10 Ways to Love Yourself More

We're universally too hard on ourselves. We hold onto our shortcomings and conveniently forget our successes and positive qualities.

It's not easy for other people to respect, like, or love you if you don't love yourself.

While we find it easy to love others, it's much more challenging to appreciate ourselves. We allow others to take advantage of us.

We tolerate unhealthy relationships. We overeat. We waste our valuable time. We have goals that are far beneath our capabilities.

Give yourself the love you deserve:

1. Understand that you are relevant.

You matter to the world. Your opinions matter. Your work matters.

Your mere presence matters. You've already touched numerous lives in a positive way.

2. Understand that your greatest mistakes don't define you.

Your mistakes may have influenced your life, but they've only changed who you are if you've permitted it.

It doesn't matter how many mistakes you've made. Tomorrow is a new day.

3. Forgive someone that has wronged you.

Forgiving doesn't mean that you have to let them back into your life or give them another chance.

It just means that you're not going to spend any more time or mental energy holding onto your anger. Be good to yourself and let it go.

You'll impress yourself with your inner strength and enjoy the relief that forgiveness brings.

4. Think about the best compliments you've ever received.

Bask in them. The most meaningful compliments are those that ring true in the depth of your soul.

It's exciting when someone else recognizes the best that we have to offer the world.

5. Take a stand for something you believe in.

Be bold in your opinion of what's right and wrong. Be willing to share your interests and hobbies with others.

When you love yourself, you can do what interests you without the need for approval from others. Be proud of what's most important to you.

6. Be kind to yourself.

The world will be harsh enough on you. Make an effort to be kind to yourself. Remember your good qualities and your strengths.

7. Be of service to others.

We admire those that give of themselves. You can admire yourself by spending some time each week helping to make someone else's life a little easier or more pleasant.

Find a charity or social organization that addresses a cause that's near and dear to your heart.

8. Take care of yourself.

See the doctor and dentist. Pay for a good haircut. Avoid dressing like a slob.

Avoid being obsessed with your appearance, but give it the attention it deserves.

Make an effort to look your best because you're worth the time and effort.

9. Do something nice for yourself.

Take the trip you've been putting off. Buy yourself a book.

Take a class on a topic that interests you. Buy those expensive sheets for the bed.

Don't do it as a reward. Do it just because you're wonderful.

10. Remember your greatest successes.

Remember how amazing you are. You've done lots of great things. Remind yourself of them.

We were taught as children to be loving to others. It's about time you applied the same rule to yourself.

Everyone benefits when you love yourself more. You're happier and at your best.

You can do more for others and be more inspiring. Take the time to love yourself fully. You deserve it!

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Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Life is more enjoyable when you feel confident. It's also easier to be successful.

A lack of confidence can get in the way of your career, relationships, and social life.

Low self-confidence can trip you up when you least expect it.

Luckily, your sense of self-confidence is under your control. If you avoid managing it, it will be lower than you deserve.

Your level of self-confidence might seem random, but you can choose to direct it as you see fit.

Increase your self-confidence and feel better about yourself and your future:

1. Have a small success.

It can be mundane, like getting the garage cleaned out.

Have an intention and follow through on it. When you intend to do something and accomplish it, you feel more confident.

2. Let go of the past.

You've had a few things go wrong in the past, but that has nothing to do with today. Your future is created today.

There's no reason to weigh yourself down with anything that's happened in the past.

3. Hit the gym.

Go for a run or do 25 pushups. Even a vigorous walk can boost your self-confidence.

Break a sweat and you'll boost your confidence.

4. Build your social skills.

A lack of social skills is a common cause of low self-confidence. Interacting with others is an important activity.

When you know that you can do it well, your self-confidence will increase.

There are many books and websites created to address this issue.

5. Hang out with a positive crowd.

The people around you affect your mood and outlook on life. Your confidence is affected, too.

Create a social group that supports you and maintains a positive attitude.

6. Tackle a fear.

Afraid of spiders? Go to the pet store and ask to hold a tarantula. Fear of heights?

Find a building downtown that allows the public to use the observation deck. We make every effort to avoid the things we fear.

Rather than hiding, face a fear head-on and notice how confident you feel afterwards. Bravery and self-confidence are cousins.

7. Make a list of your past successes.

You've had at least a few. You've probably forgotten more than you remember!

Take just a minute or two to remember these great successes. You'll feel more powerful after just 60 seconds.

Better yet, make a list and carry it with you. Start with your childhood and move forward in time to the present day.

When you're feeling down, pull out your list and bask in your successes.

8. Do something you're good at.

After a hard day, nothing can boost your confidence like spending some time at an activity you excel at.

Make a list of the things you do well and spend some time each day doing one of them. Build this time into your schedule.

If possible, create a social event around the activity. Having someone see you do something well is an even bigger boost to your self-confidence.

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