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Power Tips - Improve Your Crisis Stress Management - Report
March 30, 2020
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Inspiring Power Quotes:

"You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you."
- Brian Tracy

"Life is a series of problem-solving opportunities. The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you depending on how you respond to them."
- Rick Warren

"Positive thinking is believing 'there is always a way to improve and enhance' even the darkest situations."
- Graeme Kapono Urlich

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Editor’s Note by Helene Malmsio

Right now, and for the next few months, the whole world is dealing with a health crisis like nothing we have seen before. Stress levels of isolated people in lockdown at home, and essential workers still at the coalface, will be going through the roof.

At times like these your wellbeing depends on the maturity of your life skills and your ability to adapt to radical change with as little stress as possible. Calmness and creative problem solving will become more appreciated than ever, especially in community leaders.

This is also an opportunity for you to use your home isolation/lockdown time well, by developing your personal development and self help skills.

I've noticed that there are many places offering free editions of their usual paid courses, even Universities are doing this, so without having to spend any money while you are 'retrenched/redundancy' you can participate in some wonderful online training... take advantage of it with all the spare time you now have for a few weeks.

I hope that the information and suggestions in this month's self help report will be of some help to anyone struggling to manage their stress right now, and give you some tools to deal with worsening situations now, and any crisis you may deal with in the future.

We will all endure whatever has to happen for this epidemic to run its course, and we will get back to normal lives in due time... I wish you all the very best in these difficult times! Let's look at how you can cope with it all:

O.K. Lets begin with this edition's Power Tips report for you... ENJOY!

"Improve Yourself, Improve Your Stress In A Crisis"

Somewhere on the way to the rest of your life, you realize that things aren’t going as planned. You might suffer from money woes or realize your marriage is in turmoil. Or you will experience a worldwide crisis like the one we are in right now!

It’s the kind of thing that makes you sit up and take notice – and seek help before it gets the best of you.

Some things you can work on making better. If you need to stop spending money, you can develop a savings plan. But some stress is derived form the inside-out.

It’s the kind of anxiety you have about who you are as a person compared to who you always hoped you’d be.

As time passes, you’ll be facing your fair share of obstacles. You may have to repair relationships, tweak your career, or learn some new coping skills to help you deal with being a parent.

But if you take this step first – the step to becoming the kind of person you want to be – it’ll make facing those stress factors a whole lot easier.

In fact, when you devote time to making your own self better, many of the things you’re stressed about now will dissipate.

You don’t need an expensive therapist or rock climbing with an encounter group. You aren’t in denial about what’s bothering you. You just need a little help analyzing yourself and taking action to become a new you.

Becoming Your Best Self

The Army is right with their slogan, “be all you can be.” Of course you don’t have to go to boot camp to make that happen. You can create a self-care boot camp at home, which is gentler than the soldier’s version.

One aspect of boot camp that you want to copy is the intense personal training regimen, which focuses on building a better you.

1. Daydream on paper.

Take a page of lined notebook paper and fold it in half. Using the right side only, write a description of your ideal self. Don’t stop to be critical or analyze anything you write.

Be specific. Instead of saying, “ I would weigh less,” say, “I would weigh 30 pounds less.”

Rather than, “I would have a better job,” say, “I received a promotion to manage the inside sales department.”

When you’ve listed everything possible on the Ideal Self side, turn to the left side and title it, Real Self. Again without being critical, describe who you are today.

What is your career? Where do you live? What motivates you to keep going every day? Describe yourself physically and emotionally.

Then open both sides and compare. With a bold pen or highlighter, draw lines between the items that are similar as if you were playing a matching game.

Then look seriously at how far your Real Self is from your Ideal Self.

In some instances, the distance between Real and Ideal isn’t very far. In others, it’s a big stretch. Choose three Real/Ideal comparisons as your self-help priorities. Save the list for later.

After completing one transformation, you can choose another goal. These priorities become self-improvement goals.

You may be able to learn a new computer skill in a few weeks by attending a class because that skill will be important to earn a promotion to get a career that will provide less stress for you in life.

Losing weight takes more time. What’s important is that you have a goal and can plot a direction. Before you know it, your Real Self merges into your Ideal Self.

As you become the person you always wanted to be, you won’t have the stress of being dissatisfied with how your life’s unfolding.

2. Make a future timeline.

Timelines are a great way to look back over your life and your career. Start by making a timeline of your personal life or career life, whichever is most pressing for you now and whichever causes more stress in your life.

One way to really see where you came from is to make the timeline on a poster board and add photos or other graphic images that reflect the events. You might be surprised as you recall strengths and abilities that you forgot you had from past experiences.

Get another poster board and create a future timeline. Here’s where you plan the life you want – the life that provides deep satisfaction instead of extreme stress.

Mark increments on the line for one to five years, then in five year increments.

Go ahead and dream. If money wasn’t an obstacle, what kind of career would you have in five years? If the funds were magically available for you to return to college or graduate school, what would you study?

What degree would you earn? What job would you have after earning that degree? Do some online research into that degree or training program to discover the average time involved to complete the program.

Once finished, set up the past timeline on the left and the future timeline on the right. Prop them up against a wall in your home where you can just look at them for a week.

As you mull over these ideas, you’ll find yourself focusing on a few areas over and over.

That’s your subconscious mind sending you a message which is, “Hey, this is really what you want, so go for it!”

Save your future timeline and mark off the changes you choose to make in your life. In five years you may be where you projected or even beyond that point. As long as you focus on being your best self and reaching your goals (not achieving someone else’s goals for you), you’ll progress in your future timeline.

Improving Your Body

When you’re trying to lessen the stress you feel, it’s important for your body to be able to help your mind relax. Our modern lifestyles are so busy and crowded that fitness often takes a back seat to everything else on the daily to-do list.

If nothing else will bolster your goal to exercise, think of it as the best all natural stress reliever, which it is!

You may be used to working forty hours plus overtime - then rushing home to cook dinner and, if you have children, driving them to sports and activities.

A ten minute uninterrupted shower may be the only relaxation time you get in a day before falling exhausted into the bed at night.

1. Take an honest look at your fitness.

Most gyms are glad to give you a free week or month to try it out. During that trial period, ask for a fitness evaluation. Are you winded after ten minutes on the treadmill?

Did the calipers measure more body fat than you realized was there? Are you stretched to the limit with work but unable to do muscle relaxing stretches? Another fast track approach to fitness is to hire a personal trainer for a series of personal workouts.

Once you learn which exercises are right for your fitness goals and practice the right way to do those exercises, you can work out on your own.

2. Curb harmful habits.

If you think that going outside to smoke or chugging cans of highly caffeinated drinks are ways to deal with stress, you’re fooling yourself. These are likely to create more health problems and more stress.

Take an honest look at the ways you cope with stress. Smoking, drinking, drugs, caffeine and food binges are reckless choices with long-term health consequences.

You’re setting out to reach new goals and dreams and you need to be in prime health to enjoy those positive life changes.

Start with learning all you can about your harmful coping method. Knowledge is power. While researching, look for local support groups. If you can’t find one, join an online support group.

For some complex issues, self-help begins when you admit that you need help and seek others who can support your changes. An important way to avoid negative coping methods is to nourish and train your body for optimal health.

Getting enough sleep each night is also important. You need at least eight hours of sleep, particularly if you have a physically or mentally demanding job that weighs you down with stress.

Turn off the television. Stop instant messaging or playing online games to “relax.” Your body needs a period of calm before bedtime to prepare for deep sleep.

Falling asleep with the television running in the background isn’t the right preparation for quality sleep.

Be careful not to over-commit and stretch yourself thin. This will only add more stress if you fail to meet your goals.

The most capable people are at risk for this because you think, “Sure I can bake five dozen cupcakes for the preschool party tomorrow” and then run out to an all night grocery for the supplies. Learn to just say “no.”

Consider this your declaration of independence. You have a right to have quiet time. You have a right to relax at home.

You have a right to socialize with friends and not answer those text messages. If you want your life back, take it back. Your health depends on it.

Report continued below...

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In 2012 I began co-writing a book about the CFS therapies that had worked for me and my clients.

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"Improve Yourself, Improve Your Stress In A Crisis" Report continued...

Improving Your Mental Outlook

The most physically fit body goes nowhere if your mental outlook is bleak. You have to believe in yourself to turn your goals into new realities.

Even positive people are hit with difficulties that are hard to manage. That’s when you need self-help, stress busting approaches to bolster your mood.

1. What time of the year is it?

Some people notice a real change in overall outlook during winter months. Why? It’s the absence of light.

If you leave early for work while it’s still dark outside, spend the day inside a window-less office and return home after the sun sets, you’re truly light-deprived.

This problem is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder and can be helped by replacing the light bulbs in your home with full-spectrum light bulbs.

These bulbs are designed to give off healthy light rays similar to the sun. If possible, get a small desk lamp for your office and use a full-spectrum light bulb.

Go outside the office or home for lunch. Even if the weather is cool, put on a jacket because the sun and fresh air are good for lifting your mood and helping release stress.

On the weekends, plan at least one outdoor activity. Take the children to the park. Start tennis lessons. Or if it’s cold enough, take outdoor skating lessons. Just get outside!

2. Face your fears.

Do your hands get clammy, your throat dry and your mind take you back to your worst day in sixth grade each time you have to speak in front of a group? You might suffer from stress surrounding certain events.

People at work or in the civic group want to hear what you have to say. Sign up for a local Toastmasters group and take the first step to conquer your fear of public speaking. Begin one of the many online training and self help courses that you can study and practice at your own pace while you are in lockdown at home this month.

Did you turn down a great job because the office was on the 25th floor and you’re scared to ride elevators in tall buildings? Climbing the stairs daily might be good for your legs, but it takes time and just isn’t practical.

You can work with a therapist to face this fear and get over irrational stress. Or you can do your own version of “systematic desensitization.” That’s a therapy technique in which you gradually face a fear a little bit at time until you finally overcome it.

Ask a trusted friend to go with you as you work on this. Think about what the real fear is – that you’ll get stuck or that it will plummet to the ground floor when the cable suddenly snaps?

Write a detailed description of the phobia that’s causing you undue stress. How does it begin, progress and what does it feel like at its worst?

Recognize that these are feelings that repeat, so when you get into an elevator and your heart starts beating faster, you’re not having a heart attack.

You’re feeling what you expected to feel based on past experience. Once you have your “fear-feeling pattern” worked out, you know what to expect. Ask your friend to ride with you in an elevator to the second floor then back down again.

Repeat that trip. Then go up to the fourth floor. If you’re seriously in a stress-filled panic, take the stairs back down. Or if riding down is easier than riding up, start by walking to the fourth floor and riding down.

Little by little, increase your ability to handle the stress by pushing yourself a little farther each time. You can conquer your fears when you name them, examine them, research them and set a plan to meet them.

Over time, you’ll notice your stress level doesn’t rise as high when you’re faced with this particular obstacle.

All change comes from inside. Whether you pay the most expensive celebrity therapist to work with you, attend a support group or make your own plan to overcome a problem in life, you are the key to your own success.

Another thing about self-help is, it’s a confidence booster. The most irritable client, difficult project or toughest exam is small potatoes compared to taking actions that make a difference in the direction of your life.

Since living your life really is “all about you,” take charge of that direction by finding and practicing the right self-help approaches that will boost your endorphins.

Never settle for a life filled with stress when there’s something better waiting for you.

This period of home isolation or lockdown is perfect to start learning more of the powerful self help life skills that can see you through this crisis and be able to better manage disasters in the future.

One essential life skill to ensure you more happiness in your life is learning better stress management when it really counts. It’s an important factor in your own life and in providing leadership to others.

It’s also a known fact that those who know how to manage stress are happier and more successful in life in general.

We wish you well in your endeavours during these incredibly difficult times... stay safe, be strong.


I hope you enjoyed this self help report and will put the information to good use!

You can learn more here about how to cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and improve your life overall. There is a ton of useful resources and training guides online at my website so please visit and have a jolly good look around at all the content subjects. You will learn a lot at my self help supermart - and its all free.

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Healthy Power Tip:

Emotional Eating In Times Of Stress:

Food has a place in all cultures. In our culture it is used not only as a celebration, but also as a reward. When you are child and you are feeling sad or have scraped your knee, you are sure to be given a cookie.

Even at the doctor’s office, if you are brave you get a lollipop. When we are older that memory of food and comfort come to us subconsciously. We want to make ourselves feel calm, happy, or soothed.

Did you know that children could have issues with emotional eating as well as adults? Children may not feel comfortable discussing all of their personal issues with their parents or teaches and can internalize those feelings.

After school is a great time for children to over eat. They have a snack that is unhealthy for them and may eat more to satisfy their need for control than because they are truly hungry.

Try to talk with your children about their day at school, their relationships with friends and teachers, and anything that may be on their minds.

It’s not just a big test, or a sporting event that may be leading your child to feeling stressed.

The current crisis, especially if they are now homeschooled for the next few weeks or months, are things that need to be talked about so that they can get some stress relief from any fears they may be experiencing, as well as the cabin fever that will soon begin from being cooped up.

There are things you can do to help you maintain your health and control your emotional eating during this crisis.

First, keep a diary and track what you eat and when. It can be helpful to see what time of day you are craving something certain or when you feel weakest.

Second, try not to deprive yourself of something that you are truly wanting. The longer you force yourself to not have something, the higher the possibility you will over indulge.

Third you may also want to try calming your stressors. There are a lot of ways to relax and regain control over your emotional eating.

Learn coping strategies for stress management and for healthy eating habits on our site, as it is filled with sensible and safe tips on every health related subject.

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There are several reasons why tactical pants are not only helpful during a crisis, but are actually a necessity for preppers. You may have noticed that the military makes its soldiers wear combat uniforms with extra pockets. Nobody’s wearing jeans into battle.

* Durability
One of the key reasons why you should invest in tactical pants is the durability of the material used to make them. These pants are often made of stronger fabric and the seams are stitched in a way that prevents them from getting torn easily.

Normal pants may split at the seams if you squat too often to do manual chores (which may become the norm during a crisis). Furthermore, there are many different brands of tactical pants that are constructed out of anti-tear material which makes them almost tear-proof.

Depending on the crisis, you may be forced to bug out in the wilderness, or walk through rubble, etc. Sharp objects that would tear through a pair of jeans will not have much effect on tactical pants.

* Convenience
Because of the different pockets, you’ll be able to store many essential items on your person. Maps, a flashlight, whistle, firearm and ammo, keys, a survival knife, etc. can all be carried in these pockets easily and you can access them at anytime without having to rifle through your bug out bag constantly.

Some pants may have D-rings for keys and belt loops for firearm holsters. Because the material and belt are strong and usually made of nylon, the constant friction between the objects and the pants will not wear the material out.

* Safety
Some types of tactical pants come with padding for the knee and seat areas. This will help to keep you comfortable and protect your knees if you need to start a fire or read a map on the ground.

There are some brands of tactical pants that are so strong that even a knife can’t slash through the material ( This can be a life-saver during a self-defense situation if someone tries to slash your leg with a knife.

* Breathable
If you’re stuck outside in heavy rain and get soaked, denim jeans or pants made out of other material can get heavy and feel clammy against your skin. Denim will definitely become a burden to move in and may even chafe you.

Most types of tactical pants are made of material that repel liquids, dry easily and have wicking properties to remove moisture quickly. Depending on the type of pants you get, the pockets may be made of waterproof material to keep your belongings dry.

This can be a huge bonus if you want your essential items to stay dry during wet situations or inclement weather.

* Comfort
The hard truth is that most survival situations will be uncomfortable. You may be forced to sleep in areas you don’t want to. You might not have access to water to wash your clothes and so on.

At times like these, tactical pants are stretchable and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. They’re made of breathable material so that you stay cool. You can wear them to bed and if you’re bugging out in the wilderness, these pants will protect your legs from mosquito bites.

By now you’ll realize that there is much more to tactical pants than meets the eye. The benefits above are just a few of many. You’ll only understand how useful these pants are when you try them out.

They great for both men and women. Get a pair and test it out. Add your essential items in the pockets. See how elastic the webbing is and if you’re comfortable walking around in them with the equipment inside.

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Well, all I can say, we were all caught unprepared by the current virus crisis. You'd think that with the rehearsals of other Bird/Pig/Cow Flus etc. that we have dealt with the past decade or so, that we would have been better prepared.

I'm so disappointed in my fellow Australians who were hoarding, panic buying, and worse - those who were buying to onsell at eBay etc. at horrendous profits. Gouging defenseless people in a crisis like this is just disgusting.

But, we have been able to hang on the best way possible, and the kindness shown to my 93yo dad by strangers and people he gets services from has stunned me... three people have given him toilet paper... and birdseed as he feeds the pigeons in the street... and a facemask ... and one person he met and chatted with ages ago contacted me to see if it would be OK for her to drop some homecooked meals around to him for the week!

So that kind of outstanding compassion and caring will always win the day... like they say: in a crisis, look for the people who are helping!

Somehow I haven't managed to get any new books published this month... all I can do is once again recommend my series of Junk Journal signatures for crafters, and my activity books and Gratitude Journals for people who want to write down about their lives through this crisis.

Stay safe everyone, stay home... and thank you to all the essential workers still out there every day at the coalface, you have our undying gratitude!

And be kind to each other... there is always a way!

There are now 6 themes in the crafting Junk Journal series.

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If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice,I should advise every one of you straight away to become one. There is no fun for old people like it!
~Hannah Whithall Smith~

It's such a grand thing to be a mother of a mother that's why the world calls her grandmother.
~ Author Unknown ~

Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old.
~ Mary H. Waldrip ~

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.
~ Proverb ~

An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly.
~ Gene Perret ~

The best baby-sitters, of course, are the baby's grandparents. You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida.
~ Dave Barry ~

I wish I had the energy that my grandchildren have - if only for self-defense.
~ Gene Perret~

Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.
~ Author Unknown ~

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
~ Alex Haley ~

Grandmother - a wonderful mother with lots of practice.
~ Author Unknown ~

A grandparent is old on the outside but young on the inside.
~Author Unknown~

One of the most powerful handclasps is that of a new grandbaby around the finger of a grandfather.
~Joy Hargrove~

It's amazing how grandparents seem so young once you become one.
~Author Unknown~

If your baby is "beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time," you're the grandma.
~Teresa Bloomingdale~

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~Author Unknown~

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