16 Things To Do When You're Feeling Blue

There are plenty of things you can do if you're feeling down. You could pout and sulk. Or you could find something to do that renews your appreciation of life.

There are lots of positive things that you overlook when your mood turns sour.

Appreciate life and enhance your mood with these depression fighting activities:

1. Go to the park or the beach.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Choose your favorite outdoor location: beach, mountains, park, or lake.

It's up to you. Spend some time outdoors.

2. Call a friend.

You know the right friend to call. It's the one with the upbeat attitude about life that always makes you smile.

Call them up and see what's happened since you last chatted.

3. Lie outside in the sunshine.

Find a reclining chair or a nice patch of grass. Lie down and feel the sun on your face.

4. Make a list of goals.

If you're feeling down, the future might seem bleak.

Create an exciting vision for the future by setting some audacious goals.

You'll be inspired to make those goals a reality.

5. Exercise.

Go for a run, take a yoga class, or attempt to break your personal bench press record.

Exercise always makes you feel better.

6. Order takeout.

Call your favorite takeout place and order your favorite dish.

Call a friend to join you if you like. Remember to include dessert!

7. Dance around your living room in your underwear.

Put on your favorite songs and dance the evening away. Why in your underwear?

A better question is "Why not?" Break out of your normal routine.

8. Plan a trip.

It can be a day trip, weekend getaway, or something more substantial. Let your imagination run wild.

9. Go out for an ice cream cone.

It doesn't matter if you're two or 92. Ice cream can still put a smile on your face.

Try a new flavor and get an extra scoop.

If ice cream isn't your thing, go for a smoothie or an expensive cup of coffee.

10. Go for a long walk.

Take a bottle of water and plan on being gone for at least an hour.

Explore someplace new. Enjoy your surroundings.

11. Get a harmonica and play it.

You won't find a more portable instrument and it's easier to learn than most.

It's not so loud that you'll bother the neighbors.

12. Bake cookies.

And then eat them. Make them from scratch and enjoy the process.

Take a few to a friend or neighbor.

13. Go see a movie in the middle of the day.

Take time off for work and spend the afternoon in the movie theater of your choice.

Find the best seat and enjoy your popcorn without all the talking that usually goes on.

14. Take a nap.

There are times where nothing is better than a short nap.

Curl up with a book and see how long you can stay awake.

15. Look at pictures from your childhood.

Pull out the photo albums and relive the past.

You might spot someone in a photo that you want to reach out to.

Track down your childhood friends and say hello.

16. Watch your favorite movie.

Pull out that old copy of Rocky or African Queen and just relax. Choose a movie that will lift your spirits.

With so many choices available today on-demand, you're bound to find something.

Make your own list of activities that you enjoy.

Have an arsenal of activities that you can count on to lift you up when you're feeling down.

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