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Power Tips - Combat Premature Aging - Weekly Report
January 16, 2018

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Inspiring Power Quotes For This Week:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."
- Samuel Johnson

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."
- Vince Lombardi

"The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been."
- Alan Ashley-Pitt

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."
- Warren Buffett

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision."
- Muhammad Ali

"Dwell not on the past. Use it to illustrate a point, then leave it behind.

Nothing really matters except what you do now in this instant of time.

From this moment onwards you can be an entirely different person, filled with love and understanding, ready with an outstretched hand, uplifted and positive in every thought and deed."
- Eileen Caddy

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What's New?

This has been a big week for me... nice start to the New year... I started my new schedule, but it was a bit tricky since in heatwave weather I become a Night Owl and work all night in the cool and sleep all day in the heat of Summer.

And for fun this week it decided that we needed a flashback of Winter, so today especially it is raining and hailing like the middle of winter. *sigh* ... and some people say there is no 'climate change' to be concerned about... yeah, right.

So in between dashing outside in the dark of night to clear rainwater from my canvas awnings, I'm trying to get this edition of Power Tips ready for you! Wet and cold, but I'll get it out to you, even if this edition is a bit soggy... sorry about that!

Anyway, this week I finally loaded more PLR articles pack content up to the store (Travel niche content) so you have a reason to visit the store again if you are looking for content you havent seen there before.

And I also finally rounded up the Butterflies theme set of Journals, planners, diaries, calendars, address book, notebooks and 90 day personal planner - 8 products in the set so far. '

They are online now and can be checked out. The colour editions are absolutely gorgeous!

Starting work on a less feminine series next, of leatherbound look A-Z diaries plus all the rest of the theme set as above in these vintage book cover themes.

Busy, and loving it.

In the meantime, for the past 3 weeks I've been struggling with getting over a nasty cold that settled on my lungs, lots of ugly coughing etc. and feeling very run down.

Typically, my 90yo dad gets a sniffle and has 'man flu' for 3 days, then he gives me the bug and I'm suffering for three weeks. Go figure.

There are days when we feel our age, and days when we feel strong and vital... and I know which one I prefer to experience!

Although I am one of life's freaks that over 30 years ago was already studying and learning about natural health and alternative remedies, and using nutrition to combat diseases, I still have had my share of health challenges.

Even with the best efforts and passion about natural health and beauty therapies, you will still face health issues that are pretty much out of your control, genetic, accidents, etc. so imagine how bad it would be if you DIDN'T even try to be on top of your game health wise and nutrition wise, to prevent premature aging of your body!

Its never too late to begin learning how to manage the aging process better, and its never to early to begin applying common-sense principles for lifelong optimal health.

O.K. Lets begin with this weeks Power Tips report for you... ENJOY!

"Combat Premature Aging"

Aging gracefully means being as healthy as you can be for as long as possible. Your dietary and lifestyle choices play a big role in that.

Even though you make the effort to exercise and eat right, you should always be looking for ways to fight aging through eating anti-inflammatory foods.

All of the anti-aging philosophies, promises, and products can be daunting. You may wonder whether or not eating anti-inflammatory foods is helpful to you.

It turns out that the body’s aging process can be accelerated by inflammation in the body. You need to talk to your doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist to find out more about this.

What is inflammation and how can it affect your body?

The immune system responds to injury and diseases by providing you with inflammation. This is a normal process that is important for healing. One the other hand, not all inflammation is healthy for you.

When inflammation gets out of hand, it can attack the normal cells of your body and the process that is supposed to heal you becomes self-destructive.

It is now well known that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses, especially those related to the aging process.

Persistent stress, over-exposure to environmental toxins, and poor diet can all contribute to this type of inflammatory process.

Can something be done?

The good news is that there are some lifestyle choices that can help this process. Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to control the aging process. While it sounds like a good idea, be wary.

The anti-inflammatory diet is an eating plan you follow through on throughout your life in order to combat the aging process. It isn’t technically geared for weight loss but rather helps improve your overall long-term health.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The anti-inflammatory diet places a focus on whole foods that are whole and unrefined, high in anti-inflammatory spices, high in healthy fats, and high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Some things to include in an anti-inflammatory diet include the following:
• Soy products, such as tofu, soy milk, tempeh, an edamame
• Healthy fats found in extra virgin olive oil of high quality, beans, avocados, seeds, and nuts
• Vegetables and foods that are brightly colored, such as dark berries, fruits, and vegetables
• Clean water and green tea as a beverage
• Spices that are anti-inflammatory, such as cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger

Foods to Avoid

It is also important to decrease your intake of foods that cause inflammation. Highly processed foods are inflammatory as are carbohydrates that are quickly digested, such as sugar and sugary snacks.

You need to stay awayfrom foods containing vegetable shortening, partially hydrogenated oils, and polyunsaturated oils, such as soy, corn, safflower, and sunflower oils.

It may be difficult to know if you are eating any of these foods, which is why you need to read the food labels to see if any of these inflammatory foods are in them.

When you’re not sure, you should buy raw unprocessed foods and cook them yourself. Food that are labeled “raw” or “organic” can be seen as good foods to choose in an anti-inflammatory diet.

Does an anti-inflammatory diet work?

According to the expert dietitians, there is good evidence to show that monounsaturated oils and omega 3 oils can fight inflammation.

On the other hand, some of the information is off when it comes to taking anti-inflammatory foods to combat aging. One study indicated that heredity can play a role in who gets the disease and who doesn’t.

While diet is important, genetics also plays a role in the aging process. You can decrease the effects of chronic diseases by eating an anti-inflammatory food diet. Don’t make big changes all at once.

Start introducing anti-inflammatory foods gradually into your diet and take away inflammatory foods so that eventually your diet represents an anti-inflammatory diet as much as is possible.

Are there risks to an anti-inflammatory diet?

According to experts, there are no known risks to taking an anti-inflammatory diet. You should, however, take precautions if you have food allergies.

You should talk to your doctor about finding ways to use this type of diet to your advantage.

Report continued below...

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"Combat Premature Aging" Report continued...

Top 10 Causes of Premature Aging

A study performed on biological markers showed that there was more aging in people who suffered from certain conditions. To prevent premature aging, you need to avoid these top ten causes.

#1 - Drinking Other Liquids in Place of Water

Did you know that there’s something called lifestyle-induced aging? This means that what you do or don’t do can cause your body to age earlier than it should. You might be in your thirties or forties, but the age of your biological markers can be a decade or more older.

One of the ways that you can induce aging is by not drinking enough water. With all of the admonitions to drink between six and eight glasses of water daily, it can be easy to start turning a deaf ear toward the advice.

Everyone knows that water is a necessary part of keeping the organs healthy and is needed to help keep your skin moist. But it turns out there’s a valid aging reason that you need the water.

When you don’t get enough water - and instead, you replace that liquid intake with other fluids such as caffeinated coffee or sodas, you can cause premature aging.

That’s because caffeine has the same effect on the body that a diuretic does. It forces the body to get rid of water. You end up with organs not being able to function properly as well as dry, sagging skin.

When you lack the right water intake, you end up dehydrated. Most people believe that if they reach that point, they’d feel thirst, but you often don’t feel thirst with dehydration until it’s pretty well established.

#2 - A Lack of Sleep

You know that when you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t feel like you’re at your best. You might even be aware of all of the studies that talk about how you don’t perform as well at home or at your job on less than the optimal amount of sleep your body needs.

Not getting enough sleep speeds up the aging process. When you don’t get enough sleep, it can cause anxiety, and depression as well. When you lose sleep, the body experiences a surge of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

Under normal circumstances, this stress hormone is healthy and enables you to deal with situations, but a steady influx of this hormone actually causes your body to slow down the production of collagen.

Since collagen is necessary for healthy looking skin, your skin will begin to show the effects of this lack of collagen, caused by not getting enough sleep. Your skin begins sagging.

Plus, the extra cortisol causes internal premature aging as well. You’ll also develop lines and dark circles under your eyes.

Besides the extra cortisol, you’ll experience a lack of growth hormone when you lose sleep. You need this growth hormone to keep your bones from becoming weak.

#3 - Bad Habits Cause Premature Aging

Not only can certain bad habits cause problems with the health of your organs and lead to life-threatening conditions, but they can also lead to premature aging. Smoking can cause a host of health problems that can shorten your life.

But it accelerates aging because it triggers the aging process within your body. It kicks enzymes into high gear that work against your appearance and health. That means that you’ll develop wrinkles, lines, bags and sagging skin.

The cause behind the sagging skin occurs because smoking works to inhibit the production of collagen - plus, nicotine thins the skin, which impacts how smooth the skin appears to look.

Not only is smoking a bad habit that can cause premature aging, but so is drinking alcohol.

Besides causing liver damage, drinking alcohol speeds up aging. When you drink, the ingredients in alcohol destroys cells that your body normally uses in the detoxification process.

These toxins make your body age faster. Plus, alcohol can cause you to become dehydrated. As if that’s not enough, many drinks are packed with sugar, which leads to cell damage.

Drinking also causes changes in how your body is able to handle the blood circulation. This causes your body to age prematurely inside as well as out.

One of the outward changes you’ll see from this impacted blood flow is the development of spider veins on your legs.

#4 - Stress Causes Premature Aging

Everyone on the planet is familiar with the effects of stress. There can be small stressors that you have to deal with on a day by day basis. These don’t last long and usually don’t cause a lot of harm to the body.

But on the other hand, there can be major stressors, which can lead to premature aging. Your body has DNA strands. These strands have ends on them known as telomeres.

These are what protect your DNA strands. It’s instrumental in enabling your cells to be able to divide. When cells can no longer divide, they die. In healthy bodies, these telomeres have a longer length.

In unhealthy bodies, the length is short. These telomeres can be shortened by stress, which can lead to premature aging, disease and even death. There are studies that link shortened telomeres to work stress, emotional stress, and chronic anxiety or worry.

If you’re under a lot of stress, to prevent premature aging, you’ll want to take steps to deal with this and eliminate it from your life as soon as possible. Use some self nurturing and counseling if you have to – whatever works to stave off the aging process.

#5 - Low BMI Is Linked to Premature Aging

With so many articles focused on making sure you have a low BMI to stave off weight-related diseases, it can be easy to think that having a low BMI is a good thing.

That’s wrong. The leading cause of a low BMI is not carrying the right amount of weight for your body’s frame. While it might be tempting to think that the thinner a person is, the better it will be for their overall health, that’s simply not true.

A too-low BMI can lead to premature aging. What you need is a healthy range BMI, not one that’s considered too low. When you have a low BMI, it impacts the body’s soft tissue by causing a loss of it.

When this happens, your collagen production slows down and you’ll develop sagging skin and wrinkles at a younger age than someone would that has a healthy BMI range.

It’s not all about appearances, either. A BMI that’s considered too low can weaken the immune system as well as cause anemia. It can also lead to low levels of energy.

#6 - Your Diet Can Lead to Premature Aging

As you read in the report above, anti-inflammatory foods will help to fight off the ravages of aging on your body.

When you eat right, you can stave off premature aging. When you don’t, you can hasten the aging process and some foods will bring it on faster than other foods. Whenever your body has an inflammation issue, you don’t feel well and you don’t look well.

Inflammation impacts the body because it can make you appear to be older than you are. Some types of foods are worse than others. You might have heard that you should keep the sugar-laden foods to a minimum, but there’s a good reason for that other than weight gain.

High carbohydrate foods - even foods that aren’t considered junk foods - cause a break down in the body’s ability to produce collagen. Without the right collagen production, you can see the effects of premature aging on your skin.

But inside the body, your diet can lead to premature aging among your organs. You can develop a fatty liver, which is directly tied to the kinds of foods that you eat.

A diet that’s high in carbs and low in protein can lead to premature aging. So can fad diets, crash diets, yo-yo diets and diets that are seemingly healthy, but call for you to extremely limit one of the food groups.

#7 - Being a Couch Potato Leads to Premature Aging

When your lifestyle is mostly sedentary, your risk of premature aging doubles. There’s more to exercise that helping to keep your body weight in a healthy range.

There’s more to it than making sure that your muscles and bones can remain strong. Exercise can help keep diseases at bay that can be caused by an unhealthy weight or a sedentary lifestyle.

But one of the top reasons that exercise can prevent premature aging is because exercise protects your telomeres. When your telomeres become shortened, it means that your cells can’t divide as often as they would normally be able to.

This lack of division causes aging due to the death of the cells. What exercise does is strengthen the telomere, which has a preventative, anti-aging result.

When you engage in regular exercise, not only are you helping prevent cell death (which is linked to premature aging), but you’re reaping all of the other benefits as well.

You’ll be improving your blood circulation and helping prevent the development of certain heart disease and other conditions that are linked to a lack of exercise.

Plus, you’ll boost your immune system and help stave off inflammations that can cause premature aging if you begin to at least undertake some degree of mild exercise for sedentary people.

#8 - Depression is Linked to Premature Aging

There are times that everyone can experience periods of feeling down. But usually, these periods don’t last. In someone like that, depression usually doesn’t cause premature aging.

However, when you’re dealing with chronic bouts of feeling down or have been diagnosed with depression, this is tied to premature aging. Depression can cause the body’s cells to age faster, which can then cause inflammation and other health problems.

People who experience depression can develop health issues that you would normally only see in people who were much older.

These issues can include cognitive problems, cardiovascular disease, weakened bone strength, tremors and muscle weakness.

Another reason that depression can cause premature aging (besides faster aging cells) is that it can cause the length of the telomeres to shorten.

To prevent this, you can engage in actions that boost your telomerase level, which work to protect you from premature aging.

The top three ways to boost this level is through regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and learning how to manage anything that might be causing you a lot of stress that becomes chronic, and turns into a depression situation.

#9 - The Sun Causes Premature Aging

There are lotions and makeup on the market today that claim to give you sun protection. However, many of these products fall far short of protecting your skin from premature aging from sun exposure.

That’s because most of these products don’t contain enough of the preventative ingredients against damage. Being in the sun can cause sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

When you’re out in the sun, when there’s a bright glare, you automatically squint. This produces the wrinkles and lines as well as the sagging around your eyes. If you have to squint outdoors, wear sunglasses - even in the winter - especially if you live in an area that gets snow.

The sun can damage your skin and cause premature aging even in the cold months. The sun causes damage to the collagen and hastens premature aging of the skin.

But it can also cause a breakdown in the cells that lead to the development of skin cancers. Exposure to the sun’s rays can give your skin a dry, weathered appearance.

If you’ve ever noticed people who practice years of tanning, you’ll see that their skin tends to make them look a lot older than they really are. This is a direct result of the sun hastening the aging process.

So it just makes sense to apply strategies for natural beauty anti aging tips for your skin and general appearance.

#10 - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Premature Aging

PTSD can be caused by either physical or mental stress. This can develop because of having experienced a physical or emotional trauma personally or having seen a trauma occur.

There are many reasons that PTSD can develop. Events such as being robbed, being physically assaulted, experiencing a car accident or a major event such as fire can cause PTSD.

The underlying cause of PTSD in any event that triggers it is a massive stressor or a series of stress long term. Your brain can only handle so much trauma at once. Your body can experience such an amount of stress at any given time that it can be an overload.

When you have PTSD, you can experience, depression, insomnia, have a higher inflammatory marker and have telomeres with shorter lengths. How long or how short your telomeres are is directly linked to accelerated aging.

Studies done on PTSD and premature aging found that besides shorter telomeres and higher inflammatory markers, that there was also a link between diseases that are normally associated with people who were much older.

These diseases included heart disease, intestinal problems, cognitive ability and even dementia. People who struggle with PTSD were shown to have higher mortality rates due to the premature aging process.

Aging is going to take place for all of us. But there are many things we can do to inhibit the speed at which it occurs.

Some of that is physical, such as applying sunscreen – but a lot of it is a mindset and mental fortitude that you also have to work on achieving so that you live a peaceful life and age at a slower pace.


I hope you enjoyed this self help report and will put the information to good use!

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Healthy Power Tip:

Happiness and Stress

People who own pets often enjoy better health and live longer. It’s a great excuse for a fluffy addition to your family.

In an unhappy relationship? It not only makes you sad, it’s taking a toll on your health. It’s time to do something about it.

Laugh more. It boosts your immunity and is good for your health.

If you’re enjoying packaged snacks like chips, take them out of the bag and serve them in a single-serving bowl.

Eat only when you’re hungry, not when the clock says you should eat.

Boost your energy by getting about 10 minutes of sun each day, but wear sunscreen!

Stress can weaken your immune system and make you susceptible to illness, so reduce it where you can.

Got stress in your life? Treat yourself to a massage. It’s good for you!

Smile more. It can help reduce your stress.

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It might take some experimenting, but some of these will resonate more with you than others. Start with the method that is most appealing to you, then layer it with other material in the same or different manner.

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I've Learned...

I've learned that Electricity comes from Electrons...
does that mean that Morality comes from Morons?

I've learned Marriage is the mourning after the knot before.

I've learned that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed.

I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think.

I've learned that if you hear a Southerner exclaim, "Hey, y'all, watch this!" get out of his way.

These are likely the last words he will ever say, or worse still, that you will ever hear.

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