Another 65 Simple Christmas Decorating Tips

by Helene Malmsio
(How to Keep Christmas Simple)

1 Replace your fish tank background with a piece of Christmas wrapping paper to get your pets feeling festive.

2 String popcorn, cereal or beads on a piece of thread and hang on walls, along stairways banisters or mantels.

3 Add a few drops of food coloring to white glue and use it to draw Christmas symbols on waxed paper. When it’s dry peel the glue off the paper and hang in windows with thread.

4 Wrap a lampshade with translucent Christmas tissue paper.

5 Cut pictures out of old Christmas cards and create a collage. Then place in a frame or leave as is.

6 Gingerbread houses make great centerpieces. You can make them or buy one or several.

7 Wrap the frames of your favorite family pictures with holiday wrap.

8 Use a toy train to travel around your Christmas tree base.

9 Spruce up your tableware by tying gold ribbons to the stems of wine glasses, or your silverware.

10 Wrap cinnamon stick bundles with red ribbon and put the bundles in aw plate or glass bowl. Placing them throughout the house with or with out a container will create a festive touch and give your house a beautiful scent as well.

11 Create Christmas sachets to give away or to spruce up your home. You can buy little mesh fabric decorative bags and fill them with incense, pine cones or cinnamon sticks. Basically anything that provides a Christmas-y scent.

12 Basic items in your kitchen can even become festive displays. Red and

13 Brush the tips of pine cones with gold craft paint and dry. Then display the cones in bowls, or attach ribbon and hang on the tree.

14 Frame a piece of Christmas sheet music and hang on the wall. You can use sprigs of holly or mistletoe around the frame to give it a unique touch.

15 Use children’s bath crayons to draw decorations on mirrors and windows.

16 Place several hooks in the ceiling to hang indoor Christmas lights throughout the house.

17 Gather as many clear vases and bowls as you can and display those extra Christmas ornaments in them.

18 Cut pictures from Christmas cards and wrapping paper and decoupage the pictures to the inside of a serving tray.

19 Take several different sized jars and fill with about ½ cup of water mixed with red or green food coloring. Place evergreen branches in the jars and display throughout the house.

20 Use red or green towels or throw blankets throughout the house.

21 Paint nuts gold with craft paint and place in a bowl with fruit.

22 Change your computer screen saver to reflect a Christmas theme. green peppers, olives, tomatoes etc., can be displayed in bowls or on counters in their own jars.

23 Print cookie recipes on Christmas stationary and roll into a scroll. Tie with ribbon. Place in a basket by the front door. Or attach them to a batch of cookies and give out to friends and family.

24 Shred colored paper or tissue and line a basket, then fill with small candles.

25 Bake a giant cookie, molded into your favorite Christmas shape and decorate. You can even use this giant cookie as a centerpiece.

26 After you do your Christmas baking place a basket of goodies at the door for visitors to grab something to take on the way home.

27 Using tape or thumbtacks designate a wall in your home to dedicate to the Christmas cards you receive.

28 Use red carnations to create a fresh flower garland. Cut the stems off just below the bud and string a length of double thread on a needle. Then string the buds together.

29 Use mittens and gloves to decorate. Simply string them (secure with clothes pins) along a wall from one end of the room to the other.

30 An inexpensive vase can be dolled up with glitz by spraying it with glue and then rolling in glitter.

31 Bake gingerbread cookies and use them as personalized place cards for visiting family and friends. You can decorate them to look like the person or simply write their name in icing.

32 Need a set of Christmas glassware? Make one. Using a plain set of glasses and glitter glue paint Christmas symbols like holly leaves, Christmas trees and bells on the outside of the glasses.

33 Use red and green foil wrap to cover the pots of your current plants.

34 Use images like Santa, Angels and Snowman from old Christmas cards and glue to popsicle sticks to create puppets.

35 Take inexpensive lampshades and glue ribbons onto them.

36 Christmas garland can be placed to trim door frames, window frames and mantles.

37 An old storage chest can be filled with fluffy blankets and fake presents. Just wrap some boxes with colorful wrap and ribbon and fill the bottom of the box with your fluffiest blankets. Place the wrapped boxes on top spilling out.

38 Trim door frames, windows and the edges of mirrors with garland, either homemade or store bought.

39 Dress up a plain red or white table cloth by sprinkling gold confetti or glitter along the top of it.

40 Dress a family of teddy bears in Christmas attire and place them together under the tree or in a corner.

41 Download a Christmas ring tone to your cell phone.

42 Cut snowflakes from white paper just like you did in grade school and hang them around the house.

43 Hang a collection of Christmas stockings on your mantle, a shelf or wall, stuff them with tissue paper and candy canes.

44 Create a Christmas theme at your table by decorating a white table cloth with red and green fabric paint.

45 The Christmas tree isn’t the only tree in the house you can decorate. Hang small ornaments on your tall house plants.

46 Decorate red and green placemats with ribbons and bows stuck on with a hot glue gun.

47 Fill a small glass bowl or decorative Christmas bowl with small cones and display on end tables or shelves.

48 Tie ribbon around napkins instead of using napkin rings.

49 Use a pillar candle as a centerpiece and surround it with cookies and other baked goods.

50 Bring your Christmas decorations indoors. Tape lights around doorways or around banisters or the mantle.

51 Stack a collection of Christmas books on a coffee table next to a cozy chair.

52 In a large glass bowl place a little water and float flowers.

53 Wrap empty boxes with Christmas wrap and stack them from largest to smallest. Try to reach the ceiling.

54 Place a pretty table cloth on the table and arrange greenery and pine cones along the center.

55 Keep a collection of classic Christmas movies near the television.

56 Add a little summer charm to your Christmas. Buy some fake shells and spray with glitter. Drill a small hole and hang them to your Christmas tree.

57 Make a garland of red and green links to count down the days until Christmas. Cut strips of red and green construction paper. Staple the first so that it makes a ring. Take the next color and create another ring linking with the first and so on. Cut one link off the chain each day closer to Christmas.

58 Use scented candles with Christmas scents around the house.

59 Offer peppermint or gingerbread creamer to guests with their coffee.

60 Make sure you have a CD or playlist with all your favorite Christmas tunes at the ready.

61 Create a nativity scene and place it on the mantle.

62 Make a small Welcome Santa sign and place it next to your fireplace. Make sure you also place a small table and decorate it so you’ll have a place to put out milk and cookies.

63 Don’t leave your pets out of the festive feeling. Give Fido a Christmas throw to cozy up with.

64 Buy organza wine bags for your wine bottles and place the bottle on a serving tray next to a wine glass. Toss a few sprigs of holly on the tray and place on a side table in the house or dining room.

65 In a pinch you can tie ribbon around the top of Christmas cookie cutters and use as ornaments or hang at various lengths in a front window.

Try using a few of these Christmas ideas this year.

I have plenty of simple and sensible tips here for how to simplify Christmas planning and setting up.

Check out this page to see the rest of my Christmas decorating tips on how to keep Christmas simple while still enjoying a maximum of Christmas fun!

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