Be Competitive to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Competition is a motivational tool that’s been used for centuries. People compete in games, among their peers and with themselves. The need to compete isn’t something new.

The desire to join some type of competition stems from the natural desire to win or achieve something.

It also comes from the need to push beyond previous limits to improve life or physical performance.

And the competitive spirit urges people to try harder. That’s why a weight loss tool that’s built around a competitive foundation is one that’s popular and in high demand.

Take Apple Watch’s competition that’s a challenging and competitive way to get rid of unwanted pounds.

It can be turned into a specific game of weight loss that taps into that in-born desire to win. Even if you’re someone who’s struggled to lose weight in the past because your desire or motivation dwindled, this could help you.

It works by having you engage with another person who has the Apple Watch in a competition to see who the winner will be. It’s this competition that can help drive your determination and keep you from giving up.

You can take part in more than one competition at once, but it’s a one on one player competition rather than a group thing.

It’s easy to use and convenient, too. You won’t be dealing with the negative kind of talk like you get with some weight loss apps.

This app focuses on losing weight and getting in shape in a friendly, competitive way. The competitions are a week in length and the goal of the game is to try to see who can lose the most for that week.

When you decide that you want to take part in the contest, you check out what your friends are doing in the app and ask them to join you in a week long challenge to see who the winner will be.

It works because you each motivate the other when you see how well the other person is doing. As you engage in the competition, you fill your rings and gain points. You get points for things like exercise, moving, standing, etc.

Because you’re in a competition, you’ll be able to keep an eye on how well your friend is doing so that motivates you to step up your game when you see that he’s ahead of you in points.

You’ll find yourself pushing beyond just to keep from losing. If you end up beating your friend in the competition, you’re awarded a badge.

When the challenge is over, you and your friend can move on to another challenge with another player or you can create another challenge.

The watch will keep track of the number of times you’ve either won against the same player or lost. The power of competition works to help you lose weight, get in shape and best of all, it’s fun to take part in.

But the Apple Watch isn’t the only tool that you can use to engage in competitive weight loss. There are other fitness trackers that have this capability.

You simply look up your gadget’s fitness sharing apps to find one that you like.

Distract Yourself from Mindless Eating

One of the most common reasons that people gain weight excessively is that they’re not just eating when they’re hungry.

They might be eating just casually without thinking about it just because it’s become a habit.

When you eat without thinking about it, you can very easily end up eating way more food than you intended to, which can cause your calorie limits to vanish for the day.

To prevent mindless eating, a good option for you might be distractions.

Because people eat mindlessly out of habit, it can easily be substituted for any other hands-on habit to fill that gap.

Mindless eating is often done just as something to do with your hands while you’re not doing anything else, but you can do many things as distractions that won’t cause you to eat excessively.

One option is to take up arts and crafts. When you don’t have a specific goal in mind, arts and crafts can be a great way to take your mind off of mindlessly eating.

You can do something as simple as sketching in a notebook with a pencil, or try learning new things like sewing or crocheting.

Not only will this take your mind off of eating, but it can also help you learn new skills, and you can keep getting better and make some things you’re proud of or to give as a gift.

Another option that some have taken to is cleaning. Instead of eating, you can pretty mindlessly clean up around the house while you’re not doing anything. While it may seem like a chore, you just need the right mindset.

Treating it as something that you’re choosing to do rather than something you have to do can make a significant difference.

If your house is already generally clean, you can always initiate some deeper cleaning tasks, getting into the spots that you tend to overlook – like closets or the attic.

Finally, it’s worth trying to learn new skills as hobbies to take your mind off of eating.

Find something that you’re interested in learning how to do. This could be anything from working on a car to learning an instrument.

No matter what it is you choose, you’ll be able to distract yourself from eating by devoting more time to that skill. For example, learning how to play the guitar can take a long time.

Whenever you next feel like eating a snack, you could pick up the guitar instead and spend some time working on learning it.

At the end of the day, you can become proficient in something interesting, while losing weight in the process.

For a comprehensive and day by day guide for how to lose weight on a healthy diet you can grab a copy of my new kindle/paperback book "7 ways in 7 days to Lose 5 Pounds" that has just been published as part of my Natural Health and Beauty book series that are available to buy online at places like iTunes, Amazon and Lulu.

Scientists Are Studying the Effect of Cold in Helping with Weight Loss

When you’re cold, the first thing you think of is turning up the thermostat or getting somewhere so that you can get warm. You probably don’t think about how the cold can help you lose weight.

Yet it can. In fact, cold is a productive way to weight loss. The science behind it is both complicated and simple.

It all begins with the receptors in your body. You have millions of these.

When the cold receptors receive the right amount of activity or stimuli, they respond with actions such as by boosting the metabolism for one.

A lot of studies have been done on finding the best possible ways to lose weight loss because weight gain is on the rise from childhood and on up creating an epidemic of obesity.

The study on cold was the result of wanting to know how to stop this epidemic. Thanks to this study on how cold can affect and help the body lose weight, the results are pretty promising for those wanting to slim down.

By using the treatment methods discovered in the study, people can expect help with the weight loss through appetite control for one.

The metabolism boost is another. But the cold treatment also can help the body improve on how well glucose is controlled and used by the body, which can be a factor in both weight gain and obesity.

The study shows that the ability to eradicate glucose intolerance is possible. In the study, scientists were able to pinpoint that exercise done through swimming in cold weather changed the body’s energy and lowered the hunger a person felt.

Scientists discovered that through stimulating the body’s cold receptors, it caused the brown fat to kick in, which is what’s needed to burn energy. This brown fat is full of cells that go to work to break the body fat down.

When this process happens, it affects other processes that are linked to weight gain and fat storage, like insulin resistance and slow metabolism.

When the factors that are stalling your weight loss are removed, then your body will kick into gear and begin losing the weight even if you found it tough to lose in the past.

In further studies done on how cold can help with weight loss, it was found that icilin acts as a cold receptor. When you get cold, your body begins to shiver.

During that process, the brown fat is then boosted so that it begins to work to fight fat and help you with your weight loss goals.

The process creates an energy turnover within the body. The longer the cold stimuli is used, the more interaction it creates with the fat cells.

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