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Power Tips - How To Earn Over The Holidays - Weekly Report
October 31, 2017

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Inspiring Power Quotes For This Week:

"What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."
- Napoleon Hill

"The way to succeed is to double your failure rate. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."
- Henry Ford

"Sooner or later those who win are those who think they can."
- Richard Bach

"People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success."
- Norman Vincent Peale

"Spectacular achievements are always preceded by painstaking preparation."
- Roger Staubach

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves."
- Thomas Edison

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
- Lao-Tse

What's New?

As the Christmas Holidays approach, mild panic sets in for some people, wondering just where all the money they will need will be coming from over the next 8-12 weeks.

So, this week I'm sharing a report that has some solutions to help you increase your cashflow over the holidays, while working online from home, that might inspire you to develop some new income generating habits into the New Year.

I'm covering some simple ideas for saving/making Christmas stuff as well, for those creative souls among us, but if you don't have a creative or frugal bone in your body, you will get the fundamentals of online income ideas you can begin working on right now.

Many businesses don't get back to work until mid January, so make the most of that time away from your job to set up some income streams that pay you now and into the future.

Some of these are not instant income, unless you are providing ghostwriting services and getting paid per page etc. but the digital (and paperback) products you create and put online will continue earning you income for many years to come, so its always worth the effort to follow these tips.

Being creative in problem solving is a key skill to learn in life, so don't grumble about not having enough... go make more of what you need in life. Get creative

O.K. Lets begin with this weeks Power Tips report for you... ENJOY!

"Need Extra Holiday Cash? How To Earn Over The Holidays"

It happens every year to many men and women. They go about their business all year and then suddenly feel a squeeze when it’s time to pay their normal bills plus shell out for additional expenses that always creep up around the holidays.

This situation – where you stay blinded to your annual money needs until the last minute – and it can make the situation even worse for you in the long run, so it’s important that you handle your needs the right way, and not in panic.

The good news is, you’re seeking advice about the situation! And I’m going to offer you a level-headed way to pay for everything you need without putting your future financial safety at risk.

Make a Budget for What You Really Need

The first thing you need to do is make a holiday budget. Ideally, you’ll get in the habit of making one of these every year.

Having a budget in mind doesn’t mean you can’t splurge when and where you want to – but it helps you stave off those mindless purchases we all make when we spot a deal and think it’s too good to pass up.

You can use this approach just for the main holiday season from October to December – or make an annual calendar that includes birthdays and other holidays like Easter and Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Will you be hosting a family dinner or event? This can really spike your grocery bill. It’s not just the number of people you’ll be serving, but the items that you have to buy, like Brown Sugar glazed hams or smoked turkeys.

Make a plan to save on those foods you might need to buy. Look for sales on things like canned goods and frozen items that you can safely store until the big day arrives. Shop like someone who clips coupons as a personal hobby.

By the time the family feasts roll around, you’ll have a limited number of items to buy and it won’t break the bank like it would otherwise. Plus, you can start shopping for generic brands rather than pay for top brands – and save a bundle!

How many people do you have to buy gifts for? Gifts are one of the top expenses around the holidays. Whether you’re just buying for one person or a dozen, it can get costly to add on to an already stretched budget.

Make a list of everyone you’ll be buying for this season. Try to estimate how much you want to spend on each person. If you’re on a budget, then it’s best not to go overboard and spend a lot of money that you don’t have.

Personally, I love creating simple gift baskets to give. You can shop in Dollar Stores for simple little books, CD's, trinkets, Christmas stocking filler decorations, and some Christmas chocolates, crackers to pop, candy canes, some candles, or whatever generic items you think will be fun.

Then pop them in a Holiday themed basket or bag, and you are done, all for a very few dollars! I have many ideas here: Gift Baskets and also how to make candles which is simple and fast, the site has guides online about making and selling crafts.

You can estimate based on the number of gifts that you need to buy, plus how much you’re willing to spend. For example, you might plan to buy your spouse five gifts, but not go over $300 total.

At this time, try to jot down any specific items you know you want to buy – like a new video game system for example – because that way you’ll be organized and can watch out for special deals on days like Black Friday.

Do you want to decorate? Look for creative, cost-saving do-it-yourself ideas on sites like Pinterest that help you cut costs and decorate on a budget. If there’s something you specifically want to buy, write it down and do some comparison shopping online.

Are there any special events you or your kids plan to go to? Sometimes there might be a local festival or school-sponsored event that you want to attend. If so, set a budget for what you’ll spend on admission, tickets, food and more.

Are you traveling this holiday season? This adds up fast. You need to know how to spot travel deals on car rentals, airfare, hotel and activities at your destination spot.

Create some holiday envelopes for expenses and start setting aside your money. A little here and there adds up. You want to separate this money from your regular income so that it doesn’t get spent accidentally and leave you with nothing for your holiday season.

I have tons of tips here for how to keep Christmas simple without cutting out the fun.

Say No to Holiday Cash Loans

There are many local businesses and online lending places that prey on your desperation to have an influx of extra holiday money. I urge you to not cave in and sign up for one of these offers.

Holiday cash loans offer an exorbitant interest fee to those who take one out. You’ll be paying a lot more for each item that you purchase, all because of a lack of planning and work.

What’s going to happen in some cases is that these payday loans (as they’re typically called during the off-season) charge you four or five times the interest rate that a normal credit card would charge.

Some companies offer to give you a loan based on your projected tax return for the coming year. They start these in October or November.

The problem is, your tax return might be different – and then you’ll not only pay a fee for the loan, but interest as well.

Even loans from well- meaning family members can put stress on you. If your well-meaning in-laws offer to loan you $3,000 for Christmas, you’ll still be paying that back – and if you can’t, it won’t just strain the pocketbook – it will strain relationships, too.

Don’t Rely on Cash Back Incentives

Some consumers get all giddy hearing about cash back incentives when they buy big ticket items (or even moderately priced products).

You might be so excited buying your new big-screen TV with a cash back incentive, because you want to use that $200 refund on more gifts for your kids!

But these incentives take an unusually long time to process, and chances are, you won’t see the money in time for your gift buying days.

Plus, sometimes these receipts and refund forms get lost in the mail and you end up having to fight for your refund.

Of course, it’s smart shopping to buy products with an incentive package like this – but not if you’re relying on those funds to be available to you in any specific timeframe.

You Don’t Have to Make Your Gifts

One of the top tips money saving sites will give you when it comes to saving money on things like Christmas is to “make your own gifts.” I outlined a couple of them above.. but that's because I'm a 'crafty' kind of person and enjoy making stuff.

Some people start out thinking that crafty do it yourself gifts are cheaper, but in the end, they wind up spending more on craft supplies than they would have if they’d just bought the gifts in the first place! So you need to have a firm budget, and stick to it, just like if you were shopping for finished gifts.

Plus, you have to take into consideration that making your own gifts takes a lot of time – and most people report that the holidays are already stressful, so do you want to add to that stress with craft projects?

Let’s look at a few examples of DIY Christmas gift ideas people have posted online – and talk about what’s wrong with them.

• Jewelry – If you buy cheap materials, then the gift looks cheap. If you spend money, then you might as well have bought something instead of made it.

• Quilt made of old t-shirts or denim – while this can be sentimental, it’s also a time-consuming process (even for an experienced quilter), but some people try to take up a hobby like this at the last minute and get overwhelmed trying to finish on time.

• Handmade soaps or candles – nice thought, but the cost of supplies really adds up. Plus, you have to experiment and get good at this sort of craft. It doesn’t happen overnight. My Candle Making guide shows you how to do it for very little cost, but once again, you have to know and stick to your budget if you want to make creative gifts that cost you less.

Things that are crafts made by your kids instead of purchased – like a picture frame they make with their picture in it to give to Grandma and Grandpa – well those are treasured gifts that are priceless in nature. Putting a bit of time and effort into the presentation and packaging of these gifts will usually make them really memorable and outstanding.

But don’t put yourself out taking the DIY route when it may not save you time or money. If you don't love making crafts yourself, or don't have a creative bone in your body, then plan to do things the right way and you’ll be able to buy your loved ones their favorite must-have gifts this Christmas.

Instead, Earn Some Holiday Cash Fast!

There are traditional ways that you can earn more money. You can babysit for other people’s kids, offer to do handyman chores for people who can’t (like hanging Christmas lights on a house or setting up lawn décor).

But there are better, more efficient ways to earn money quickly – things you can do online from the comfort of your own home, or even during your lunch hour at your regular job!

Report continued below...

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"Need Extra Holiday Cash?" Report continued...

Ways to Earn Extra Online

You can learn methods of earning money online. There are five ways that you can get started right now earning money, and none of them are scams or situations where you have to build a pyramid scheme and harass family and friends to join you.

Ghostwriting and Graphic Design

Ghostwriting is pretty simple. It basically means that you write for other people and your name doesn’t exist as the author of that work. You’re a ghost, working behind the scenes.

There are some people who are of the mindset that if they write it, they want to take credit for it. But the problem with that way of thinking is, having a byline won’t fill your car with gas and it won’t pay your mortgage.

Ghostwriting is a solid way to earn some extra money, but you can make a living at it if you know how to do it. There are online sites overflowing with people who are looking for writers to write content for them.

This doesn’t mean that you would have to major in writing in college or that you have to be the perfect writer. It does mean that you need a pretty good grasp of the mechanics of whatever language that you’re writing in.

It means that you need to be pretty good at spelling. But both of those are things that can be learned. You can ghostwrite articles, eBooks, reports, blog posts, newsletters, technical manuals, nonfiction and fiction books, screenplays and more.

You’ll need to be able to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects. You can get clients by advertising your services on a blog or joining a writer-for-hire service platform. What you can charge will depend on the project and your level of skill.

Graphics are another way that you can earn money online. These are simply visuals like images or designs that can be used to enhance or promote a product or a business. The purpose of graphics is to communicate a visual message.

Using a graphic can help people create a brand. Some examples of graphics are banners or headers for websites, buttons, company logos, business cards, bookmarks, ads, eBook covers and more.

To get started with making money online by selling graphics, you’ll need to have a good understanding of color theory. What you need to know is what colors work well together and how to design the project so that it’s appealing.

You won’t necessarily need a degree to know how to do graphics. You can be self-taught and there are many tutorials online that will show you how. You will need design software, but you can also find some free ones to get you started.

Finding clients is handled pretty much in the same way that finding clients for ghostwriting is. You hang out a shingle on a website or you join a community that advertises your services to the public.

You can also use PLR graphics to make quick illustrations to sell as PLR on JVZoo or Warrior Forum, especially ones targeted to seasons like right now... Christmas and New Year!

I have some packs here you can get the licenses to for a few bucks and turn them into income earning products.

(1) General graphics... nearly 10,000 of them: Royalty Free PLR Stock Images

(2) Christmas graphics and clip art pack: Christmas Images

Selling Your Own Info Products

Info products are simply products that share information with the reader. Many people are under the impression that they have to learn how to be some kind of expert in order to set up and sell their own info products, but this isn’t true.

One of the keys to being successful with selling info products is sharing what you’ve learned or how you’ve solved a problem. You can be that if it’s something that you’ve struggled with, then other people have as well.

That’s why you don’t need any special expert training. You are the expert already. For example, weight loss is a huge info product niche because so many people have struggled with losing weight.

They want to get fit and they’re seeking answers. If you’re someone who walked a journey of losing weight to get fit, then you already have the expertise needed because you lived it.

What you need to learn about info products is that you have to have something available to give people who are looking for a solution. Not only is this in the area of weight loss, but you’ll find it in skin care, relationship problems, financial struggles and more.

People who have a need are looking for answers. You need to know who your target audience is and aim to solve whatever problem it is that they have. There’s a huge wide open market for info products and they sell well.

You can create an eBook where you give step by step directions on how to lose weight, or on how to get control of their finances. You can even write one on how to get clear skin or any number of things that people can relate to.

If you don’t have any idea what kind of product to create, take stock of your life and write down any way that you solved a problem. Detail step by step what you did. Then create an eBook where you share how you overcame that problem.

An eBook isn’t the only avenue for info products. You can create an audio program, a members’ only forum or paid tutorials. You can tap into your skills and use the knowledge that you have.

If you’re drawing a blank, you can go to a search engine and start typing in things like “how to,” “why,” “should I,” or “what’s the best way to” and you’ll get a list of ideas. You can also look at the topics on the cover of magazines and you’ll see that a lot of them are the same topic.

That’s because some information is evergreen-people are always going to want to know more about them. Once you come up with a product idea, create a sales page with a bonus item for people to input their email address.

This is how you create an email list of people to get your product and future products in front of. Having an email list lets you continue to create info products in the future and sell them to an existing audience.

Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have to stick with just one way to make money online. You can have your efforts spread out in as many areas as you can successfully keep up with. It’s always better not to put all your eggs in one basket and by branching out, you can have several avenues that will bring money in.

Affiliate marketing is one of those business models. When you get into affiliate marketing, it means that you make money by helping promote what other people are selling.

Every time that product sells, you’ll earn money on it. It’s like when a salesman closes the deal on a car. It’s not his product, but since he sold it, he gets the commission. And you will, too.

This way of making money online is financially risk free for you. You won’t have to spend time trying to create your own product. You won’t be responsible for making sure it gets to the consumer and you won’t have to fork over any money in order to make money.

You will need a place online where you can promote products. You can use a free website or you can create your own. You can also use a personal blog. There is a lot of money in affiliate marketing, but you will need to know a few things to be able to earn some of it.

If no one knows about your site and you don’t get any traffic, you’re not going to have people clicking through on the link to buy the product. If the people don’t buy, you don’t get any commission.

So you have to be able to get traffic to wherever you’re promoting the product. You can do this by offering quality content. But you want to make sure that content is relevant. You’ll find a bigger audience for people looking for weight loss tips than you will for topics like how to pack for a trip.

Create a site or blog that resonates with people. Be engaging, funny, or make people think. Promote only products that are helpful for your audience. For that, you need to know what your audience is searching for.

If you have a wedding blog showing people how to make their day special, you don’t want to promote divorce products. Or if you promote products about overcoming a divorce, then you don’t want to promote wedding items.

Build reader trust. You have to make sure that you have a foundation of trust with your audience. If you promote items that are no good, then you’re going to lose that trust.

You can find which items to promote on places like Amazon, Commission Junction, JVZoo or ClickBank.

Working for Others Who Work at Home

A wide open market that you can tap into to make money online is by working for other people who have work at home businesses. People who have home based businesses don’t often have the luxury of having a full time assistant, so they handle quite a few jobs on their own.

When it becomes more than they can juggle as one person, they’ll reach out and hire someone such as a virtual assistant (VA). A virtual assistant is someone who can do the same thing that an in-person assistant can do, but it’s not always a full time gig depending on what you’re doing.

As a VA, you can be hired to work on a project by project basis and you won’t be used unless you’re needed. One week you might work for a T-shirt company. The next, you might be working for a public speaker.

Sometimes you’ll run into cases where you’ll be hired for something long term. The job of a VA can be interesting, exciting and lucrative. A VA can be used to handle social media contact for a business.

On top of handling the day to day stuff that has to get done, in today’s world, a business must have an online presence. Social media can quickly become a huge time drain and most people who work at home recognize this.

That’s why they hire someone to handle it for them. When you handle the social media side of a business, it means that you’ll be doing things like updating business information on Facebook or interacting with people who leave comments on the page.

You could be hired to handle the Twitter account and interact with customers there. You might be called on to add pins on Pinterest or create content for the person’s blog. You may be used to edit content or to proofread for mistakes.

Some VAs have been hired to put together newsletters for clients that announce the release of a new product. Email campaigns are another job that VAs are often hired to do.

You might be put in charge of answering the emails for the company or as a project manager to help keep everything on time for a release day. A virtual assistant can be hired to plan an online event such as sales event or a Facebook party.

You might be tasked with setting up a giveaway and handling entries as well as making sure prizes are dispersed. What you’ll do as a VA will depend on who hires you. You can find clients by advertising online through a blog or creating a Facebook page for your VA business.

You can get some ideas for simple things you can do to outsource yourself to other people, by checking out Fiverr and their Gigs. I have an online guide here that explains how it works, and how to set up your own Gigs on Fiverr

Writing Fiction for Kindle

It used to be that if you wanted to make money with your writing, you had to sell to a big New York publisher, but thankfully those days are long gone. Now anyone who has a story to tell can publish a book using Kindle.

By using the Kindle Publishing Direct platform on Amazon, you can upload your book and have it go live. Depending on which royalty set you choose when you sign up, you can earn 35% or 70% in royalties.

You can also choose whether or not to make your book exclusive on Amazon. Some authors do this thinking that it will make a difference in how much money they make. What this does is prevents you from selling your book on any other platform for the time being.

First, of course, you’ll need to have a book or a novella. A novella can be around 30,000 words in length. After you write it, you must make sure it’s professionally copy-edited. If you can’t afford that right now, then find a few people willing to beta read it for you and ask them to catch mistakes and any plot holes.

Once the book is copy-edited, you’ll want to find someone to format the book. If you try to upload a book that’s not formatted, the wording will get messed up. An unedited, unformatted book turns readers off and you want to give your book the best possible chance to shine.

Hire a professional cover artist. You want to do this because an ugly book cover doesn’t attract readers. It’s not as expensive as you think. You can find readymade covers for as little as $25 and you can have custom made ones for as little as $50.

If you plan on having print versions of your book later on, make sure your cover artist creates a back cover so that you’ll have a book that will wrap for print. When you upload your book, you’ll be given the choice on whether to take Digital Rights Management or not.

Enabling it is supposed to help prevent people from sharing your book with others, which is supposed to cut down on piracy. It doesn’t. So whether you choose that are not won’t make much of a difference.

You’ll have to choose your price and the price that you choose will impact your royalty rate. Because Amazon doesn’t really push advertising for self-published books on Kindle, you might want to consider setting your book up for an introductory price just for release week.

Many readers are more than willing to try a brand new author’s book at 99 cents than they are for $5.99. You can change the price and it only takes a few hours for the new price to go into effect.

Royalties are paid 60 days after your book is published. Before you ever upload your book start creating buzz for it. Set up a blog tour, advertising spots, and create teasers for your book.

You don’t have to have Photoshop for that, you can use PicMonkey - and use these graphics that include your name, the title of your book and a quote from the book to build pre-release interest.

More and more men and women are finding themselves shut out of the workforce. It’s a tragic outlook for the foreseeable future, but whether or not you continue looking for a regular 9-5 job, it’s still wise to launch your own work at home business.

Aside from job stability and knowing you can’t get fired, you’ll get to enjoy other perks, such as being your own boss, developing your own plan of action, and working during the hours you see fit, not someone else.

As I said at the start, some of these can earn you holiday income fast from providing services to others that you get paid for pretty quickly, within a week or two, but others are a longer term investment of your time and effort that will produce benefits for a much longer time, that you only have to do once but get paid for multiple times, like creating digital products.

Kindle books don't normally sell like gangbusters overnight either... but you never know, you might just have an idea for a kindle novel or how-to book that is perfect solution people are looking for right now, so give it a go if that income idea floats your boat.

Be Honest With Your Loved Ones

One of the most heart-wrenching parts of the holidays is when you’re on a budget, there’s not enough money and you’re looking at those precious little faces of your kids, knowing there’s going to be disappointment in the cards for them.

It’s easy to get in this predicament – you’re living in a bad economy, and prices for consumer products are soaring. The latest “must have toy” for kids could be hundreds of dollars.

The best thing you can do is be honest with your kids to some degree. You certainly don’t want to cause them to panic or worry about money. Some things our kids should be shielded from.

But it’s certainly okay to let them know that you’re scaling back this holiday season and that you’re not going to be able to buy anything and everything that’s on their list.

Emphasize the giving spirit of the holidays. This is what it’s all about anyway. You can have lots of family fun on a budget, forming memories that will last a lifetime – far better than a cheap toy, which will probably be broken or forgotten about in six months.

Show your children all of the blessings that they have in life. Take the family to volunteer in a soup kitchen, put some of your holiday earnings toward a child’s purchase if you have a local Angel Tree in the mall.

The stress that holiday finances bring can put you in a bad mood and ruin and otherwise content time of the year. You can prevent this from ever happening again – and take steps to proactively remedy the situation for this year!


I hope you enjoyed this self help report and will put the information to good use!

You can learn more about how to keep Christmas simple but still have tons of fun with the top suggestions in my online guide!

There are a TON of good ideas on my DiscoveryHub site for creating new online business, budgeting, party planning, healthy cooking and how to have fun without spending a fortune - and I have a bundle on sale filled with Christmas Fun ideas you can apply here!

And please, as I keep asking, do let me know what your most desired self help topics are, and I'll try my best to publish exactly what you are looking for


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Healthy Power Tip:

Cautionary Warning About Fitness Goals

When people make the decision to lose weight and become fit, they’re usually enthusiastic about their imminent new lifestyle.

They begin with a fervor and end the program much too soon because they’ve tried to do too much – too fast.

Going overboard at first may also cause injuries. If you know your muscles aren’t ready for an intensive workout, don’t do it. It will cause more problems than you’ll want to deal with.

Plan for small, incremental fitness changes, such as walking a few minutes per day, a couple of times per week – or swim for fitness so it will be easier on your body. One thing to remember when you begin to plan fitness goals is to be very specific.

Don’t just think “get fit” is going to be enough motivation and information to guide you through the long run. Make small changes and when you’re ready move on. Goals should also be carefully planned.

If you’re worn out in the evening hours from working all day, set a goal to get up earlier in the morning to walk or exercise.

If your long term goal is to run in a marathon, you’re going to have to plan carefully so you’re up to the challenge when the time comes.

Short term goals lead to the long term goals you desire, so plan them as carefully as the ones you want to eventually reach.

By setting realistic short term goals, you’ll find that at the end of the journey, it won’t seem as difficult or overwhelming as it did at first.

Goals should be challenging, but achievable if you work hard – and that’s what getting fit is all about.

Setting goals that are out of reach will end up being frustrating and possibly cause you to end your quest for fitness and weight loss.

Patience is the key to setting fitness goals. The transformation of your body and good health won’t happen quickly, but it will happen if you plan carefully and aspire to meet each goal systematically.

Whether you’re planning to lose 5 or 100 pounds – or run a five mile marathon after being sedentary for years, it’s possible if you follow some simple guidelines.

Start thinking differently about your challenges and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Breaking down your large fitness goals into smaller increments that will bring success is the first step.

Figure out how you want to track your progress and don’t forget the new, technological innovations that can help you measure not only your steps, but your health.

Choose attainable goals, but don’t make them too easy. You know what your limits are, so don’t forget that when goal planning.

Rather than having a goal for just losing weight, put a number of pounds you’re going to lose so it’s measurable and you can track your progress.

What motivates you? If you’re not motivated, you won’t reach your goals, so be sure to focus on what you like about a diet or exercise program so you’ll have more of a chance to stick to it for the long term.

How long will your exercise plan last to achieve your goals? If you don’t have an ending point where your goals are now achieved and you can go on to the next plan, it’s difficult to get into the proper mindset. It seems like a never-ending project.

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But if you carefully plan and prepare for your flight, airplane travel can be a lot less stressful. The following tips will show you how.

• Make sure your travel documents are in order.

If you will be flying to a place where a passport and visa are required, see to it that these documents are up to date.

Keep them in a small envelope that you can slip inside a carry-on bag. Once you reach your destination, don’t leave your travel documents in the hotel. Carry these papers with you at all times. You never know when you might need them.

• Choose your airline.

We all want to travel as cheaply as possible. But sometimes, cheap can mean poor seats and maybe even poor service. Do some research and find out other people’s opinions about an airline before buying a ticket.

For long flights, you will need to be as comfortable as possible. This is one of those occasions when splurging a little bit won’t hurt.

Book a flight with a reputable airline and reserve good seats. Aisle seats are great if you want more legroom, but if getting good sleep is your priority, get a window seat.

• Check airline rules and baggage regulations.

This may sound boring, but it’s very important. Staying updated on airline rules can save you from a lot of problems and inconveniences. Don’t just read the rules—make sure you perfectly understand them.

There are also certain items, such as specific types of drugs, which are considered illegal in some countries. Do your research to avoid getting caught in unpleasant situations.

• Make a list of things you need to pack.

Even if you think your memory is good enough to remember every single item you need to bring, it’s always best to make a list. This makes it easier to check if you’ve forgotten a few things.

Make this list at least a week before your flight. It gives you a few days to keep going over the list and make revisions if necessary.

• Never procrastinate on packing!

Pack your bags at least three days before your flight. Never do it the night before or on the day itself! Being in a hurry makes you prone to forgetfulness.

If you need to check in your luggage, make sure your suitcases or bags have locks, as well as labels that show your name and contact information—but don’t give out too much information. A phone number (complete with country code and area code) will do.

• Plan on how to keep yourself busy during the flight.

A long flight doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. It could be the perfect excuse to catch up on your reading—or to write letters to your technophobic grandma.

You can also bring a laptop filled with games and movies that you can enjoy offline. Of course, make sure that it’s fully charged before your flight.

• Be at the airport at least two hours before your flight.

Remember that in some airports, getting through security can take quite a while. Be at the airport early to avoid very long lines.

These six little tips shouldn’t be so difficult to remember. The main idea really is to keep things organized. Plan and prepare. Don’t wait until the last minute.

By putting things in order days before your flight, you will feel more relaxed and confident during your trip.

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