6 Reasons You Lose Motivation After Getting Started

Have you ever made big plans for your life, only to fail to act on them? Or maybe you started with a bang and kept your motivation for a few days, but suddenly lost interest.

It’s easy to lose motivation after the initial excitement wears off. But if you want to be successful, it’s important to keep going. The work isn’t going to get done itself.

Understand why you lose your motivation:

1. The planning phase is more fun than the execution phase.

Sitting alone at night and making plans for the future can be an exciting time. Everything seems possible, because you’re only limited by your imagination at that point.

◦ However, when the sun comes up in the morning, it’s time to actually get busy. It all seems a little more daunting and less enjoyable when it’s time for the rubber to hit the road.

2. You lose track of the end result.

Remind yourself of the prize at the end of your journey. Visualize how it’s all going to be when you’ve reached your goal. You should feel an immediate boost of motivation.

3. Your goal doesn’t suit you.

Many of us choose goals that are acceptable to the world at large. It might be buying a huge house or a fancy car. Maybe your goal is totally mismatched to your real desires or temperament. Ensure that you’ve chosen goals that match your interests and abilities.

4. You feel uncomfortable and aren’t dealing with it effectively.

Of course, it’s uncomfortable to do anything new. Whether it’s creating a new income stream, beginning a workout routine, or a new diet, it’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s important to deal with this discomfort effectively.

◦ Expect to feel uncomfortable. Have a plan for working through it. If you’re making changes to your life, discomfort is the norm.

5. You have too many negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are paralyzing. Negative thoughts will make you rationalize that you should quit.

Though it doesn’t always feel like you have control over your thoughts, you do. You can choose what you want to think about.

◦ Take control of your thoughts. Catch yourself early in the process of thinking negative thoughts and redirect your focus to something more positive.

It takes time to develop this ability. The key is to notice quickly that your thoughts are going off the rails.

6. You’re stuck in your old habits and routines.

The older you are, the more challenging it can be to break out of your old patterns. We find comfort in our old routines, and our brains become hardwired to repeat them.

You’ll need to create new habits and routines if you want to change your behavior and your results.

Which of these six reasons applies to you most often?

Is there another reason you fail to sustain your motivation? Motivation and willpower can be highly variable.

Expect that your motivation will falter and be prepared to deal with it.

Focus on creating habits that will take you to your goals, because habits reduce the need for motivation and willpower.

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9 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude

Your attitude impacts everything in your life. Your happiness, satisfaction, career, and relationships are all impacted by your attitude.

Life can be challenging, which can make maintaining a positive mental attitude even more challenging.

But, if you want to turn your life around, having a good attitude is the first step to making everything else possible.

A positive mental attitude is crucial to success and happiness!

Use these strategies to maintain a positive attitude:

1. Plan an exciting future.

If you have a future that excites you, it’s easy to feel positive about life. Even if things are challenging today, you have an exciting life to look forward to.

2. Be successful each day.

Set yourself up to be successful each day. You can do this by making a short to-do list that you know you can complete.

Give yourself the experience of being successful each day. You can start with something as simple as making your bed and flossing your teeth before work.

3. Keep your thoughts positive.

Positive thoughts lead to a positive attitude. Your brain is always thinking something, and you have control over your thoughts if you choose to exercise that control.

Pay attention to what you’re thinking and keep your mind occupied with thoughts that serve you.

4. Remember your triumphs.

If you’re feeling down or hopeless, take a few minutes to remember all the amazing things you’ve accomplished.

It’s easy to forget all the things you’ve already mastered and succeeded at.

5. Remind yourself that you’re making progress.

Even if you’re struggling in a particular area of your life, you’re still making progress. It might be challenging to see, or it might be less progress than you like.

However, it’s still progress and a good reason to have a positive attitude.

6. Have something fun to look forward to.

What do you have to look forward to in the next month? It could be a movie with a friend or a weekend getaway.

Maybe you’re finally going to buy that shirt you’ve had your eye on.

7. Eliminate the negative from your life.

The negative things in your life can drag you down.

Removing as many of these negative things from your life as possible can make positivity a lot easier to find and maintain.

8. Surround yourself with people that support you.

Rather than spending time with people that sour your attitude, try surrounding yourself with those that lift you up.

Life is much easier and more enjoyable with positive people in your corner.

9. Forgive yourself.

Okay, you’ve made a few mistakes, ruined a few relationships, and squandered a few opportunities. Who hasn’t?

It’s time to forgive yourself for your missteps and enjoy your life again. What do you gain by holding a grudge against yourself?

Do you have a positive attitude in general? Are you optimistic or pessimistic? How do you think that influences your life?

Having a positive mental attitude leads to greater success. You’ll also be happier and be more attractive to others.

Try to see the bright side of things and expect the best. Life is more challenging when you have a negative attitude

What’s your biggest issue? How do you handle it – or can you think of any additional tips you can share with others if you don’t have an issue with this in your life?
Share them with us in our Comments – or share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook or wherever you feel it could help someone you know.

Cheers, Helene Malmsio

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