Be Proactive with Your Digital Dating Efforts

When it comes to online dating, a lot of people sign up every day having never really tried it before, and they don’t know exactly what to expect if they’re used to conventional dating.

Initially, there’s a sort of strange awkwardness that you might experience after you match with someone before either of you makes the first move. If you want to be successful in your online dating efforts, you need to be willing to be proactive.

It’s never a good idea to assume the person you matched with is going to be the first person to send a message. People often get nervous when it comes to online dating, and if you’re not willing to be the one to step up and take the initiative, neither of you will.

This can lead to a bit of a staleness and might even lead to the two of you just never talking, or eventually deleting the match. Some apps have even set up systems to help try to encourage proactivity.

Bumble, for example, has a 24 hour time limit set in place after you match with someone. If a message isn’t sent before those 24 hours are up, the two of you get unmatched and have to rematch at a later time if you ever want another shot.

Further, if the match is between a guy and a girl, the girl has to be the one to message first, so there’s no question about who has to send that first message. Being proactive is important not only to avoid that kind of stale awkwardness, but also to give you a good shot at showing some good personality traits.

Confidence is something that almost everyone looks for in a partner, and messaging first sets that certain tone of confidence, making you more appealing. It also gives your match a sense of satisfaction, the idea that their match really wanted to talk to them and was willing to make the first move.

If you’re going to be proactive, don’t be lazy about it. Starting off a conversation with “hey” doesn’t leave much room for a good response. If you start it off by talking about something you saw in their profile that you liked, you’re much more likely to spark a good conversation that can bring the two of you closer together. Don’t be afraid to talk about mutual interests early on.

Happn Is Bringing Chance Encounters to Life

It’s not uncommon for people to see someone out in public and find them attractive, thinking that maybe one day they’d like to go out on a date with them. However, due to a variety of social stigmas and norms, you would almost never approach a random stranger to ask them out on a date.

Even if you did, the most likely response you’d get is a resounding no. Happn is using moments like this to create the basis for their new online dating app. Typical online dating apps, such as Tinder or Bumble, have you matching with other users in a very general range that you set yourself.

The person you match with might be one mile away, or they might be 20 miles away. Either way, you then have to go meet in person somewhere, with one of you possibly having to drive a bit of distance.

Happn uses a preset, very small range of distance for your matches. The way Happn shows you results is by people that you’ve been in about the same place with already. From there you can like their profile, and if the likes are mutual, then you match, which allows you to talk to one another.

For example, if you and someone else using Happn went separately to a coffee shop, you’ll likely appear in one another’s search results. Happn also shows you about when and where you met, so you have some idea of where you might know this person from.

Happn does not, however, reveal anything about where you are at that moment. This can come in very handy when you’re trying to set up a good first date with someone you meet on the app.

If you both crossed paths at a restaurant, then you clearly both like that restaurant, giving you a good starting point to choose. You might even realize you briefly saw one another at that very location.

Not only is that place an easy choice, but you’ll also both be somewhat comfortable there, having both been there already. Another feature of Happn is that by linking with your Facebook account, it shows if the two of you have any mutual friends.

You might be able to get that friend to introduce the two of you, or maybe you’ll realize that you met each other at a party, both having been invited by that mutual friend. Either way, Happn is making online dating a lot easier for people.

The Dating App Once Is Bringing Slow Dating to the Digital Scene

Slow dating is the slow-dancing way of meeting people in the digital dating app world. Slow dating means that you shun the world of quantity of matches and concentrate on quality of the matches instead.

Once is a digital dating site that is especially designed for people who want to improve their chances of meeting a compatible person without having to date so many frogs to get there.

When you sign up at the Once dating app, you’ll receive one match each day – every day. Then, you make a decision about whether to contact the person or wait another day for another match.

Once can save loads of time by cutting out the countless hours of swiping and trawling on less discriminating sites. The matches on Once are more exact because of the quality profiles they require.

Curated matches on Once result in you having to spend far less time communicating with a vast number of so-called matches and getting down to the nitty gritty as determined by Once’s advanced logarithm techniques.

While some dating sites are disasters for your self-confidence, Once can actually boost it. You won’t be getting as many as fifty rejections per day because someone doesn’t like you back because the qualifications are more exact and targeted.

Photos and profiles are involved on the Once dating app, but the person looking at you as a potential match has more time to consider your qualities other than photos or personality and comparing you to others they’ve just swiped.

Slow dating on Once tends to be less judgmental than digital dating on other sites and the conversation tends to be better because you’re not conversing with so many others at the same time.

One unique aspect of the slow dating apps such as Once is that you improve your odds of realizing chemistry with another that you may not have expected. When you’re chatting with fewer people, you tend to communicate on a more personal level.

This leads you to recognize sparks that you may miss when chatting with a number of people all at once. At first, you might the skeptical of having fewer choices in the dating world, but you’ll see the value when you realize the matches are more meaningful.

You can also read reviews on others who may have dated the person you’re interested in. Women can leave reviews that provide insight and clues on whether a person is fake or truly interested in finding matches, making slow dating a safer option.

Slow dating sites such as Once is helping to change the reputation of digital dating that has gotten lots of criticism for non-genuine connections and hookup sites for sex. Slow dating is for people who are truly looking for genuine relationships and love

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