35 Things I Bet You Did Not Know about Helene Malmsio

Helene with cat Dusty and kangaroo Guru and Dad #3

Helene with cat Dusty and kangaroo Guru and Dad #3

It has been very interesting, and very funny, reading some of the posts being made about "things you didn't know about me" in a few blogs around the net, so I have been inspired to add a few things about me that I doubt you would know.

There is no order or reason to any of these factoids, just stuff I thought of that are off-the-cuff, and hope you might find interesting and a bit of an insight into what makes me - well, Me.

1) I got my drivers license at 17 and drove a car that 2 weeks later the brakes failed in. Drove down (very fast) through the Adelaide Hills for 30+ minutes with no brakes. Had to rear-end a Taxi at the traffic lights to stop the car.

2) As a teenager in High School I decided that I wanted to use my middle name rather than my original first name Marian, as people found it too hard to pronounce and was constantly misspelled as well. Didn't realize my middle name would cause just as much confusion - lol!

3) I have had 6 fathers in my life, because my mother married 6 times. My 'Dad' that I still see everyday here was her third husband pictured above.

4) The first LP records I ever bought were of Jimmi Hendrix and Iron Butterfly... just to make a statement, because the only music I ever heard at home was classical music.

5) By the time I was 8 years old I spoke 3 languages.

6) As a kid I absolutely loathed all forms of sports... and I still do... LOATHE sports.

7) When I was 7 and lived in a farmhouse in Sweden we had to use an outhouse toilet.

8) I paint oil portraits - and they're good.

9) Smoked 60 cigarettes a day for decades. Quit 9 years ago. Hardest thing I ever did, best thing I ever did.

10) When I watched Snow White as a 8 yo on the movie theater big screen I was terrified of the witch and would not watch Disney movies for years

11) I have literally walked on fire... aka "fire walked" on a bed of red hot coals.

12) As a tween I saw a Dr. Who show on TV with alien lifeforms that spread through the blood from the sugar bowl that scared me so much I still can't watch that show!!

13) The most people I have ever made a public presentation to from a stage was well over 1,000 people

14) I'm a DIY expert in tons of things, including hand building a two story house in the 80's - I can make almost anything and everything I need in my life.

Put me on a desert Island and I'm good to go. But I hate 'roughing it'...My idea of going camping is staying at a Hilton Hotel

15) Nearly drowned in the ship pool as a kid when immigrating to Australia

16) I don't have a mobile phone

17) My first job was at 14 when I made fairy floss on sticks to sell in a shopping center

18) I'm a member of the Baha'i Faith

19) By the time I was 18 years old I had lived in 27 places/homes spread over 3 countries in two Continents.

20) I use vodka as an antiseptic spray wipe and to polish furniture - learned it from Kirstie Alley on the Oprah show!

21) In 2000 I made the decision to become a vegetarian. Just slipped into it over the decades of learning about animal farming & abattoir practices, so I thought I might as well be purposeful about it.

22) The most I ever managed to donate to charities in one year was $20,000. Would like to top that in the future.

23) I have had a lifelong interest in natural remedies and home therapies for natural cures to health ailments.

24) When I was 14 I read a book about Palmistry, and was so spookily good at reading people's palms it frightened me and I stopped doing it.

25) I have been a catwalk and photo Model at various times in my life

26) In the 80's I learned to fly Gyro planes - trained on a glider gyro ... like a small helicopter. A more accurate description is a flying eggbeater!

27) I know how to do almost every craft hobby there is! Self taught from instruction books - I can make almost anything!

28) My favorite food is tuna or salmon sashimi and California roll / sushi

29) I cut my own hair, very rare that I go to a hairdresser for anything nowadays

30) I have never knowingly broken the law or had to make a personal appearance in any Law Court for any reason... yeah, I'm a really boring goody-two-shoes.

31) We cared for a baby Kangaroo named Guru and/or UnaMama when we lived in WA.

32) My favorite tree is the Weeping Willow. There were two in my yard 19 years ago when I moved here, but they died in the decade of drought, so I planted a new one this year.

33) I have never taken any illegal drugs, ever, not even a puff of dope... am I the only one on the planet?

34) When I was 11 I wrote a poem about my cat called "Dusty Ringworm" telling the tale of his infection, that was published in the Western Australian newspaper children's section

35) I can't do interactive relaxation exercises like having to look at the computer screen and make the balls juggle, doors open, fire light up and so on.
Major Fail! I get so frustrated at not being able to relax enough to move the things on the screen that I just end up a huge stress ball! Sold the *bleeping* software kit and finger sensors on eBay!

✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿ . . .
…………….♥ •.¸.•´♥……………

Even if you happen to know me for a few years, there would be some surprises in that lot... and the rest of them I'm not telling you - ever - lol......!!!!!!!!

So, I'm dying to know what things you can tell me about yourself!

Do you have a list online anywhere you can link to here, or that you can tell me about here?

Please click the COMMENTS link below to share your surprises with us!!!!

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Great List
by: Tiffany Dow

Okay so what is fairy floss?


Great list :)



aha! Tiff, I forgot you non-English speaking Americans call things by different names...

I think you call it Cotton Candy in the US .... the pink fluffy fine threads of sugar strings you buy in plastic bags, or spun onto a big stick!

Ah ha! We have one thing in common
by: crystal touchton

I did a fire walk for charity a few years ago.

It was great learning more about you. Wow! you're such a generous soul...of course I already knew that. :)



Thanks Crystal - very sweet of you to say so... I love learning about you on your blog!

by: Patti Stafford

Love it! You are so cool.

I was forced to go camping every weekend when I was a kid/teen.

While I know I can survive in the wild because of it, my idea of camping is in the Hilton too. LOL



Thanks Patti --- never been the cool kid in school before - lol!

Saw your G+ comment, and it's gut wrenching to think you were in the same situation of driving without brakes when you were 8 months pregnant - terrifying business!!!

One day for fun I might start doing #24 again... who knows?

Love your comments - thanks!!!

Nice to know you
by: Cheryl Chartier

It's nice to know you Helene.

Wow, 60 cigarettes a day, that equals to 3 packs a day. Glad you did quit.

I love cleaning with vinegar, water and a drop of dish detergent. I use a laundry detergent recipe I got on pinterest. It works.

I also don't use chemicals in my home garden. I use natural organic ways to get rid of pests.



Hi Cheryl, Been enjoying your catblog, especially when my Hooligans get photo of the day feature - lol!

Yep, vodka used to be cheap since no-one liked the stuff ... now its NOT ... since it became popular in alcoholic fruit flavored 'lolly drinks' that the teens slam down nowadays to get drunk fast. Don't know what's wrong with the youth that they have to get blind drunk to be able to enjoy themselves - very sad.

I also use bicarb soda to scrub counters/taps etc. and I recently started making a vinegar brewed with orange peel mix that I saw online and that is a good spray wipe, but I'm not thrilled with the smell of the vinegar when I use it.

I started using these non chemical cleaners when my skin became overly sensitive (can't even use normal soaps anymore) and had to find less corrosive cleaning agents. Very happy I made the effort.

And my garden is all Organic... it become tedious hand picking caterpillars off my grape leaves etc. but for veges I just make sure I grow enough at a time that we can all get a feed off them, as long as the slugs and bugs and birds leave enough to give me a feed too.

Yeah, 60 cigarettes a day didn't happen overnight, but it did happen over the decades.

Anyone who lights up for the first time doesn't want to believe it will happen to them, but they will become addicted, sooner or later.

Yes, 3 packs a day. I used to have to leave for work with 2 packets of cigarettes in my bag to make sure I made it through the day, and then opened another one at home to make it through the evening... horrible!!!

Cost an absolute fortune, could have bought another investment house or two with what I spent.

You're not alone...
by: Debi J

Ok, on the cell phone thing... what?!

On the drug thing... my mom was the same way. She said she never jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge either but she still was ok with that. (Although we did have to give her weed in pill form when she had cancer... we didn't dare tell her because I knew she wouldn't take it!)

Vodka for furniture polish? I'm gonna assume that it costs less over there than it does here. :)

I've put a list together but ended up with more than 30 so I'm working on whittling it down. :)



Hi Deb!

I don't have a cell phone because I have been forced to have one glued to my head 24/7 since they became mandatory for every worker and businessperson to have one.

I HATED them from the beginning, because they force you to be "on call" no matter where you go (but I refuse to answer the phone when I'm in a public toilet - THAT is disgusting when people talk to you while of the toilet- WTF!?!)

In my business of sales and marketing clients would call my mobile from 7am til 9pm at night - and on weekends ...

I once had a boss who would call me every morning from her car, when I was also driving on my way to work, to show me how hard working she was... but she never acknowledged my emails at the end of my day at 9-10pm before I left the office to go home at night ... because she was home with her family then.

Nowadays even in my home office I usually screen most calls to save myself from the canvass callers... I only talk to the people I want to.

And as for texting - Forgeddaboutit.... not going to do it.

As soon as I closed my business, I cancelled the mobile phone!! Until the day I need one for emergency phone calls when I'm in the supermarket, then I don't need one... call me at home when its convenient for me to take the call.

Guess what... we survived for thousands of year without having to know where each other was for every minute of every day!!

Funny story about your mother (kind of) ... I hope your mum became well again - and that you never told her you slipped her the pot - even if it was prescribed medication - lol!

And just DO YOU LIST... I started with the goal of sharing maybe 10 things, and ended up with 35 ... who cares what the number is... just get it out there and have some fun with it!!!

What a fascinating life you've led.
by: Sandy Hitchins

It seems there's not much you haven't done Helene. Good for you.

When I was a kid I was terrified of the lion that roars at the beginning of Warner Brother movies. (think it's Warner brothers.)


Gday Sandy, how cool to see you here today!!!

I wonder how many parents realized how traumatized their kids can be by the movies they take their kids to see on the big screen - lol!!!

Yeah, I've been around the block a few times... got the t-shirt, sold it on eBay... etc.

Great List Helene
by: Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa

So we call fair floss candy floss. But my question is what other languages do you speak?

Did your mum marry men from different countries?

Love the photos - your certainly are a wonder woman with all the stuff that you can do. :)



Hi Victoria,So nice to see you here!

I lived in Denmark, Sweden and Australia, so I spoke Danish from birth, then learned to speak and read Swedish when I was about 6 as that is where I first went to school, and then when we immigrated to Australia I learned to speak English when I was 8 years old.

It was funny at school because they figured since I was Danish they should put me in the Year 8 class because the Teacher was from Holland!!!

So there I was in a class of much older kids, speaking Danish/Swedish to a teacher who was trying to communicate with me in Dutch, so that I could learn to speak English... can you believe that I was a bit confused????

We did not speak anything but English at home, so the other languages faded fast, only speak a miniscule bit of Danish from when I bought a language course to relearn it, but didn't complete it.

My mother married:

#1 My father, who was Swedish,
#2+3 Were Danish men,
#4 An Australian born in Tasmania
#5 Then a Croatian
#6 Finally another Australian.

She liked to mix it up...

Glad you liked the photos... there are more here on my old MySpace page... Which by the way was the first social network I ever joined, and told my story on.

It's 18 months out of date - got to visit and update it, but it has a slideshow of old photos and craft projects you may enjoy

Will keep plugging away at the "About us" page to fill in more blanks about the stuff I've done in my life... I've surely used up every minute of it so far - lol!

You're right..
by: Debi J

Ok, I understand why you ditched the cell phone... as long as it's something that YOU don't want now rather than a way to get even with a crappy boss (cause if not then she's still controlling you you know)

LOL Luckily for me, I had that kind of boss back when pagers were the weapon of choice... so I dumped the pager! :)

As for my mom... no, she didn't know and we lost her within about a week and a half after that.

But it's something I remember telling my brother while she was in the hospital and he was shocked that she agreed... so I had to explain that she didn't (almost had a nurse spill the beans one day though). Just funny memories of dealing with a crappy time... that's how my family deals. :)

And you're right about the list... I just didn't want to bore people to death... they can always stop reading though right!? LOL


Thanks for stopping by again Deb, so sorry to hear that your mum didn't make it through. At least her time was made as comfortable as possible.

Ack! I never experienced pagers, I'm glad to say... that would be even worse... first your get disturbed/interrupted AND THEN you have to go and find a phone to call back or 'report for duty' etc. Horrible things, unless you are a doctor or surgeon.

The list you are making can never be too long because you don't know what makes people click. The things that I thought were the most interesting didn't get much comment, so who knows?

When you get your list up, make sure you pop in and post the link here will you Deb? Can't wait to see it.

Love It!
by: Tamsin

Hi Helene

WOW! You're like Superwoman! I've loved reading about everyone and what they've done :)



Hi Tamsin, so glad to see you here today!

Thank you for the comment - I must admit that sometimes I feel tired enough to have been Superwoman all my life... I have lived so many lives so far!

I think this idea by Tiff's community was a great one, I have learned so much about everyone that I have been reading about on her blog - it really has been fun!

by: Bonnie Gean

My apologies for not coming over here sooner to read this list.

I've been here before but was too dumb to find the "leave a comment" link so I never responded to any of your posts during the challenge with Tiff.

I know, I know - I should have asked you, but I didn't for fear of sounding stupid - so I'll just go ahead and call the kettle black. :) (That means telling you like it is, here in the USA).

What a wonderful life! You've done more than most will ever do in their ENTIRE lifetime and you seem to have done it all while you were young enough to enjoy it. Bravo!



I'm glad that you finally made it here and worked it out - lol!

The system here on SiteSell websites is always different from whatever else is going on at WP blogs etc. so while we are all used to the trendy CommentLuv, I'm plugging away with a super simple inbuilt system.

I admin I wish then created the auto Comment link to be larger, just more noticeable... anyway, I'll work out a graphic or something to draw more attention to it.

Thanks for the fun comment and kind words on this blog post!

I certainly feel like I have lived a few lives in this one lifetime!

Love your blog, will be dropping in again soon.

Hope to see you here more often now that you know how this site works - lol!

I know one more...
by: Christine Larsen

You haven't told anyone you are contemplating writing some fiction - there - now you're sprung!(Although I promise I won't tell anyone else!)

But when I look at this list, I'm thinking you would be able to write great memoirs from so many of your life happenings.

What about a collection of shorter ones? There is no 'just right' length for memoir.

Would make great reading that many folk would truly enjoy. Your subjects are SO challenging... for YOU to expand!

Hey? Wotcha say?



Sounds like a plan Christine - lol!

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