10 Things You Can Accomplish While You Procrastinate

If you're going to procrastinate you can try to make the most of it. Procrastination is rarely a good thing, but there are ways to prevent it from being a complete waste of time. If you must procrastinate, at least procrastinate well.

Most of us procrastinate very poorly. We choose to spend our time on tasks that provide zero value other than entertainment.

In fact, we often engage in procrastination behaviors that are even harmful, like eating unhealthy food or spending money needlessly.

Procrastinate skillfully if you must procrastinate at all:

1. Respond to important emails.

Note that this tip uses the word “important.” Responding to important emails is work that has to be done.

If you’re going to waste time, this isn’t a bad way to spend it. Give yourself a time limit and accomplish as much as you can.

2. Visualize your goals.

Assuming you already have some well-defined goals, spend a few minutes visualizing your success.

It might give a needed boost your motivation. If you don’t have goals, now would be a good time to make some.

3. Clean and tidy.

Clean your bathroom. Tidy your desk. Take out the trash. Mop the floors.

If your home or office is a mess, use the time to bring some order and cleanliness back into your life.

4. Pay your bills.

They won’t pay themselves. Knock out this important task and get it off your plate.

Many people procrastinate when it comes time to pay their bills. So, this is a great activity to perform when you’re avoiding other important things.

5. Read something worthwhile.

What do you need to learn? Do you have any required reading for work or school?

Read it now. It keeps your brain engaged in a meaningful way.

6. Meditate.

Maybe you need to clear your mind. Meditation has so many physical and psychological benefits.

It’s a great habit to create. Maybe you’ll gain some insight regarding the cause of your procrastination.

7. Do your shopping.

This doesn’t apply to pleasure shopping. This is shopping for groceries or for drywall to fix the hole in the mudroom.

What shopping do you need to do in the next week? Get it done today and free up that time later in the week.

8. Call your family.

Call a relative you know you should call but haven’t for a while. Pick up the phone and get this important task out of the way.

You’ll feel better afterwards. You might find that returning back to the work at hand isn’t as bad as you thought!

9. Update your resume.

Maybe you’re feeling uninspired because you don’t like your current employment situation.

No problem! Update your resume. You’ve probably been procrastinating on this anyway.

10. Exercise.

The latest recommendation is for everyone to get 3.5 hours of exercise per week.

How much are you exercising right now? If you’re under the recommendation, you may as well exercise while you’re procrastinating.

Everyone procrastinates, but some people procrastinate much better than others.

Avoiding your work doesn't mean you have to waste your time.

Simply substitute another important task for the task you should be doing.

You can accomplish a lot while you're procrastinating. Then, return back to your primary task as soon as possible.

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How to Use Meditation to Strengthen Your Willpower

To the uninitiated, meditation appears to be a relatively easy activity. Most people think it appears boring, but easy. Meditation is anything but.

Meditation can be more mentally challenging than taking a cold shower, strenuous exercise, or sitting through an all-day meeting at work.

The urges that cause you to want to overeat, lash out in anger, gossip, or procrastinate are the same types of urges you must learn to overcome to meditate successfully.

The urge to quit is great. Your brain tries to rationalize that sitting there is a waste of time.

If you can meditate successfully, you can do just about anything. Most importantly, you learn how your mind works and how it tries to trick you into doing silly things.

Build your willpower through the practice of meditation:

1. Start with just 15 minutes per day.

It’s quite simple. Just sit in a comfortable position. A firm, straight-back chair is a good option.

Leaning back in a recliner can work well, too. Just be certain you can be comfortable enough to remain motionless, but not fall asleep.

Sitting on the floor in the corner of the room is another popular option.

◦ Use a timer so you don’t have to peek at the clock.

2. Focus on your breath.

Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale. Count each exhalation until you reach 10, and then start over.

The whole point is to only focus on your breath. Feel the air passing in and out of you. Just keep your attention on the breath. Notice the breath, but don’t think about it.

◦ Be aware of your breath, but don’t have any internal dialog about it. Don’t judge it. Just notice it.

3. Your mind will wander.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll even count to five before a thought intrudes on your meditation.

It might be about your boss, the itch on your neck, or wondering if you need to do laundry. That’s how poor your ability to focus is.

◦ When your mind wanders, just bring it back to your breath.

4. Notice what happens.

Notice how your mind wanders very quickly. You’ll probably find that you can’t reach 10 breaths even once without an interfering thought.

Also notice your self-talk. You’ll try to convince yourself that this meditation thing is a big waste of time.

5. Add 10 minutes each week.

Fifteen minutes isn’t easy. Twenty-five is even more challenging.

Imagine what an hour is like. As your tolerance for sitting and focusing grows, keep adding time. Build up to at least an hour of continuous meditation.

Your ability to concentrate, regardless of the distractions around you, can be built through meditation.

Meditation teaches you how to overcome your learned urges and tendencies. Your ability to focus can be developed.

Meditation is a wonderful tool for building will, discipline, and strength of character. It’s also 100% free!

What’s your biggest issue? How do you handle it – or can you think of any additional tips you can share with others if you don’t have an issue with this in your life?
Share them with us in our Comments – or share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook or wherever you feel it could help someone you know.

Cheers, Helene Malmsio

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