Color Therapy 101: Your In-Depth Guide

Everything in our lives has some sort of power over us. What we hear can be either distracting or inspiring. The same goes with taste, feel, and smell.

Then, there are all the things bombarding our sense of vision every second of every day. It can be overwhelming. This is where color therapy comes in.

Today, we’re giving you a quick introductory course: color therapy 101. We’ll show you the effect different colors have on our attitudes and emotions.

You’ll also learn about how colors are used to treat certain issues and how we can benefit from each shade.

The Science Behind Color

Did you know that the human eye can detect more than 10 million different shades of color? Even more impressive is that we can distinguish between nearly 1000 shades and tones.

This incredible ability is what gives our world richness and depth. It intensifies the already varied spectrum of colors in our everyday lives.

Black and White
For us to experience color, we must have light. There are two basic principles to light: white and black.

White light reflects all the wavelengths in the spectrum in an equal fashion. It doesn’t absorb any of them.

Remember as a kid when we used to hold a prism up to sunlight? The white light filters out as a rainbow.

Black is the complete opposite of white. It absorbs all the wavelengths of light and reflects none.

Light Rays

Every light ray consists of some type of color. Each color is made up of electromagnetic waves. The distance between identical points on two consecutive waves is called a wavelength.

This is what defines what color our eyes see. The longest wavelength a human eye can detect is red, whereas the shortest is violet.

Infrared is even longer and ultraviolet is much shorter than plain violet. Our eyes are unable to pick up either of these, even though almost all animals can recognize either one or both. We can, however, feel the heat they emit.

How Color Therapy Works

Color therapy is sometimes referred to as chromotherapy. It’s a branch of complementary medicine that uses the colors of the spectrum to treat a wide range of health issues. It can also be used for daily relaxation practice and overall mental wellness.

The science behind it is that each color gives off a different electrical impulse in the brain. Each impulse spurs on biochemical and hormonal processes. In response to these processes, we exhibit different emotions.

This type of therapy is safe and effective for every one of all ages. It can be used on its own or along with other types of therapies—both traditional and complementary.

The Chakra System

Chromotherapy has been practiced for more than thousands of years. Ancient practitioners discovered that the body contained seven main energy hubs, or chakras.

From there came the chakra system, which matched certain colors to certain chakras, according to their wavelengths.

The chakra system helped shape modern color therapy as we know it today. It’s also helped form the basis for color psychology, which is a great tool used in many industries.

How Colors Affect Our Daily Lives

Studies show how colors affect the way we grasp new information and process thoughts.

Furthermore, they can affect our levels of alertness and creativity.
Even slight differences in shades can evoke different feelings.

For example, a bright, light shade of blue is used to evoke feelings of relaxation. Think of being at the beach on a clear, sunny day.

Now, close your eyes and picture a shade of deep, navy blue. Did your emotions shift to something more formal and conventional?
That’s the power of color!

Color Psychology

Here’s a quick look at the seven main colors of the spectrum.

The color red symbolizes the first chakra, aka the root. It encourages drive, passion, and warmth.

Red boosts blood flow and energy. The long wavelengths make us feel safe and secure. They also allow us to feel confident enough to do anything.

The second chakra, the sacral, is linked to the orange. It generates a sensation of warmth, creativity, and sensuality.

Orange encourages us to brainstorm and come with new, innovative ideas. It’s also used to stimulate joy and vitality.

The solar plexus is represented by the color yellow. It signifies optimism, happiness, and positive mental energy.

Yellow is used to boost self-esteem, healthy digestion, and uplifts our moods. Its bright, lively shade brings acceptance and ambition.

Green is the universal color for healing, growth, and rejuvenation. It’s associated with the heart, the fourth chakra.

Almost all the various shades of green help bolster the immune system. It also helps enhance the brain-body connection, which is why it’s considered to be the most therapeutic color of them all.

Blue is connected to feelings of peace, fidelity, and faith. This is where the fifth chakra resides, or the throat.

In color therapy, blue is applied to improve good communication and trust. It helps create a safe space where ideas flow freely. It also lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

Indigo is associated with wisdom, loyalty, and spirituality. It’s the sixth chakra, home of the third eye.

The color indigo is good for developing inner clarity and a sense of calm.

Violet is the crown chakra. It’s the color of peace and tranquility.

When used in color therapy, violet can help coordinate between the two hemispheres of our brains.

It also reduces stress and anxiety by providing us with a sense of balance.

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