67 - Step 3 Sam Walton Night in Brazilian Jail and The Humility of Michael Jordan

by Helene Malmsio

I used to hear someone tell their business distributors "Put your ego in your back pocket" and also "Don't believe your own publicity" when it came to building their business teams.

And without a doubt, misguided egotism and false bravado - and people refusing to be open to learning with an attitude of humbleness have caused a lot of people to fall down in their aspirations.

Abraham Lincoln said “I learn from everyone I meet” even if it was only to learn what NOT to do.

This session #3 looks at the benefits of maintaining a state of openness and humility, not letting your ego take control and shut you off from possibilities.

Maintaining a sense of curiosity in your field is essential, if you want to keep learning better ways to satisfy your customers.

Sam Walton spent his whole life checking out other retail stores and trying to learn something new every day about how to better run and grow his stores. He was always questioning everyone he met to see what else he could learn from other people in his trade.

He was even locked up on one of his exploratory trips in Brazil when he was found crawling around the floor of various stores with a measuring tape – they thought he was crazy - lol! “I wanted to know if they knew something I didn’t know” was his reasoning.

Sam from Walmart was always learning, always humble and not assuming that he ‘knew it all’ despite being one of the richest men in America at the time.

And its also important to be humble enough that sometimes you need to pay for, or to invest in, someone else’s ideas and methodology rather than try to just copy or steal someone else’s ideas.

If their system works, you may as well be honest and humble enough to pay them to learn and copy their system, than try to re-invent the wheel. Unless you have a definite way to do it better, don’t steal … pay for what you learn.

Traumas we experienced when we are younger may mean that we may over-compensate as adults – by being cocky to cover over the trauma and not acknowledge we need to learn and grow to deal with insecurities etc from it better.

He stresses the importance of reading and learning, which is core to professional development. The site has hundreds of fantastic self help books reviewed on video, which you would find so good to give a new angle on the content of the books you read.

I DON’T cover the content of Tai’s teaching fully as you need to get into the program yourself to learn more… but I will share my comments and my process of ‘thinking out loud’ as I work out what I need to do and learn and refine to achieve my goal. (see first instalment to learn more about my goal and purpose)

Each video asks you some questions about your take on the content and how you intend to USE this new information after you view each one.

You can join me on this journey if you want to check out The 67 Steps CLICK HERE!


Q. What steps are you taking to show more humility in your life and how has this helped you in achieving your goals?

A. I never assume I know everything about everything. One of the reasons I’m good at stacking… to create new products and services, is that I’m always looking around me and asking questions about why this is so.

This means that I’m OPEN to new information and new methods and new ideas. I assume that there is always a better, smarter, more effective way of doing anything.

I usually ask around to find out who is the best in my new industry field and I track them down to meet and ask them questions that no one else can answer for me.

Usually the leaders in any field are the most open and helpful people you could ever meet!

So while I AM confident in my abilities and skills, I’m not shy in putting myself forward when required, I am also humble and open to learning and growing – it is a lifetime journey.

Q&A 2. Tracking down Mentors.

Not as good as I could have been in life. But have made real effort in recent years to find the best and learn from them.

Rate myself: 6/10

Q&A 3. Books read - how humble have you been in action?

If not studying a paperback manual, I would be reading every day online.

Rate myself: 9/10

Q&A 4. Copying Competitors:

Good at studying and learning what works and what doesn’t. Coming up with ways to stack, and create better solutions for customers.

Rate myself: 7/10

Q&A 5. Spending your money on becoming better educated/trained.

Always reading and studying and attending seminars, and putting learning into action.

Rate myself: 9/10

77% = 31 out of 40 = I am living my ‘good life’ right now… and always learning more about how to improve it and myself.

Q. What is the number #1 area that I’ve not been humble enough in?

Area may be relationships and health. Have studied them both in the past.

I invested in and read all the books, and got a lot from them. But have not been able to create ideal levels of either in my life.

Don’t know if its about not being humble enough to ask for help or to learn more… Did get professional Counseling service to help with divorce. Do not have mentors or live coaching in these two areas though … will consider that.

Problem is that right now i don't actually see or know anyone who is blissfully happy in their marriage, or who is in particularly good health, even if they are slim, they are not truly healthy. Not many role models around me to inspire me - lol!

I’m working towards it, but I don’t yet have all the answers to live the fully ‘authentic life’… a ‘meaningful life’ when it comes to relationships and top health.

Are you curious to learn more about this video training?? Well, you can join me on this journey if you want to check out The 67 Steps CLICK HERE!

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Is anyone even reading this???? I'd like to hear a hello from whomever I'm sharing this with!!

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three year update... 2018
by: Helene

Seriously... I can't believe how much my life has changed since I first began watching (and doing) the 67 steps.

New city, new life, new me.

And still studying and upgrading my skills every month.

Now I've included being able to self publish paperback journals, planners, diaries etc. which is something I've been wanting to do for about 10 years now... and its just so much fun!

Seriously... check out the 67 Steps program... Tai Lopez is the real deal... and even 3 years later I'm still viewing and learning from this program and the Accelerator Programs that I invested in.

Strategic Publications available on Amazon
by: Helene

And check out my journals here... they are gorgeous.

They work. They make you happy. Use them!

New designs being released every week, in both 6 x 9"and 8.5 x 11"

Check them out here:

2018 Diary

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