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In the 1960s in the US, the hippie movement was maligned for drug use and free love thinking. Some made fun of the back-to-nature free thinkers of the day that claimed they could see the auras surrounding people.

They claimed to see encompassing cocoons of cloud-like color which told them a lot about a person. While this may have been laughed at back then, it is not so abstract an idea today.

Your aura is a distinctive quality or sense of being which surrounds you. Living things are not the only entities which give off an aura.

Places and things can and emit an enveloping presence that gives off a specific mood or feeling, because of living beings that were previously there.

You may have found yourself in a place where a great tragedy recently occurred, and noticed an invisible presence that gave you negative, dark or unsafe feelings.

This may have been the aura that environment was displaying, and you sensed it subconsciously even if you couldn't see it.

Spiritualists and mystics who have spent their lives improving their receptivity to auras can readily identify the color or colors which surround many people, places and things.

Different colors have different meanings, so let's take a look at what the color makeup of your aura says about you.

What Color is Your Aura?

Living things that breathe oxygen and are natural energy fields give off electromagnet energy.

If you have ever been around someone who made you feel uneasy, and you couldn't place a finger on exactly why you felt that way, you could've been tapping into that person's aura.

The dark, negative energy the individual was giving off was instantly and unconsciously registered, and this triggered an emotional response on your part.

In some cases, especially due to massive trauma or some horrific life event, an aura can grow to as many as 30 or 40 or 50 feet from one side to the other.

A person's life force energy was so negatively impacted that their aura has exploded in size.

There are ways you can cleanse your aura, specific alternative healing practices which return your life force energy flow to a balanced, positive state.

Let's take a color by color look at different auras.

• Red - People with mostly red in their aura are energetic, enthusiastic and adventurous, quick to act and quick to anger. If you know someone who is willing to try just about anything, that person probably has a red aura.

• Orange - These social animals are fun to be around. They are also generous to a fault, are highly empathetic and good-natured, with a tendency to lose their cool quickly.

• Gold - Beauty lovers and artists have gold auras. They love being the centers of attention, and cultivate a wide number and variety of friends.

• Yellow - A yellow aura denotes logic and intelligence, as well as great communication skills. This person is analytical and sensible and may become a workaholic.

• Purple - Purple auras identify people that are inquiring and intuitive. They are explorers and knowledge-seekers, and have a tight-knit, limited group of friends they would do anything for. Purple auras indicate a love of and connectedness with animals and nature.

• Pink - Pink auras surround giving, caring, loving folks. These romantics have natural healing powers and are highly attuned to their psychic attributes.

• Blue - Great communicators have bluish auras, though a blue-only aura is rare. These people are influential, eloquent and charismatic, and are often celebrities or politicians.

• Green - These creative people love what they do, in work and at play. They are usually highly respected and admired and have a connection to nature.

Background of Using Sound for Healing

Did you know you can harness the power of sound to heal your body and mind? If you have a hard time believing this, think about your favorite song.

You probably only have to hear the first notes of this song for you to be filled with peace and joy, energy and vitality. Now think of the sound of an ambulance or a police siren, a fire alarm or a smoke detector.

Instantly, without conscious thought, your mind is filled with thoughts of despair, danger and other negative emotions when you hear those sounds.

This is simple proof of the power of sound to drive your emotions, and in some cases your behaviors.

Additionally, it has been known since the beginning of recorded human history that sound can be used for healing and medicinal purposes.

You have probably heard that relaxing, soothing music is used in penitentiaries and hospitals to calm inmates and patients alike. This is just one example of the healing power of sound.

How Sound Heals

If you scrape or cut your skin, you apply some type of antiseptic or antibiotic cream. This speed up the healing process.

Your sense of touch is harnessed by the application of a substance to help you get better quicker.

This is nothing more than what happens when certain sounds, frequencies and vibrations are used to deliver very specific health benefits.

Entrainment is at the basis of sound healing. Since you are nothing more than energy (science has proven this, that humans and all other living things are bundles of energy), and energy is constantly moving and vibrating, you can synchronize your brain waves to frequencies provided by music and sound.

This moves you from a beta state where you are experiencing what is known as waking consciousness to an alpha state. The benefits of alpha brain waves are relaxation and stress-relief.

Alpha is not the only state of brainwave activity that can help heal the mind and body. Sound healing includes the attainment of theta or delta states of consciousness for meditation, sleep and healing of internal organisms and bodily processes.

How Does Sound Healing Work? What Is the Experience Like?

In a sound therapy session, you will calm yourself, usually close your eyes, and concentrate on slowing your breathing.

This is to put your body and mind in a place where they are more aligned to accepting the influence of sound as a natural healer.

You are making yourself a receptacle of sound. A sound healer will provide sound from Himalayan singing bowls, drums, songs, human voices, tuning forks or vibrational instruments that influence your brainwave activity.

This allows you to reach the states of being mentioned earlier that influence positive health and clear negative energy.

The experience feels much like meditation, except without the quiet, usually soundless environment. The benefit is mental, physical and emotional well-being.




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