorie budget?

• Get a step-by-step plan on charting your progress on the hCG diet so that you’re tracking your efforts and getting the most out of this diet plan!

• Be able to get to the root of what’s causing your weight gain – is it emotions, or something else? Learn how to nip it in the bud NOW!

• Learn how to analyze your BMI and weight loss efforts and set goals for yourself based on what the plan can do for you!

• Get the best information on what resources to use to get your hCG supplies – whether that means injections or drops!

• Read the list of perfect hCG foods and spices that help fuel your metabolism into losing more weight!

• Print out an hCG preparation checklist, a weekly menu worksheet and daily diet journal that help keep you organized so that the diet isn’t constantly on your mind!

• Get a complete listing of desserts that won’t derail your diet if you have a craving that you can’t quell.

• …And much, much more!

And My hCG Diet Recipes bonus!

You also get a free hCG diet recipes cookbook as well:

You Have a Choice to Make Today…

Do you continue on the pathetic path you’ve suffered for months or years – losing a bit of weight, only to regain it back – and THEN some?

Or do you finally accept a form of dieting that uses a natural hormone adjustment to fuel the fat furnace in your body and help you to maintain the weight loss you’ve achieved?

I think it’s an easy decision.

You’re going to pay a one time fee of only $5

to get full access to the complete 100 page hCG diet plan book guide – and you don’t have to make a trip to the bookstore to get your hands on it.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - 24/7 – and you can print it out if you want to read a paper book version!

You can literally spend a small fortune trying to lose weight!       ... Maybe you already have.

That’s why I don’t want to make you go broke in order to help you lose weight.

 Grab Your Solution On Sale for Only $5.00 Today!

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You can also learn more in this section of the site where we will look at how to do hCG diet plan and the doctor who designed it.

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