Benefits Of Spending Time In The Sun

Being out in the sun has great effects on your mind and body. If you live in an area where there is plenty of sun, it shouldn’t be so hard to get out into the sunshine but, if you live in an area of the world that has many overcast days, you should be able to find at least a few days where you can find some sunshine to bask in.

Here are five health benefits of spending time in the sun:

1. Spend time in the sun to get your Vitamin D intake

The major source of vitamin D is being out in the sun.

The UV rays of the sun will help build up vitamin D in your body so you won’t have to take a vitamin D supplement.

Research has shown that most people don’t have enough vitamin D in their system, which is essential for many bodily functions.

Rather than relying on vitamin D supplements, take your vitamin D through a walk in the sun with at least some of your body exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

Be careful in really sunny areas as you can be burned by the sun.

You should always wear appropriate rating of sunscreen to protect your skin, especially if you have fair skin and burn easily, which will allow for some sun exposure but will help you get enough vitamin D.

In general, it is best to spend time in the sun on less heated days and not be in scorching heat.

2. Spending time in the sun helps you be in nature.

There is nothing more relaxing than the scent of grasses, trees, and flowers.

If you have the opportunity, you should try to spend time in one of the more natural parts of the world, such as a neighborhood park or other wooded area. You can take in the local wildlife, even if it is just birds and squirrels.

Communing with nature helps reduce stress and allows you to function better in your daily life.

Even a half hour during your lunchtime spent out in the sun can improve your productivity and can help you have less stress at work.

3. Spending time in the sun reduces stress.

You will likely find that you are less stressed and happier when the day is sunny.

You can help increase this stress-reducing phenomenon by spending time outside, soaking up some rays.

You can sit on a park bench in the sunshine and meditate a bit or take a walk in a sunny area.

You can process your stressors better in the sunshine and will have a lesser chance of being stressed afterward.

Try getting out in the sun every day for at least a half an hour.

You will immediately experience stress reduction and will find being in the sun to be an enjoyable activity.

4. Sunlight can reduce cancer risk.

While you are at an increased risk of skin cancer if you burn your skin in the sun, sunshine can actually help reduce your risk of developing other cancers, especially if you choose to exercise in the sunshine.

Being in the sun, particularly if you live in an area that is at a lower latitude, you will have a decreased risk of getting prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and Hodgkin lymphoma.

People who live in higher latitudes have a lesser exposure to the sun so they don’t get as much reduction in cancer risk when compared to those who live in lower latitudes, where the sun is the strongest.

5. Sunshine can help you sleep better.

Being out in the sunshine, especially if you do something relaxing or exercise in the sunshine, you will be more relaxed afterward and will have a better time sleeping later in the day.

Just a half hour of sunshine per day has been found to help you get to sleep easier and will help you stay asleep longer.

It really doesn’t matter what you do in the sunshine as long as you get out there and get some rays.

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