3 Steps to Amazing Self Confidence

Learning the life skills of how to build your self esteem and increase your self confidence can make all the difference in the world to you and the successes you are likely to experience in your life.

Low self esteem holds many people back from trying unfamiliar things, learning new skills, taking risks, and all the things that help people to grow and develop.

Leadership in life and work only comes with confidence.

Even attracting a caring and respectful partner in love requires that you have high self esteem and confidence in yourself.

If we do not have confidence in ourselves, we can be reluctant to try to improve our lives, as we doubt our ability to succeed.

Therefore one of the most important things we can do if we are to achieve our goals is to increase our self confidence.

Read on for three sneaky ways to boost those self confidence levels sky high;

1. Think positive.

You may not always feel positive, but if you constantly put yourself down or think negatively about yourself then you invite others to do so as well.

Stop putting yourself down by saying things such as ‘I am useless at that’, ‘You know what I’m like’ or ‘I’m so fat’.

Every time you catch yourself saying anything negative, stop immediately.

Make a habit of identifying and then stopping negative talk during your conversations and it will soon become second nature.

Talk positively about the things you do well, and if somebody gives you a compliment, accept it gracefully rather than trying to play it down.

In time you will start to feel much more positive about yourself and you should find people treat you accordingly.

A catchphrase that I found very helpful to use was "...until now!"

Every time a negative, self defeating, low self esteem thought would come into my head, about how I always fail or couldn't do.. whatever... before when I tried, I would simply add a tail end to the thought ".... until NOW!"

That would turn every negative thought, feeling or comment into a positive spin!

2. Celebrate your achievements.

There will be areas in your life in which you excel, and there will be other things that you do a lot better than most people.

Learn to identify what you are good at and mentally give yourself credit- are you good at math?

Does your cooking keep guests coming back for more?

Are you the one people turn to when they need a problem solving?

If you are struggling to think of anything, write down all the things you would love to try, and make a commitment to yourself to go ahead and do them!

Get creative- paint a picture, write a poem or bake a cake.

You could find a new passion and talent in your life.

Get a notebook and write down all that you have achieved so far in your life- you will be surprised!

Don’t just write down major successes- note all the little things you have done which have made a difference, such as raising two healthy, loving children, giving a dog a good, safe home or being a great friend.

This is something that I find very hard to do... I love giving acknowledgement and or gifts to other people when they achieve, but it is harder to do the same for myself.

I find this is a very common problem with people I talk to.

One of the signs to look for when you achieve balance and confidence, is to notice that you are more comfortable giving yourself the things you want, without feeling guilt, or feeling that you 'have to earn it'.... just get it or do it, and ENJOY IT!!

3. Resolve to do something every day to improve your self confidence, no matter how small.

It’s not so daunting taken one step at a time!

Identify areas where your confidence is low and aim to do one small thing to improve it each day.

For example, if you find it difficult to interact with people, resolve to smile at a stranger every day.

If you don’t feel confident about your appearance, aim to take some exercise or have a facial.

If you lack confidence in your written skills, find a book on writing and grammar, and practice a little each day.

By taking small steps and pushing yourself just a little more on a daily basis, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as you would trying to tackle a major area all at once.

As you celebrate each small step achieved your self confidence will grow a little more each day.

Even something like collecting your favorite Affirmations or inspiring quotes, and reading one every day, that becomes your positive thought, or affirmation, for the day.

This will give you a chance to think positive and feel more confident, in a very simple and private way.

Learn more about how to increase your confidence and self esteem when you read the rest of our information here about: How to Build Self Confidence

It is so well worth the effort, I promise you!!!

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