Acne Scar Treatment and Removal Guide

If you have acne you need to learn about how to treat your skin blemishes to prevent the need for acne scar treatment in the future.

Once your skin develops acne scars they can be very difficult to remove to return your skin back to a smooth texture.

To prevent the development of scars from acne, treat any flare-ups as soon as they happen.

Don’t pick at the spots - because picking can cause infections as well as scarring. Acne scars have different appearances.

Some will show up as a discoloration or you may have keloids. Keloids are raised scars.

Sometimes scars are pitted and these types of scars are indentations on the skin, known as ice pick scars.

You may not be able to help getting acne, but you don’t have to live with the scars caused by the condition.

There are acne scar treatment and removal options available that can give you the clear, smooth skin you desire.

If you’re dealing with acne scars that are fairly minimal, you can use the least invasive measures to get rid of the scars.

There are different medications that can be applied topically that can take care of scars that aren’t deep.

Some of these medications will contain a bleaching compound or alpha hydroxy acids. Retinol is also a popular topical solution.

Pressure bandages can be used to treat acne scars that are raised and this treatment can be applied at home.

However, the time it takes to reduce the acne scarring can be quite long depending on the thickness of the scar.

For scar treatment and removal that can’t be taken care of with topical or other means, there are several options available.

Tissue filler is one option. In this treatment, the area of the scar is filled with collagen.

Keloids can’t be treated with this option since they’re raised scars.

Microdermabrasion is a relatively quick and painless way to treat acne scars.

This is an exfoliating process that buffs away the scars, leaving the treated skin looking new.

Dermabrasion is similar to microdermabrasion, but the removal process of buffing away the layer of skin goes more in depth and the healing from the procedure takes longer.

For light acne scars, a chemical peel can be used.

Laser removal
is also an option. This is a process where the outer layers of the skin are resurfaced through the use of controlled light pulses.

These light pulses remove the skin that’s damaged. One of the pluses with this treatment is that it can even remove old and deep acne scars.

In some cases, surgery can be an option.

In this type of acne removal, the scar is cut away in a procedure known as punch grafting.

With this treatment, because sutures or skin grafts are used, sometimes follow up skin resurfacing is needed.

Having steroid injections is another route that some acne patients choose to take.

So there are some acne scar treatments and removal options that you can check out further on this site by going to the skin blemishes directory page, but it is always best to try and at least prevent further acne scarring in the future by taking the steps to treat your acne and blemishes safely and quickly.

Learn more about how to do this for your healthy skin and life long natural beauty and your health online skincare tips when you read the rest of our information here about: How to clear skin blemishes naturally.

I'm very fortunate that although I'm now in my mid 50's I have never suffered from severe acne, just some skin blemishes that started in my 40's... and using simple natural skin treatments and my home remedy recipes I have pretty good looking skin and almost zero wrinkles.

My goal is to share the common sense tips I have learned in my decades of trial and error in natural skincare, and share it with you in this online how-to-do-it-yourself guide.

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