8 Steps to Realizing Your Full Potential

Most people look back on their life and wonder what they could have accomplished if they’d only been more decisive and committed.

You can avoid that kind of regret by choosing to become the best you can at something. What do you want to master?

Follow this process to be the best you can be:

1. Assess your strengths.

Your greatest potential will involve one of more of your strengths. Most strengths can be applied to any endeavor with a focused approach.

◦ The first step is to identify these strengths. What are you better at than nearly everyone you know? What has always been easy for you? What are you best at?

2. Assess your weaknesses.

Do the same with your weaknesses. While weaknesses can, and often should, be strengthened, it’s helpful to avoid them at all costs when it’s time to get busy. Relying on your weaknesses increases the odds of failure.

3. What do you like?

It’s not just about effort and skill. It’s about putting in enough time to be successful. That’s easier to do when you enjoy what you’re doing.

You might have great potential to be the world’s greatest golfer, but if you can’t stand the game, you’ll never do it. More importantly, you wouldn’t want to anyway.

Think about what you enjoy doing. What activities cause you to lose track of time?

4. What do you want to accomplish?

Now that you know your strengths, weaknesses, and likes, you can decide what you want to master. You can’t do much without making this important decision.

Everything going forward depends on this decision. Think carefully.
Consider how you will measure mastery.

Is it when you can drive a golf ball 300 yards 9 times out of 10? Play a specific piece of music on the piano? Earn $1 million in a year? How will you know you’ve won?

5. Avoid distractions.

Distractions are the enemy to progress. We all have things we enjoy doing that accomplish nothing other than providing temporary amusement.

Make a list of your favorite distractions. How willing are you to avoid these items? This is a good indicator of your potential for success.

6. Find a mentor.

You can’t reach your ultimate potential without a mentor, coach, advisor, or whatever title you prefer.

It can shave years off your learning curve and help you to avoid the mistakes you’re destined to make on your own.

Seek out the best in your field and make contact. At the very least, read books on the topic written by experts. The library can provide you with plenty of mentors.

7. Make a commitment.

Mastery requires commitment. It’s the commitment to develop yourself, overcome obstacles, and to put in the necessary time.

It’s the commitment to find a mentor and to avoid those appealing distractions.

8. Focus on improvement.

Seek regular small improvements. Consistent progress is the key to mastery. Mastering anything can take years, or even decades.

If perfection is your daily goal, you’ll be disappointed. Weekly progress is an attainable goal that can keep you going.

Have you ever truly committed yourself to anything? Now can be that time. What interests you? What do you want to know inside and out?

Mastering anything can give you a new level of pride and confidence.

It takes some sacrifice to master anything, because you have less time available for other pursuits. However, most people find it’s worth the sacrifice.

What do you want to master?

Is Self-Doubt Stopping You From Living Your Dreams?

Everyone suffers from at least a little self-doubt. It’s basic human nature. At the extremes, it can keep you alive. But, in most situations it only serves to limit you.

The level of success you achieve is influenced by the level of self-doubt you experience.

Self-doubt is one of the primary obstacles to living your dreams. What would you do if you had more confidence in your abilities?

Most people freeze when faced with self-doubt. Unsuccessful people find an excuse to do something else. If you want to maximize your success, it’s important to find another way.

Use these strategies to overcome self-doubt and reap the success you deserve:

1. Be aware that self-doubt is only as limiting as you allow it to be.

Just because you doubt yourself, doesn't mean you have to stop yourself. Self-doubt doesn't have to be limiting at all if you can move past it and take courageous action anyway.

2. Overcoming self-doubt is one of the most powerful things you can do to be more successful.

While self-doubt doesn’t have to be limiting, most people do find that it inhibits their ability to take action. Your ability to succeed will reach new levels if you can rid yourself of self-doubt.

3. Learn that others aren’t concerned with you.

By overcoming your self-doubt, you'll realize that others aren't as concerned with you as you thought.

This can be very cathartic and create a sense of peace in your life. You’ll find that your courage grows exponentially.

4. Develop optimism.

Optimism is the opposite of self-doubt. If you had high expectations for your performance, you’d be pretty optimistic.

Optimism is one way to combat self-doubt, and optimism is useful in all parts of life.

5. Learn to accept yourself.

Self-doubt can arise from having unreasonable expectations of yourself. Accepting yourself as you are will help to soothe any feelings of self-doubt.

6. Learn to focus on small wins.

Focusing on making progress is another way to limit feelings of self-doubt. It’s also a great approach to life.

Small wins are easy to accumulate and maintain. Biting off more than you can chew can be intimidating.

7. Effort is worthy of respect.

Taking pride in the fact that you tried can short-circuit the doubt you feel in yourself. If effort is good in itself, you’ll be less concerned about failing to get results.

Showing up is more than half the battle. Good effort eventually gives good results.

8. Overcoming self-doubt will give you the belief that you can overcome other personal obstacles.

Each personal battle you win gives you the confidence you need to tackle another. Each won battle makes you more a more capable person.

Dealing with self-doubt is part of the human experience. You can either allow it to stop you, plow through it, or work to eliminate it.

Eliminating self-doubt takes work, but it’s an extremely effective long-term solution. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with its barriers for the rest of your life.

Overcoming self-doubt is a huge step toward self-actualization and success. Most people allow self-doubt to stop them in their tracks.

But you aren’t “most people.” Learn to get past your self-doubt.

Start practicing today and enjoy greater success!

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Related Reading: https://www.discoveryhub.net/self-development-plan-sample.html

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