67 - Step 2 Blue-Footed Booby Birds and The 500 Year Old Mind

The content covered in this session is an area I've already got a good grip on... I'm super adaptable, learned that was the only way to survive.

Probably also a result of moving house, state, country, continent, every 6-12 months as a child. Never had time to settle down, so had to always be on a sharp learning curve, and always 'on the hop' ready to maneuver my way around new places, new people

Summary notes of the session include:

Your survival depends not on your intelligence, or your strength, but on the intangibles, like your ability to adapt… how well you can change to circumstances around you, be one step ahead, always changeable.

Knowing when to be adaptable and to ‘move on’ from bad relationships, businesses that won’t fly… and being open to other alternatives, having back up plans, is all key to your success in life and in business and not wasting years of your life in the process.

Educating yourself is essential, but having a high IQ from birth is not.

We need to learn when we are not moving in the direction we want, are not seeing the signs of the results we want, we need to be tough enough to not be afraid to take risks and be unstable for a while, taking new directions until we start to get the results we’re looking for.

Its easy (and comfortable) to let our “500 year old mind” lead our thinking and keep us on sure ground, even if we think it is leading to failure.

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Each video asks you some questions about your take on the content and how you intend to USE this new information after you view each one.

Q 1.What’s the #1 area that you haven’t evolved and changed as quickly as you should have?

A. I am very flexible and adaptable… I can turn on a dime, and my businesses are also always able to change mid-stream if they have to… eg: Government guidelines/contract changes, Internet www changes, but now that I’m retired I’m getting a bit more stuck in my ways.

I’m stuck on doing things my way at the moment with taking up alternative internet marketing and website building tools that are available (but not as good as the SBI/SiteSell systems I’m used to in my opinion)

Not open to using different tools for website building. Don’t WANT to start using the tools for social networking etc. I do think I’m right this time, but I do recognize that I’m making that choice at least.

What’s keeping me from being fulfilled?

Still working out my next life purpose and direction at the moment.

Surprised myself by achieving my current lifestyle and investment goals in 7 months that I had thought would take me years of hard work to get, so now I need another ‘reason’ to work again.

Animal welfare campaigning and helping young women with their professional development may be the answer.

I guess I am fulfilled… I just want to find myself more energized to do more and achieve more.

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Will probably come back to this later and add more notes when I'm not so distracted as I am right now... bear with me peeps.

And if you have another angle from the training or more views to add on what you got from the video.... DO SHARE it below with us!!!

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