Can A Short-Term Diet or Detox Really Help You Lose Weight?

Are there any smart shortcuts to losing weight? You know that consistent exercise, a smart diet, healthy sleeping patterns and a properly hydrated body will lead to your ideal body weight.

But who wants to go through all that fuss?

Can a short-term detox or diet really help you lose weight? Let's take a look at some of the latest views on the topic of comparing these diet methods.

Dieting and Losing Weight

Some diets work. Some do not. Most fail because they drastically reduce the amount of nutrients your body receives.

This is due to an extreme calorie reduction, which usually leads to a quick and desirable weight loss.

However, your body is still begging for the nutrients, minerals and vitamins you have not been feeding it on your crash diet.

Your brain is constantly sending out hunger signals as a result.

You eventually cannot sustain this unsustainable approach to nutrition, and you begin eating … a lot.

In many cases, short-term diets designed to drop a lot of weight end up with the recipient gaining back more weight than they lose.

The only type of "diet" that helps you lose weight and keep it off in a healthy manner is a lifelong approach to smart eating habits, coupled with frequent exercise.

Detoxing to Lose Weight

The American Heart Association, the Mayo Clinic and some significant health organizations in the United Kingdom, the United States and around the world indicate that an ill managed detox diet can be unhealthy:

1 – They are often unproven to do what they say they'll do.

2 – They may be at least dangerous, and could be life-threatening if not supervised properly.

However, as you have probably already worked out, it is difficult to get regional or national health organizations to agree on just about anything.

When you are talking about international organizations agreeing that ill planned detox diets for losing weight are potentially ineffective, and possibly deadly, you have to take notice of that opinion.

Detoxing your system in a rapid, unproven matter does not guarantee to improve your cholesterol or blood pressure.

It may not have a positive effect on your heart, and may cause cardiovascular damage. For diabetics, detoxing can be downright deadly.

Do you want to lose weight? Stop eating processed foods, sugar, flour and fast foods.

Start eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and drink lots of water.

Exercise regularly. Get plenty of sleep.

This plan may not lead to rapid weight loss, but it will lead to sustainable weight loss that makes you look and feel great for years to come.

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