8 Hobbies That Build Self-Confidence

Hobbies are optional activities, so they should be fun. But hobbies can also provide other benefits, such as greater self-confidence. Imagine an activity you enjoy that also has the potential to enhance other parts of your life.

That’s a powerful activity!

Of course, any activity that builds your self-confidence could also stretch your comfort zone a bit. But that’s what life is all about: increasing your comfort zone a little each day.

The best hobbies will challenge you in new ways and help you to learn more about yourself.

Consider hobbies like these:

1. Dancing.
Dancing is good exercise, and a lot of people find it intimidating to dance in front of others. Developing your dance skills can do a lot to boost your confidence and social life.

You’ll no longer have to sit on the sidelines pretending you have better things to do.

2. Skydiving.
Not many people have the nerve to go skydiving. Even fewer have the nerve to do it a second time.

Getting your skydiving license can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on where you train, your time, and your budget.

Knowing that you voluntarily jump out of a plane while others are too afraid to consider it is great for your confidence.

3. Stand-up comedy.
Getting up in front of a crowd is hard enough. But delivering your own material in front of judgmental strangers requires nerves of steel.

There are numerous classes and workshops that will teach you the basics and help you along. You might be the next Seinfeld or Dave Chappelle.

4. Travel.
Traveling to Boca Raton might not do much for your confidence but traveling to a foreign country will. Traveling alone to a foreign country will build even more confidence.

You’ll learn a lot about the world which will give you a leg up on most of the people you know. You learn a lot about yourself, too.

5. Martial arts.
Knowing that you can flip, kick, punch, and stomp anyone at any time will make anyone confident.

Maybe that’s going a little too far but getting in shape and learning how to handle yourself in a violent situation would make anyone more confident.

You can get fit and build your confidence simultaneously.

6. Acting.
Acting is another way of putting yourself out there with the risk of being judged.

Most people don’t have the nerve to get up on stage, but if you do, you’ll benefit from a great boost of confidence.

Acting in plays is also a great way to make some new and interesting friends.

7. Public speaking.
In surveys, many people claim they fear public speaking more than death. That’s pretty scary!

Mastering public speaking will bolster your confidence in ways you can’t imagine. You can learn how to speak at free Toastmasters trainings!

Toastmasters is a well-respected organization with an excellent training program for public speaking. It’s inexpensive, too. This program is a great way to dip your toes in the water while you learn.

Maybe performing poetry readings at the local coffee shop is more to your liking.

8. Music.
Sing or master an instrument. If you can get up on stage, so much the better.

Just being able to play Christmas carols on the piano for your friends will enhance your confidence.

Do any of these hobbies appeal to you? Do you have any other ideas?

You can use these ideas as a springboard to jumpstart your own ideas. There are literally thousands of hobbies to choose from.

You can find one that you’ll enjoy that will also make you feel more confident.

Start making a list of possibilities and give a couple of them a try. You have nothing to lose and much confidence to gain.

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5 Steps To Boost Your Motivation Skills

It is no secret that life can be tough. This is especially true for anyone set on living a life of fulfillment and achievement.

Probably the most important intrinsic factor responsible for rising above the rest of the population is motivation.

Motivation is the one variable that allows you to push yourself when those around you give up and seek out one challenge after another to conquer.

If you are currently experiencing a dry spell in the way of motivation or even if you have never thought of yourself as a driven individual, but would like to become one, this article is a must read.

Here we will discuss 5 helpful steps that, in no particular order, are an effective way to enhance your overall motivation and drive to achieve the goals you have set for yourself!

Know Your Why

While it may seem obvious, knowing your reasoning and passion behind anything you pursue is critical. When you first set out on a goal or achievement, your “why” for doing so typically starts out pretty clear.

However, somewhere in the grind of working towards this goal, this foundation can quickly become obscured.

Make no mistake; any time you are tirelessly working towards something worthwhile, no matter how important, there WILL be days in which you feel less motivated than others.

Remaining conscientious of why you started in this first place serves as your second (or third, or fourth) wind to get back up and keep pushing.

Know Your Direction

Extreme motivation has a tendency to cause one to put their head down and work like a maniac.

While there are times that this mindset is beneficial, some sense of direction must be maintained. Big goals rarely consist of point A and point B.

Instead, it is important to have a general outline in mind of each specific step towards your destination.

So yes, while keeping your nose to the grindstone is a must, looking up every now and then to adjust and begin the next phase of your blueprint is the only way to continue heading in the right direction!

Allow Small Victories

No matter how much (or little) motivation you have towards a goal, failing to enjoy small successes in pursuit of the finish line is a sure fire way to run out of gas before you get there.

While resting on your laurels and settling for less than what you want must be avoided, depriving yourself of fulfillment along the way is also detrimental.

In pursuit of your goals, take some time to reward yourself when you accomplish one of the (often many) small steps to get there.

You Versus You, Not You Versus Them

This is a step that almost all of us need to hear. Keep in mind that your goals are YOUR goals. Letting other people’s pursuits dictate what you strive for is a slippery slope.

After all, you will never find the motivation required to achieve anything great without a personal conviction to do so.

Whatever it is you want, the only comparison to be made is to the person you were the day before.

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