Lady Margaret Thatcher - Iron Lady Forever RIP

by Helene Malmsio

The famous "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher died today, and I want to pay some respect for an outstanding woman in the political arena.

Born October 13, 1925 - Died April 8, 2013

She was voted into the position of Prime Minister in the 1979 when most women still thought a career highlight was to be a teacher or nurse, and most women (like myself) settled for being secretaries or shop assistants.

I was amazed by this woman who took over the UK way back then. It took another 30 years before Australia appointed (only by default) a woman for Prime Minister.

The bottom line is that while she was a career politician who wanted to do nothing else but live for politics, I doubt that she ever imagined she would or could rise to this position.

But in 1975 her party was filled with gutless wonders with no vision or balls, and she literally ended up head of the party because no-one else was prepared to put their career on the line in that role at that time.

It was assumed she would fail, the party would lose the election, and they would just move on to getting back to business like usual with a man at the helm.

They were not prepared for the Iron Lady. No one was - lol!

From 1979-1990 she led England through those painful years of change, with an uncompromising style expressed so well by her famous phrase:
“You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning.”

You can see here the ABC prepared life timeline of Margaret Thatcher

It is sad that the end of her tenure was marred by so much garbage, but it seems to be almost mandatory that great people end up being practically thrown out with the rubbish when their former allies decide that their 'use by date' has come.

But what truly appalls and horrifies me is the image I see today of people dancing in the streets in UK and celebrating her death. They are truly revolting and disgusting people.

It is such a tragic image, and one that the Gen Y & X people will have forever in their minds when her name is mentioned, with no hint of respect and admiration for her.

But she would be laughing about the fact that all these dole-bludging so-called Socialist whosi-whats-its holding up commercially printed posters with her image and waving commercially sold balloons with anti-thatcher sayings printed on them are spending their money and thereby supporting Capitalism in their efforts to demonize her.... I think she would enjoy a chuckle about that.

RIP Iron Lady, you earned it.

I'll never forget you, you will always be one of my heroines.

Lady Thatcher will receive a televised ceremonial funeral with military honors at St Paul's Cathedral next week.

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Comments for Lady Margaret Thatcher - Iron Lady Forever RIP

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Watching her life story...
by: Jean

Interesting to note that as I admire her, I had selected the new movie of her life and ordered the DVD by mail yesterday, and since it didn't arrive this morning, I should get it to watch tomorrow.

Interesting timing. I'll be watching Meryl in the role of Maggie, in a whole new way since the news of her death.

Such a loss for the people who remember her in her prime, when the world was still in love with her.

Learn more about Margaret Thatcher
by: Helene

I thought that maybe there are people out there who are not familiar with the story of Margaret Thatcher, and her beginnings as the daughter of a Grocer.

Much was said to belittle her because she came from a self-made background. I always admired her for that.

I bought and read her autobiography about 25 years ago and I still have it. I will be reading it again as a refresher now.

But here are some resources you can check out if you would like to learn more about this wonderful lady.

The reviews are mixed about the movie with Meryl Streep, but since I haven't seen it yet I can't comment.

I'm confident that the documentary would be worth getting though.


And of course, you can't go wrong with her autobiography, so take your pick and discover this gem of modern history.

- Helene

My Second Favorite World Leader
by: Tiffany Dow

Maybe it's because Reagan is my sweetheart and he liked the woman, but I adore her! She made tons of news over here in the USA with her passing - I'm sorry other countries didn't honor her.

I liked her because she's a woman who had the balls to stand up and not cower to those who opposed her. She spoke her mind.

Wonderful lady. She will be missed.

Too true Tiffany
by: Helene

When you think about it, Maggie was the original Honey Badger - lol!

She really knew how to stand up for what she believed... no Euro in Britain - fought and won the war to keep the Falklands, what's not to like?

Margaret Thatcher fan
by: Shan

Lady Thatcher was the only Prime Minister to be voted in 3 times. She took on the job after Labour had allowed the trades unions to bring the country to its knees - the so-called "Winter of Discontent" when we couldn't bury our dead, garbage filled the streets because the dustbin collectors were on strike, we only had electricity for a few hours a day because others were on strike.

Lady Thatcher took on the trades unions and won. She wouldn't let them get away with their 'bully boy' tactics.

If it hadn't been for Margaret Thatcher, the Falklands would be part of Argentina. She wouldn't let Argentina get away with their 'bully boy' tactics either.

God bless you. RIP Lady Thatcher

A Fan of The Woman - Not Her Politics
by: Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa

I was sorry to hear about Lady Thatcher's death. To me, she should always be held in great esteem because she did what no other woman had done before and that was to be the first female Prime Minister.

She proved that it was possible to break through that glass ceiling at a time when women were seen only as mothers and secretaries.

I didn't agree with her politics but she was a strong women with strongly held beliefs who fought hard for her party until, they ruthlessly threw her out of 10 Downing Street.

RIP Lady T

Rest In Peace, Iron Lady.
by: Alex Sparrow

Margaret Thatcher proved that all women can be successful with the necessary will and perseverance in work. And besides, she was trying to stay human - as the circumstances allowed. For example, I was lucky enough seeing her buying a garland of garlic at the Halls in 1984.

It's absolutely incredible, but said she had time to cook for her family every night. She was Prime Minister for 11 years and didn't have a chef, although she would have been entitled to that in her position.

As I know, Russian journalists called her Iron Lady at first, due to Margaret Thatcher's intrepidity and strong determination. What finally stuck it (supposedly she didn't mind).

"If I could start again, I wouldn't be politicians because of my family" - she said this in 1995, and certainly she made no secret of that as prime minister, her husband and her son are often forced to neglect.

She was born on Friday 13th, and her middle name was Hilda. Despite that, none of these brought her misfortune.

She didn't like her voice; she considered that too high to talking about "serious decisions". She took lessons from a speech teacher of The British National Theatre to learn to speak a little more deeply, which she made it.

Margaret Thatcher's work also appears in the English language: the 'hand bagging' means that someone sticks to her view of all costs. Namely, the Iron Lady often hit the table with her handbag, if she really warmed to the debate.

Of course, the image of her career shadowed by her several measures, which increased unemployment. I remember the mine closures and the strikes. It is also part of Margaret Thatcher's overall picture.

All in all, I think; she encouraged many women to discover and going on their own way. And it is not a bagatelle.

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