Ask Your Employer If They’d Be Open to Flexible Hours

Often, the hours your workplace demands from your day interfere with your personal life to a point where you might feel like you never have any free time.

Asking your boss for flexible hours could be extremely beneficial to reducing your stress levels and balancing your work with things that you want to do in your free time.
Start by asking your boss if they would be open to flexible hours. That might mean working from home partially or working different hours from the usual 8-5 timeline.

Don’t demand it from them, as that’ll only make them feel disrespected and possibly decrease your chances of getting what you want.

Many companies would be open to it, but very few employees think to ask out of fear that their boss could get mad. You might even be able to work from home full time.

See if there’s any option to do your work from home on a computer, and ask your boss if they would be okay with letting you do that.

Approach them with a plan in place for productivity and even offer a trial run of the situation to prove yourself.

This will free up so much extra time, letting you engage in other activities in your personal life. 
If you ask for fewer hours, make sure that you get everything done within the shorter time period that you’re asking for.

Completing all of your tasks for the day while having less hours will prove your efficiency and dedication to work to your boss, making them trust you with having a shorter shift and possibly even consider allowing you to do all of your work from online if they weren’t okay with it before.
If you succeed in getting the flex time, think about what you need to feel fulfilled and have the determination to pursue it.

You might feel like you need to spend more time with your family,  travel more, or take care of your health.

No matter what it is, you need to make sure that you take advantage of the free time that you get, because your boss could need you back at work at any moment and you might lose the opportunity to go back to having more free time.
Spending too much time at work could take away from your personal life and make you feel like you’re missing out on opportunities to do things you’ve always wanted to do.

Asking for flexible hours could be a solution to your problem, as long as you get all of your work done and utilize your free time to accomplish your personal goals.

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It’s Okay to Be Confused If You Learn How to Seek the Right Answers

Feeling confused is something many newbie entrepreneurs go through when trying to launch their online business. Some simply give up and walk away. Others may spin their wheels trying to find ways around the issue and avoid it altogether.

You have to find people or documentation that you can learn from that won’t make you even more confused. Some teachers in this industry don’t know how to teach properly. You ask them what time it is and they tell you how to build a watch.

Maybe that’s a good thing to know, but you’re not ready for that yet. It’s like asking someone how to build a blog and they’re jumping ahead to paid traffic techniques, assuming you already know about blog building.

People have different ways of learning – it’s certainly not a one size fits all approach. But some newbies simply download a product from a random stranger quickly and find themselves frustrated and confused by the lessons.

That’s because they didn’t take time to find the right fit for their learning needs. You’ll find lessons that appeal to you for a variety of reasons – such as you enjoy the presenter’s personality, or you prefer the media format they’re teaching in.

In marketing, that could be choosing text, audio or video – whichever suits your learning style. Your teacher also has to have the right attitude for you to learn from. You want someone responsive to your questions.

You may learn lessons better if the instructions are short and sweet rather than wordy and deep. Everyone experiences confusion, but you have to learn how to seek the answers you’re looking for so that you understand and feel more comfortable.

Courage and curiosity are the best ingredients for your online success. During the first phase of your efforts, you’ll likely connect with many inspiring people in forums and on social networks and they can help answer many questions to clear up your confusion.

As you continue building your own business, it will become clear to you which leaders you might choose to learn more in-depth lessons from through paid courses and coaching.

Some entrepreneurs can succeed without the help of anyone offering answers, but that could slow your progress and cause you to make wrong decisions you may regret on down the road.

Before you shell out money for a paid product, spend some time carefully absorbing their free lessons and communications to see if you find them trustworthy and ethical. Consider their teaching style and whether or not it is in line with how you like to learn.

Seeking the correct answers to confusion about certain phases of your business means that you’re making progress. Every marketer you admire began just like you – from square one.

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Work at Home
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You can build the life you want with the income that you want right from home. But you do need to avoid the sharks and the book shows you what scams you’ll need to beware of.

At the same time, the author shows you how you can know if something is right for you.
After giving you the beginning steps, the author teaches readers how to begin their business.

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When you follow the steps outlined in the book, you can become a freelance entrepreneur and work at home. You’ll be able to be your own boss. No more having to follow orders.

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You can get started using the skills that you currently have, your creativity and your determination to start earning the income that you deserve!

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