6 Ways The 60+ Population Can Boost Energy Levels

As we age, our bodies change. We find that we cannot do what we used to do, and we can start to feel like our life experiences are catching up with us, having a negative effect on our physical and mental condition along with our energy levels.

Whether from injury or illness, or just the fact that we are carrying extra weight from our metabolism slowing down, it can all start to feel like a struggle.

There are ways to defy the aging process and become more fit, leading to increased levels of physical and mental energy.

Below are six ways to become a better, more active you by boosting your energy levels.

1. Improve your diet

As we get older the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’ becomes ever truer.

A diet low in saturated fat and high in fiber is always a good idea, no matter what your age.

However, as a person over 60 it is even more important to watch what you eat.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables should be consumed, with a concentration on heart healthy grains.

Combine this with high protein foods like lean meat and oily fish, food that is high in omega 3.

Furthermore, it could be that you have a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is mineral that is required to perform vital functions in the body, for example converting glucose into energy.

Try to snack on almonds or cashews to boost your magnesium levels.

2. Get enough sleep

Getting enough rest is another, perhaps obvious, solution to ensure your energy levels are maintained and boosted.

Try to get into a routine of sleeping and rising at the same time every day. This will enable your body to maintain a natural sleep rhythm, meaning a high quality rest.

There are other habits that can also mean that you have a good night rest.

Try to have an hour before you lay your head on the pillow at night where there are no distractions. No TV, bright light, or anything else that might over stimulate the brain.

3. Regular exercise

Try to find time to exercise four to five times a week. This will improve your fitness and release feel good endorphins that will leave an enduring boost to your energy levels and also help to improve your mood.

This could be in the form of yoga, walking, swimming, or any sort of cardio vascular workouts.

4. Eat smaller meals more often

Eating three larger meals a day has the effect of fluctuating glucose levels within your body, meaning your metabolism can be affected.

Eating smaller meals more often can mean a more stable intake of calories during the day.

5. Reduce stress

A person in a constantly stressed and anxious state uses up a lot of energy, not mention the adverse effects that this can have on you cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

High cortisol levels increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes etc.

Try to take time out of your day to reduce stress. This could be by going for a relaxing walk, or performing yoga.

A less stressed existence can only lead to a more energetic life.

5. Drink more water and less alcohol

As we age we also need to be mindful of how hydrated we are. Sometimes, feeling dehydrated can leave you tired and lethargic.

Staying hydrated helps maintain your cognitive function and will leave you feeling more alert. In addition, alcohol has the opposite effect.

Obviously, over indulging in alcohol can lead to all sorts of issues, the least of which would be a hangover.

However, even small amounts of alcohol can dehydrate and can also interfere with sleep patterns, which is not a good idea (see point 2).

6. Do what you love

Nothing is more draining than leading a miserable life. In our older years and through retirement it is important that we do what we love every day.

This can be continuing to work, enjoying hobbies we love most, volunteer work, spending time with family or friends, travel and anything else that makes us happy.

The most important thing is to find joy every day and look forward to each day!

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Seniors

You know you should exercise regularly, drink lots of water and eat nutritious foods.

Those are 3 smart fitness tips everyone should live by. If you are a senior, the following tips provide even more support for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

1. It's Never Too Late to Start

Don't think that since you have lived a life of little exercise and physical activity, there is no need to start now.

Just 15 minutes after you begin exercising, you benefit by the increased rate of healthy oxygen pumped throughout your body.

Make exercise a regular part of your daily and weekly activities, and your health can improve quickly.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

There are always going to be other people in better (and worse) shape than you. Comparing your level of fitness to someone else is pointless.

You are an incredibly unique individual. What someone else can or cannot do has nothing to do with you.

Continue to make strides with your physical fitness, keeping moving and active on a daily basis, and your efforts will pay off.

3. Don't Underestimate Yourself

The last 20 or 30 years research continues to show that what we thought about the inevitability of aging is not entirely true.

The things that you can accomplish, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, are not limited by your age.

If you haven't exercised in a while, start slow, but don't underestimate what frequent physical activity, lots of rest, smart nutrition and hydration can accomplish in your life.

4. For Senior Citizens Who Used To Be Athletes – You Are Not That Young Anymore

You just learned that you may be able to do more physically than you ever thought possible as a senior citizen. This mindset can lead to incredible health rewards.

On the other side of that coin are those individuals who overestimate their physical ability as seniors.

If you used to be an athlete, or you were just very physically active as a youngster, don't overestimate your strength and endurance.

You can lead a wonderfully healthy life as a senior, but not if you injure yourself by overestimating your physical abilities.

5. Get Strength Training, Balance Exercises and Aerobics in Your Life

Balance exercises include yoga, Pilates and tai chi. Every year past 60, your chances of falling increase. That's why balance exercises are so important for seniors.

However, as mentioned above, so is regular and moderately intense aerobic activity.

Add strength training, like body weight training or lifting weights, and you have the perfect trifecta of senior exercising for a fit and healthy body – strength training, balance exercises and aerobics.

I recently published a book to help everyone stay younger for longer, and as a Baby Boomer myself, it is a very important topic to me - lol!

7 Ways in 7 Days to Youthful Mind & Body

Learn more here about the benefits of making small changes in your lifestyle and diet, and all about how to reverse the effects of aging

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