10 Easy Things You Can Do to Have a Great Year

A great year is well within your reach, but it won’t happen by accident. There are several things you can do, many of them daily, that will help to ensure that you have a year that brings a smile to your face.

Are you willing to put in the work to have a great year? Here are some ideas to make that happen.

Try these strategies and have the best year of your life:

1. Drink more water.

You might think that drinking diet sodas and juices are just as good, but an increasing body of research suggests that it’s not.

Artificially sweetened drinks can affect your appetite and alter the bacteria that live in your digestive tract.

2. Create a list of goals.

Having a great year includes accomplishing a few things. We all know how awful it feels to reach the end of the year and regret all the wasted time.

What do you want to do this year? What do you need to accomplish to feel that you had a good year?

3. Get a pet.

If you have the time for a pet, it can be a great addition to your life. Many people like their pets more than they do other people!

Pets can be a lot of work, but they can add a lot to your life.

4. Spend less.

Financial issues are one of the most common stressors. One way to enhance your finances is to spend less.

Take a look at your current spending habits and look for ways to cut back.

You’ll sleep better and have more money available for the things that matter.

5. Earn more.

Along with spending less, it would be great to earn more. It’s easier to smile with $10,000 in your bank account than a balance of $43.17.

Think about applying for a better paying position or doing a little extra work on the side.

6. Have a healthy breakfast each day.

A healthy breakfast leads to healthier food choices at lunch and dinner. Don’t eat breakfast? Then make it a point to have a healthy lunch.

You’ll feel better, and it’s easier to be happy when you feel good.

7. Declutter.

Clutter is insidious. It’s easy to rationalize that it doesn’t matter, but it weighs on your mind.

Eliminating the clutter from your life creates a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Try decluttering a single room and notice how good it feels to spend time in there.

8. Visit someplace new.

Explore the world a little bit. You might discover you’re really missing out on some amazing things and places.

You don’t necessarily have to go far. The best hamburger on the planet might be a few small towns away from your home.

9. Start your day earlier.

Get a jump on the day by getting up early. It’s a peaceful time of day that lends itself to getting a lot done.

You’ll have a great year if you accomplish something each morning.

10. Spend more time with others.

Our culture spends less time with others than most cultures. This might be a mistake. Spend more time with others this year and see how it impacts your year.

If you regularly reach the end of the year and wonder where the time went, decide to make this year different.

With a few tweaks, you can have a great year that doesn’t leave you filled with regret.

Decide what you want to accomplish this year and get busy. Watch your finances and remove the clutter from your life. Share your life with others.

A great year is easier to accomplish than you think.

How to Create Room for More in Your Life

It’s hard to introduce new items, ideas, people, or skills into your life if you don’t have the space for them.

Our lives are too cluttered and overflowing with things, obligations, and people that don’t provide enough value to be worth the time and space they require.

Adding more to your life requires making space. That space can be physical or psychological.

To have a bigger life, it’s also necessary to downsize.

Consider these ideas:

1. Decide what you want.

This is an important first step for many things in life. Whether you’re looking for your perfect partner or a new car, it’s important to know what you want to have any hope of finding it. The details matter.

◦ What is it you want to add to your life? Once you answer that question, you can begin figuring out how to make the necessary accommodations.

◦ What’s most important to you? It’s easier to find the enthusiasm to create room in your life for the things that excite you the most. What excites you?

2. What’s in the way?

Think about what you want and consider the obstacles to acquiring or achieving it.

Do you need more room in your garage? More free time? Fewer distractions? Your waistline?

◦ Ask yourself why the thing you want isn’t already in your life.

3. Clear out the physical barriers.

Perhaps you need to make room in your closet for a new wardrobe. Or you need to build a shed for that magnificent riding lawn mower you’ve been eyeing for years.

Maybe you’re over the weight limit to go skydiving. You might live in the wrong place to climb mountains daily.

◦ Identify the physical barriers in your life and address them.

4. Clear out the psychological barriers.

Are you brave enough? Are you knowledgeable enough? Is your attitude in the way? Are you lacking in hope or optimism?

◦ Psychological barriers limit the amount of space we have to accommodate new items, experiences, and people. Your brain is always a bigger obstacle than you think, regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish or add to your life.

◦ When you think about having a bigger life, do you feel anything but enthusiasm? If you do, you have some work to do. The more resistance you feel, the more challenging it will be.

5. Free up your time.

One area in which we could all use a little more breathing room is time, especially free time.

◦ Take a few days and record how you spend each minute of your day. Be detailed. Notice how much time you’re wasting or doing something that you don’t want to do, or which adds no value to your life.

◦ List your non-essential activities, like going to the movies, club meetings, spending time with friends, watching TV.

◦ Reduce the time spent on non-essential activities and increase the quality. Maybe you watch 10 TV shows but really only love two of them. Perhaps one great movie a month is nearly as good as five so-so movies.

◦ Look for ways to reduce the amount of time you waste. Try to be more efficient with the things you must do or like to do.

If you want to find a spouse, you might begin by making room in your closet. If you want more in your life, you need to make space for it.

Free up the physical and psychological space for new things in your life. It’s an important first step.

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