Should You Just Ignore Your Negative Emotions?

There are many negative emotions: hate, fear, worry, anger, and sadness, just to name a few. What should you do with these emotions? You might feel like never leaving the house again or taking a golf club to your partner’s SUV.

Obviously, some responses are more appropriate than others.

You probably weren’t given a lot of insight on how to how to handle negative emotions effectively. But the information is likely to be more useful to you than the analytic geometry you were taught in high school.

Learn more about negative emotions and what you can do about them:

1. Recognize that negative emotions are just a warning sign.

But, sometimes it’s just a false alarm. When you have a negative emotion, that should be a signal to assess what’s happening.

Are you in danger? Is someone mistreating you? Are you angry? Why? Determine the actual emotion and the cause.

◦ Many negative emotions are false alarms. It’s important to put your attention on the situation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any action has to be taken.

◦ If you have a chronic negative emotion, such as sadness, it’s time to do something about it. That might include professional help. There’s no reason to just ignore it.

2. Is the emotion driven by fear?

There are different causes for fear. There’s the “I might fall to my death” type of fear.

There’s also the, “What if the pretty lady rejects my offer for a date” type of fear. One is definitely worth paying attention to. The other is best ignored.

◦ Most of us allow the wrong type of fear to drive our decisions. A little courage can go a long way.

A little discomfort is necessary to grow and progress. Running away from that type of discomfort is very limiting.

3. What are the consequences?

Consider the cause of your negative emotion and the consequences of your potential responses.

◦ Science is quite clear on the fact that our ability to think and make decisions is degraded by strong emotions. It’s easy to make a poor choice that can cause you a lot of grief. Choose carefully.

4. Use your logic to make a final determination.

Do your best to be logical in your response to negative emotions.

It can be a good way to override the tendency to respond emotionally and instinctively. You have a lot of wisdom deep inside of you. Use it to your advantage.

5. De-stress if appropriate.

If you’re feeling stressed, take steps to de-stress. Most people are too passive when faced with stress.

There’s a lot you can do to relax. Listen to peaceful music, watch a good movie, call a friend, get a massage, take a nap, or go for a walk. Take control and de-stress yourself.

6. Take time to respond, if appropriate.

If you can wait to make a decision about how to respond, do it.

Once you’ve had a chance to think and have calmed down, then you’re in a better position to make a wise choice.

◦ A lot of the challenges in your past could have been avoided by waiting a few minutes, hours, or days to make a decision.

Negative emotions are a benefit if used properly. They can save your life. They can force you to make positive changes to your life.

They can also be a source of great discomfort. They can drive you to do and say things you shouldn’t.

When faced with negative emotions, stay calm and assess the situation. Use your intellect to make a wise decision. Negative emotions can be your friends.

Staying Positive When You're Surrounded by Negative People

You probably know more than your fair share of negative people! Since they’re everywhere, it’s important to know how to coexist with them.

Negative people can have an impact on your attitude and your day. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to mitigate the effect that negative people have on you.

Practice these strategies to avoid allowing negative people to negatively impact your life:

1. Understand that you can only control yourself, but you can influence others.

You can’t snap your fingers and make the people around you take a more positive view of the world. But you can control yourself and how you choose to react to their negativity.

◦ You might even be able to sway people over to your way of thinking a little bit. Set a good example and be a positive influence on those around you.

◦ Accept people for who they are. It’s just easier that way.

2. Be grateful.

One way to maintain a positive attitude is to remind yourself of the positive.

When you’re feeling run down by the negativity around you, make a quick mental list of the things in your life that you’re thankful for. It will give your mood a quick boost.

3. Remember that it’s not about you.

Everyone has their challenges and issues. There’s no reason to be upset that someone has a negative attitude.

It likely doesn’t have anything to do with you at all. It could be circumstances in their life or their basic nature. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.

4. You have the choice to be positive or negative.

You can choose to be affected or not by the people around you.

Focus on yourself and keep your chin up. Take care of your business and let others view the world however they choose.

5. Speak up.

Sometimes it can be helpful to tell people to just cut it out. Many people will push until someone calls them on their behavior.

Have a frank talk with someone that’s perpetually negative. Maybe they’re not aware of the impact they’re having on others.

6. Spend time with positive people.

Recharge your batteries with the positive energy of other positive people. Get away from those negative people and spend time with people full of positive attitude.

It doesn’t take long to recenter yourself when you surround yourself with the right people.

7. Make the most of your time alone.

Make the most of the time you have to yourself. Do things you really enjoy doing.

Read positive affirmations. Watch feel-good movies. Put your attention on positivity. It can be like armor against negative people.

8. Headphone can be your friend.

If the situation permits, put on some headphones or earbuds. What you can’t hear can’t bother you.

Consider listening to a positive podcast or music that makes you feel good. If your work situation allows this, it would be silly not to take advantage of it.

9. Stay away.

There are plenty of people in your life that are optional. Stay away from negative people that you don’t have to associate with.

You have some control over who is part of your life and who is not.

Negative people will drag you down if you let them. Take steps to minimize the impact they have on your life.

Practice gratitude each day, and you can maintain a positive perspective.

Block negative people out with headphones and stay away from as many negative people as possible.

Negative people will always be around, but you can deal with them and still be a positive person.

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